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So here we are, with the dust slowly clearing from our eyes and mouths and throats and lungs…and you are just wondering what I did this weekend past. I am not sure I will remember, but let’s see what I can regale you with. I expect to misremember names, times, order and more, but it should be a good show! Away we go…

And away we go… )

Next week is closing, and the last chance for me to wreak havoc as a fairy or to give Stupina hugs. I hope you will join us! See you there!
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Its getting close to the end, but so much good stuff has been happening that I don’t want to forget. If you forgive the already shaky memory, please, sit back and read along with me.

Lots of stuff? Well, here it is! )
There is only one more weekend left. I am sad for that, but at least there are two more days of the Stupina show and special shows for the Interpreters. Don’t miss:
Saturday, Rosencrantz AND Guildenstern reading the Girlie Book
Sunday, Richard Southwell, the Ying to Stupina’s Yang reading the book
And on Sunday,
2:30 The Interpreters “best of” show with some of our favorite songs
5:00 The Interpreters infamous Unscripted show. Much hilarity and other fun will be had, but none of it has been rehearsed or written down. Come watch the insanity!

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