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I think the memories of the weekend have been melted out of my head. Dear GOD it was a hot and humid one. Caveats of time, place and space as well as names are going to go out of my head and my editing is a bit, um, lacking…but here goes:Read more... )
This weekend, is Rose Jones’ Wild Irish Pub Sing and more silly fun from other. The weather looks to be amazing, so I am excited by the prospects ahead. Hope to see you in the shire.
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Bubbling from NCRF, had a GREAT TIME. I will miss details, I will not remember names, but I will tell you lots of cool stuff, by the time I am done, even if it’s out of order. With that said, off to the NCRF closing weekend recap…recappy goodness )
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Due to special circumstances, this weekend, The Interpreters are going to have two additional shows at the Black Adder (in the Beer Garden).

On Friday night, come see us at 5:00 pm and 8:30 pm

On Saturday, come see us at 12:30 pm and at 2:00 pm.

The White Flower shows will be the same as normal...if you can call what we do normal...

See you there!
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One of the things that was really wonderful to see yesterday, was the cross section of all the subsections of faire, because Dan touched them all. I could clearly identify:
Performers (including both street and stage acts as well as a bunch from the joust and some musicians)
Vendors (and their staffs)
Security...yes, I clearly recognized two people who were from the security team, not to watch out for us, but to join us in our remembrance of him.

There were people who had been there 20 years, and some that began working there for the first time this year. There were even people who had never been part of faire, but knew Dan from other walks of his life. We were all family at that moment. We are all of the same community.

Glen talked about how after some very bad ventures, Dan got involved in faire, and it became his place of joy. He always talked about his experiences here and the people. More than once, Glen stressed how much we all meant to Dan, and how precious it was that we were there for him. He loved us as we loved him.
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WOW, what an intense and wonderful weekend. I have MOST of my voice and will be resting for the next few days before we all get to do it just one more time. Before that happens though…a recap of the weekend we just finished. Same disclaimers: names, times, order, events, will be forgotten, but I will do my best. And away we go…Read more... )
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Damn, I hope I got all of this...I have been going back and adding/rewriting for a week. Forgive the typos.

The faire is over and I am slowly realizing it. I have been manicured, pedicured and soon will have hairs cut (this is now done). Props and such are home, and I must say goodbye to a great season…but before I do, just LET ME TELL YOU what happened THIS weekend…All the standard disclaimers apply, time, order, people, things will be missed, no matter how much I loved the moments, but here we go…
Read more... )
Till next year dear friends…in this life, or the next, keep the faith, keep the joy, and keep it inside till the warmth of the summer makes it bloom again…and don ‘t forget to wish me happy birthday on opening day next year.
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On Sat. While sitting in the dirt, I am greeted by the ED at NCRF. He mentions that one time, the lady with him will need to blow Stupina a kiss. He doesn't expect me to do it, but I hand off all my stuff and set it up. She blows me a kiss and I do a back over-the-shoulder fish flop. She laughs and another person walking by (child) is amused. I ask him if he is just and strong and he does it. I flip again. I am appropriately amazed. They are appropriately amused.

On Sunday, I see Eleanor Weatherby and her maids. They are looking for someone, but somehow we get on sharing and they entertain me with Annie's sonnet. I return the favor with my favorite. Yes, Shakespeare from Stupina. It was odd and I almost blanked while doing it, but it was fun. Nice loud bit all around...

Ok, feel better now
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MD part Otto

Can you hear me? I can’t very well (though it’s getting better), but the weekend was an intense and fabulous one. Many things to mention, with all the normal disclaimers…away we go…Read more... )
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Finally dried out, I am home and warmish. Just doing LOTS of laundry. Same caveats apply…read at your leisure and for your pleasure…away we go
Read more... )
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As time passes, memories begin to fade, so before I forget too much, here is the weekend in review…well, my perspective on it. There were a hell of a lot of people there. All the standard rules apply. Read more... )
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Ok, so I am a little slow this week, but things get hectic mid run, doncha know. Same rules apply. And away we go…Read more... )
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Oops, I forgot, I got to sit in the throne briefly and be queen. A patron offered to be my king and I changed seats. It wasn't as much fun when I couldn't be Anne Boleyn. Perhaps when Anna comes back I could play.
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I'm tired, my eyes are burning, my throat hurts from excessive dust and I am filthy (fixable once I am done "work" after work), you KNOW I will forget stuff, subtleties, people, events, stuff that will make me go "damn, why didn't I mention that part" later, but here goes. Weekend, what did you do ? )
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I have already been assured that I can pre-purchase and have waiting for me on closing day THOSE chocolates...those AMAZING chocolates that make me cry for joy.

I already feel better.
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Once more into the breach dear friends...

It's that time of year again, and so much happens in such a little amount of time. Same disclaimers as last year, I will miss names, events, and change the order of stuff, cause I am just that way. And away we's the fun stuff... )
Already looking forward to the weekend...For the Girlie Show:
Sat: Kat Fairbanks
Sun: Griswald Gizzard
Mon: Gertie Gizzard

Can't wait to see you all there!
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So, last night, I had my last runs of Lying Valet and Lost Princess. During the evening, some of the actors who had seen it earlier in the week went out of their way to come up to me and tell me how much they liked the Lost Princess. I was so very pleased. One went as far as to say it was one of the best children's theater production they ever saw at MDRF. I was damn honored that anyone would say that.

My actors have done VERY well. I am very proud of them. Unfortunately, last night was the only time I will ever be able to see the full show again. It runs at 2:00 at Gatehouse and I have to be at the Fortune stage for my 2:30 show. I will watch the opening a few more times if I can, just to gauge the crowds (and cause I am particularly proud of that part), but they are doing fine and don't "need" me anymore, and, as a director, there is a time that you have to let the show go and just be what it is.

SO GO SEE LOST PRINCESS! With kids or without. I have always been of the belief that you have to entertain the adults just as much as the kids (why I don't like Barney humor for adults, while I can STILL watch a bunch of Sesame St. or the old Electric Company and laugh). There is some acrobatics, some "musical soundtrack", and a whole lot of fun. Please support these guys and all their hard work.

Next, I went to see the final dress run of the Scottish Play. Their directors were well supportive for their actors as well, providing for them the security they needed for a good show. Though none of you will ever get to see the dark and enveloping version that I saw (blood in floodlights is cool), I do very much recommend that production as well. There are some stunning performances in it. The directors did a great job. There are moments that, hopefully with the ongoing run, will go away, but they are small and insignificant glitches and will not undermine your overall enjoyment.

I got home at 11:20, in bed by 12, and up at 5:00 am to work. I will sleep well tonight and should be able to go to bed by 10 as I should for the run.

I am so very excited about this season. YAYEE!
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Rehearsals tonight. All of the shows(minus the Girlie Girl Show), well, except for the wedding, had an audience, but then again, we rehearsed at 5:00 before the rest of the group arrived. First was the Lying Valet. I help the lead actress change, and tonight we did it as a group effort with all the ladies assisting so she had time to do her costume change.

Run went fine, the audience that saw it seemed pleased.

Next, I set out the costumes and props for Lost Princess. We had our Stage Manager, our actors, some in more costume. We had a nice crowd for the show and the run was VERY tight for time, but good. Even the adults oohed and aahed and laughed at the right moments. I was very pleased. I gave notes, cleared the stage and set stuff back in the costume house.

On my way out, I found out that something had been misplaced and had to run to the Globe to find the appropriate person to fix it. By the time I was leaving, it was being attended to and all was well. I was supposed to go see Seamus with Lelio and Ms. Lelio, but I was exhausted and hadn't had dinner yet, so I went home. At 10:00, I ate my dinner, then wrote this...bed is calling me.

have to get bank done, but has to be broken down into smaller bills
have to rehearse (all three shows on Thurs and on Friday - Wedding)
Have to refix wolf hood
finish loading last odds and ends into costume house.
Get opening day stuff
get other stuff for pink lady
See Brother's Grimm
Test new sound system.
"train" tshirt person

This is going to be a crazy but fun year. I think I am ready for the opening. I am glad it's beginning.
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ok, so the over skirt is done, it just needs hooks, which are upstairs in Lelio's room, and he's asleep, so I have to wait on that.

Show favors are printed and prepared.
Lost princess velcro'ed costumes are fixed
Tshirt bag is available. Hat is pulled

have to get bank
have to rehearse (all three shows on Tues and Thurs)
have to sew on hooks and eyes.
Pick up T-shirt sales person's pass
get rest of files (not including email) onto mini mac
finish loading last odds and ends into costume house.
Get opening day stuff
get other stuff for pink lady
get ribbon to finish hand out stuff

no, wait, collapsing has to wait till Monday morning...too much to do before then.
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Lelio arrives this weekend, Hell week is this weekend, I have 3 major work projects, I still don't have my email info, I have 3 shows to rehearse and scripts to send out to performers..

Oh, Opening weekend, we are doing a repeat of last year...

Reading for the Girlie Show...
Saturday (opening day), Diego, Dinty the Moor
Sunday, Nan Mannerly

I have to finish cleaning, setting up props, making one new prop idea, and getting the last details finished. I think I have tons of it in already, but there is ALWAYS last minute stuff.

Upstairs cleaned for guests check
Girlie show rehearsed and 1st week scripts sent check
costumes (except for rehearsal ones) stored check
Other stuff to get done...not check...but working on it

Whee. it's just beginning....I SIMPLY can't wait...ok, I can, but I am getting more and more excited every minute.

See you on the flip side if you don't see me here, as you can tell, I may be a might busy.

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