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Kinda sad. I loved LJ for years. Here's hoping the transition works.
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Well, I am no longer feverish, though still hacking up my lungs, so I expect that much of this past weekend will be missed, out of order, misremembered and more. If you can forgive me these inconsistencies, then away we go Read more... )
This weekend coming up is closing. There is much fun to be had and it’s the last time to have it. I hope you are all enjoying your time and I hope to see you one more time in the Grove. Till next we meet…
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RAIN RAIN RAIN. The weekend was a wash and not all of it in a good way. The days did not go as planned, so there is much to forget. I will misremember order, events, people and more. But hey, let’s see what I can remember. Here we go... )
This weekend promises to be better weather and I am looking forward to festive and enjoyable performances in our last 2 weeks. I hope you can enjoy it with us. Till next time…
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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Well it was the official 40th anniversary weekend for MDRF. There was much going on and some heat and dust, so there will be a myriad of things forgotten or missing, out of order or misremembered. Caveats accepted, here is how it went down… Happy anniversary weekend... )

We are back to m Mustardseed this weekend and the weather looks to be spectacular. I hope you will all join us in the Grove!
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Three days of fest is a LONG time and my brain is a little frayed and exhausted from the heat and long days. That means that I WILL forget events, order, dates, people and more,, but if you can accept that, away we go…Here it is... )

Next weekend (which is already passed when I post this) has many more tales to tell. I hope you’ll join me as we do. Till then….
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Md part uno, Dear GOD I’m tired

This one was a hot and miserable weekend for the weather, but the festival made it worth it. I will misremember people, order, events and more, so without any more adieu, away we go…The sultry details )
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I am slowly thawing out, so I am attempting to recap what happened this past weekend. I will remember events out of order or forget them entirely. Names and places and other things may go missing or be wrong, but if you can forgive this frozen brain, away we go.Read more... )

This upcoming weekend is the last one for this season. Something you haven’t seen? Something you haven’t eaten? Something you wanted to do? This is your last chance. Let’s make some magic happen!
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VERY busy weekend with lots of guests. I absolutely will forget moments, people, order, names, events and more. With caveats in place…away we go for the crazy weekend.Read more... )

We are two away from the end now. Don’t miss your chance to play with us in the woods!
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So this weekend has been washed away by rain, cold and dreariness. Surprisingly, there was much to do and many things that happened. I will forget order, events, times, people and more. But hopefully, you will enjoy what I do remember. Away we flow.
Read more... )
The upcoming weekend looks to be gorgeous and I expect, VERY crowded. Hope to see you there, there are only 3 left! Join me in the Grove!
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Last week was crazy and I was not able to write up the recap, but so much happened this weekend, that I am not going back now. As always, time, order, people and events will be lost, so apologies in advance.Read more... )

This weekend looks to be a damp one, but we will be in high spirits and hope to see you there! Till next time…
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It was a busy whirlwind weekend with all types of weather and much happening. I will forget moments, people, names, order and events. I’m just getting older and all that rot, so pre-apologies if I miss something you were involved with. With that caveat in mind, away we go!tell me what happened!!! )

Another weekend done. This one? Pirate weekend! Looking forward to the fun and frolic of a few ARGHHs! Hope to see you there!
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Sorry, I thought this went up two weeks you go.

Another year, another set of recaps. I got hit with the dust crud this week and have lost most of my writing time and much of my brain, buthere’s what I can remember. I WILL get names, events, order and other things out of order or downright wrong, but here’s hoping I get some of it right.and away we go... )

I am slowly recovering from whatever this cold is. I hope to have my voice and energy for the full run next weekend and beyond and can’t wait to see you all there!
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Three day weekends are always the hardest, one more day of details to lose and much less time to prepare. I WILL forget names, events, orders of items and more. Bear with me, and don’t be upset if I mis-remember something…and away we go.find out what happened )

I am still coughing, but with the dust down, here’s to hoping for even better days on Celtic Weekend.
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Yes, I read. I have no time and rarely if ever post....but here I am posting.

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Ok, that weekend was not as was expected…order, items and events will be misremembered from delirium, nausea and other discomforts, but there was still fun to tell, so away we go.Read all about it! )

Next weekend, HEALING! And more shows and fun. Only two weekends left. Here’s your chance gang. We hope to see you there!

1:00 Mustardseed at the Crooked Cottage
2:30 Mustardseed at the Crooked Cottage
5:00 Columbina at the Boars Head Tavern.
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My oh my, what a busy and fun weekend. Lots of stuff forgotten, lots of stuff only half remembered. I will forget details, moments, order, people and events. So with all those warnings said up front, here we go.tell us what happened! )

The next weekend is coming up soon. Only four weekends left. Will we see you there?

Till next time…
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Well, I realize weekend 3 got lost to the Ethernet, but we’ll give a try to organize thoughts of weekend 4. Some of it was washed away, but other parts are stuck. Times, days, events, orders names and more will disappear, but with those caveats, here we go.
and here's what happened )

This weekend is Scottish weekend. There will be many skirts and dying cats to be enjoyed. 5 weekends left…hope to see you soon!
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I think most of this past weekend has melted away in my brain. Really, that one was brutal, but following is what I can remember about days, times, and events. Things WILL be forgotten, apologies up front, and away we go Read more... )
Pyrate weekend is next. I’m not sure how a fairy can get piratey, but Columbina is ready, so join us! Till next weekend….
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Well, the first weekend has ended and I am exhausted, but I do want to make sure some fun moments don’t get forgotten…of course I will forget names, faces, events, order and details on many things. So with that caveat in place, here we go.
Here's how it went )
There are 8 more weekends and I hope you can make one of them, if not more!
Don’t forget to come see Mustardseed at the Crooked Cottage at 1:00 or 2:30
And Columbina at the Boars Head Tavern at 5:00 pm
They’ll be waiting to see you then!

Not likely

Feb. 25th, 2014 07:22 pm
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Seems that my friends feed only seems to think my friend posted from Feb 2 to the present…wonder where all their history went.

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