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It’s over, sadly, and while fighting off an infection that developed on Tuesday, I am trying to get my head around a fabulous season, with many odd things happening. Closing weekend is no exception, therefore, with many fond farewells, many mistaken memories, and imperfect details, I bring you, closing weekend of Maryland’s Renaissance Festival. (PS, week 8 is still forthcoming, promise, there was lots of good stuff there too.) Read more... )
Until we meet again, I give you my joy, my happiness and my best wishes for an incredible year…

See you in the Grove…
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A long and detailed weekend. lots of things with standard caveats. Hope you enjoy and away we go...Read more... )

This weekend is Pyrate Adventure Weekend. Fletcher runs the pub sing and who knows what craziness may ensue. See you all in the grove!
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I think the memories of the weekend have been melted out of my head. Dear GOD it was a hot and humid one. Caveats of time, place and space as well as names are going to go out of my head and my editing is a bit, um, lacking…but here goes:Read more... )
This weekend, is Rose Jones’ Wild Irish Pub Sing and more silly fun from other. The weather looks to be amazing, so I am excited by the prospects ahead. Hope to see you in the shire.
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YIKES, sorry, I thought I had switched this to public when I finished it...sorry it's late.

So before I FORGET IT all. There is much to tell, for this was an eventful weekend and I had a long week. I pre-apologize for typos in this one, but I wanted to get it up before the next weekend started. With the daze of Hannah, some details will be forgotten, but let’s see how far we can get…caveats in place, and away we go…look back here )
This weekend, there is more music and frivolity planned as well as Pub Sing with Kat and Emrys. I expect much enjoyment and fun. See you in the shire.
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As exhausted as I was last week, even with the 3 day, I find myself draggy and tired, but almost relaxed today. Shall I tell you how the weekend went? It’s been days, so I will miss order, names and forget important stuff, but with those things forgiven…onward we go.and away we go )

This weekend coming may be wet, but we will be performing at 12:00 and 1:30 at White Hart and a special 7:00 pm show at the Globe. Don’t leave us alone…

See you there!
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Teatro's schedule is as follows:

First weekend:
11:00 Really exciting show (White Flower Stage)
2:00 Interpreters in the pub
3:30 Really exciting show (White Flower Stage)
5:00 Interpreters on a public stage (White Flower Stage)

Second and Third weekends:
First weekend:
11:00 Really exciting show (White Flower Stage)
12:30 Interpreters in the pub
2:00 Interpreters in the pub
3:30 Really exciting show (White Flower Stage)
5:00 Really exciting show (White Flower Stage)

Yes, I know, we have warned management the first weekend could be a, iffy, but it will be what it is and it stabilized the other two weekends...eep!

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