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On Sat. While sitting in the dirt, I am greeted by the ED at NCRF. He mentions that one time, the lady with him will need to blow Stupina a kiss. He doesn't expect me to do it, but I hand off all my stuff and set it up. She blows me a kiss and I do a back over-the-shoulder fish flop. She laughs and another person walking by (child) is amused. I ask him if he is just and strong and he does it. I flip again. I am appropriately amazed. They are appropriately amused.

On Sunday, I see Eleanor Weatherby and her maids. They are looking for someone, but somehow we get on sharing and they entertain me with Annie's sonnet. I return the favor with my favorite. Yes, Shakespeare from Stupina. It was odd and I almost blanked while doing it, but it was fun. Nice loud bit all around...

Ok, feel better now
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I'm tired, my eyes are burning, my throat hurts from excessive dust and I am filthy (fixable once I am done "work" after work), you KNOW I will forget stuff, subtleties, people, events, stuff that will make me go "damn, why didn't I mention that part" later, but here goes. Weekend, what did you do ? )

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