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A quick FYI. The Interpreters will be doing additional sets in the White Hart on Labor Day Weekend. Come see us at both 1:30 and 5:30 each day, including Labor Day!

Come see us! Two different shows!
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So today, I have what appears to be little hickey's all over my shoulders and bruises on my hips and inner thighs. One would think I was getting would be wrong.

I have just been rehearsing for the Really Exciting Show for Teatro at NCRF. Ow, owowowowowow. Acro coaches have been fabulous, though I would really love some more time to get my body to understand what the heck I am doing when I am upside down. I will get there. And my arms are feeling really muscular. Oooh, hubba hubba.

Oh, and I have a spiffy new sound system to go on the road with me and the crew.

Yesirree, it's going to be a show...we just need lots more rehearsal and physical time to get it worked out. Harmonies are being worked out, Kinks (the bad kind) are being removed, I am getting all excited for the new shows. Hope you are too.

See you all within the month?
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If you think of Superheros, what are the stereotypes. What do you expect your superhero to have? What do you expect them to do?

What is your dream superhero like?

Yes, getting ideas for shows again...

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