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Three days of fest is a LONG time and my brain is a little frayed and exhausted from the heat and long days. That means that I WILL forget events, order, dates, people and more,, but if you can accept that, away we go…

So for the last week we are hearing tales of horrible storms heading our way and impending rain and flooding. We are all preparing for the worst and there is no way to plan as the forecast keeps changing. I head in and load into the site on Friday, but end up working a bit later in the evening than expected, though I get to bed at a decent time ready for the weekend ahead.

I was still feeling a bit more stiff and sore than I wanted, so I headed to site a bit earlier. I also stopped for brekkies on the way and hit the stage (albeit gently) a little earlier. I stretched with the extra time and completed my warmups. Then, Richard Southwell arrives to stretch. I have started make up and hair. Things are particularly frizzy today, which is always good. The weather reports this morning have gone from afternoon rain to maybe morning rain, to probably nothing, but who knows. I head to the Costume house. They aren’t quite open, but Ginger and Connie are there playing some music with those who will be performing this weekend. I pull out the bodhran and we work through coordinating the music, drumming and singers together for a few numbers. Then I run into the costume house and begin to get changed.

I head back out and there is more music to run. I pull the drum back out and run more songs. Its finally 5 minutes before we have to head back out to cast call. I rush to rose world and drop off my food for the weekend, then head down to the stage with some time to spare. There is an empty space next to me and I miss RH and MM for a moment before we start. Morning meeting provides warnings if rain does hit, but we are not expecting anything too soon. The skies are cloudy, but there is a breeze that makes the day quite pleasant. Its nice to have the Hermit back and we welcome him and new acts. Then we BEEP and head toward the gate. The last privy stop before the day happens then some final stretching. The crowd outside the gate yells Huzzah, the king enters with his lady and dismounts, then as the horses run out, I head with Harry’s tankard to the front of the fountain, the cannons boom and the gates open to the throngs of people.

The crowd keeps coming in and in. It’s pretty intense but there is much fun in the air. I hug and chitter and wave. We do a few tours for the crowd to much laughter. Once the flow stops, I check the time and see that there are lines beginning to grow a bit, but I have a little time before I have to head in, so I head outside the gates with a couple stacks of programs. I balance them as I can on my head and let people take them off. Once the two stacks are gone, after some pictures are taken and a few laughs are had, I head into the village to see who is about. I chitter at patrons and head toward Bullseye after stopping twice for water along the way. I sit for a moment and then head down the hill of Doom. I see a lovely lady quietly playing music on the mid level of the steps before I make my way to the bottom and head to where my props are stored, I pull out the tub of materials to its weekend spot, then pull out this show’s props. I head to the stage. At 11 am, there is not always a large amount of people nearby. I start to hawk, which is always difficult to do when you don’t speak English, but I do manage to get a small group and it grows as the shows continues. I get a dad to step up as Goldilocks and the show is ok, but nothing that I could remember enough to write home about…or recap much about. Once it’s done, I head back to reset my props then head back up the hill.

I gather my meal for the day. I had packed for 3 days and have put enough in my bowl that I can take one container back with me. I then stroll out with my food to the fairy pond and sit. There, today I have a bit more activity, but it’s still quiet overall. I eat quickly and chat with a few people while there. As I am finishing lunch, I see a glorious red dress on Anne Boleyn she and the King start to speak. I am trying to be quiet and when my food is done, off I go. I stop on the boardwalk at a bench and sing a little. For those counting, I am tending to sing Passover songs in gibberish…yes, Adeer Hu seems to be my go to on Saturday. A few patrons stop by and I ask them what they want to hear, they ask for a fun song, so I begin to sing Scotsman in Gibberish….with gestures, but vague enough. There was great laughter as my audience knew the song well. It’s now time to head to my stage, so I go backstage, grab my props and head out.

Once the prior show kazoo beeps off the stage, I head on and begin to hawk the show. I begin to get a good audience and startup. When it’s time for me to get people, I have some kids volunteer. Two little girls both want to be used. I pull the older one who is made up like Frankenstein in a pirate outfit, but there really aren’t a lot of people who want to come up. One little girl comes up and seems to suddenly get shy and not want to do anything. At one point I ask her if she wants to do the part in the show because she doesn’t seem to be talking and she speaks up so I think we will be ok. We start and suddenly she stops speaking again and the second franken pig is not wanting to do her part. Her sister, the third pig is having a great time and the wolf has lost all enthusiasm and is just standing there. The first pig suddenly needs to sit and I get someone to replace her when the second pig says she wants to sit too as the wolf starts pulling off his hat and scarf…I am left with a dancing third pig and an older person who is jumping in mid show. Please note, I am doing all this in Gibberish. I get two more replacements and am able to finish the show, but that was THE MOST PAINFUL AND AWFUL SHOW I have had the “pleasure” to do. One patron even notes that that was rough. I can at least say it has NEVER happened before and hopefully never will (knocking on my head). I am just grateful it’s done and I can pack everything up and put it away.

I gratefully pack up the props and reset them for tomorrow. I slowly head up the hill of Doom and back to the costume house. Brief interactions along the way seem to bring back my faith in the character. I pose for a pic or two, spend a moment smiling with people and mentally recharging, but I just want to let this character rest for today. Once backstage, I peel off the wings, then clean my face and remove the sweaty clothes. Today is the first day for the green and purple. As I am redoing my face, the ladies of As You Like It come in to get changed and laced up. It’s a nice way to touch base with them as I am preparing. I keep thinking I am done and ready to move, then something else is almost forgotten and back I go. Finally, I am changed, have all my props and am mic-ed up for the show. I head back to the streets and to the stage.

I get there and plug my system and make sure I am up and running. Once that is done, I hang my sign on the mic stand, then hit the audience letting those with kids know what is about to happen. I have somewhere to be IMMEDIATELY after my show today, so I mentally pic the shortest songs I have in my repertoire for the various songs in the show’s flow. It’s time to start and away I go. I pick out a really good client and am sad that I have to give him the shorter song, but I just have to be out as early as possible today. I finish in record time and pack up quickly, then head to the Gatehouse Stage. Expecting to make it a bit late, I am surprised to make it before they actually start. Guess I was running.

So Stitch has been pulled to run the Singles Party for today’s festivities. This means she isn’t free to do the very quick costume change required for two of the women as they transform into Anne Boleyn and Queen Katherine mid-show. As the director, I know what is expected and step in. The ladies have brought me all the materials I need and once they go to places, I begin to set the items up. Halfway through the pile created, I realize I think I forgot to lay one item properly. Unfortunately, that means that I have to pull out all the items and start again. I have enough time luckily. I haven’t been able to see the show since it opened (still can’t SEE it now), but I am able to hear the voices of the audience as they respond. Soon enough, Anne walks backstage and the quick change starts. I hand her the hoop over her head, then hand her the underskirt. Once on, I help her lay on her dress then begin lacing her in, every other set of grommets. I have the hands of Anne Fermer to help, but halfway through the quick lacing, I realize I am running out of time and try to do a bit less lacing, which throws everything off kilter…I am able to tie it off, but the back of the dress is slightly buckled. I am NOT the best at this job. Luckily, the queen’s change has about 30 seconds more and I have more than enough time to dress her smoothly, even without help. Once done. I finish the basic clean up, then head back to drop off props while the ladies go to the costume rental booth to be redressed properly.

The show ends close to 4 and at 4:15 I have to be at Kenwood for the Streetspeare I perform in. I head back out and over to the White Hart where my props and other materials are, then down Kenwood. The other actors are there and we synch up, drop off mugs and tankards, then begin to hawk the show. We develop a decent circle around the performance space and with only one exception, no one walks through. It’s kinda impressive. We perform our scene from Pericles and the crowd continues to grow. By the end, we have a nice sized audience. I announce I have the Streetspeare stamp and a few people come up to get theirs. Once done, Simon Canker offers to escort me back to the White Hart. I show him where the props are living, then head out into the village. My running around is finally done. I head back into the village and begin to greet patrons. I stop by tables and chat with those about. It’s getting close to pub sing when I suddenly realize that I was supposed to be at the Singles Party to help with the 4:30 games…I knew that I had so much running around to do and am annoyed with myself for forgetting that last event. I head to the White Hart to grab the shaker, meet up with the cast, then head into the pub to set up.

Today, I am being joined by Ginger for an upbeat duet of Scotsman. After Health, Ginger and I head up and regale the crowd with a festive duet. Then, it’s back to serious work of drumming. We are doing a number of new pieces this weekend. I have run through them with those singing as well as Ginger and Connie. There was talk of micing the drum, but in the midst of it all, there isn’t much time to organize the sound, so I just bang away behind the performers. It’s been nice to be able to focus on rhythm and support. The show seems to go well and the audience has been enjoying themselves. Once the show is done, I help SMDave and Ginger unplug and deprop the stage for Wolgemut who follows us. Once everything is clear, I head back out to the village. I tend to visit the tables by O’Shucks at this time of day to see how people’s days have gone.

The sun is beginning to go down, so the worst of today’s heat, which was quite lovely, is fading. We still have breezes, but never a drop of rain. I take a look over the face caster’s booth to see my favorite site of the day…the light turning golden as it hits the trees. I say my goodbyes and head to the front of the village. I join Knuckles, Nymblwyke, and DangerSlash on the fountain. We pose for pictures and say goodbye to the people as they leave. The standard is dropped, the cannon fired and the first of 3 days is over. Back in the dressing room, I peel layer upon layer of costumes off (feathers, jewels, silks, etc). I end up being one of the last people in the dressing room and there are only a few people outside when I get out. I make plans for a small dinner including noodles and some company. Tonight the gang is Richard S, Robert Cooper, my youngest fan (now much older), and myself. It ends up being a nice meal catching up. The weekend is going to be long, so I head quietly home. I hurt all over with my ankle and knee tweaking, my mid back spasming and one hip acting up. I pull out my ice pack and spend a little time deswelling all the achy spots. Then…sleep.

It's a little bit warmer since the breeze is a little down today. I realized I was missing some duplicated items and want to go pick them up so I head to the gas station to get breakfast and realize that the place I wanted doesn’t open till 7. I should be most of the way to site by then, so I figure I will just make do and eat my food on the drive in. I get to my stage and start stretching as I am still stiff from a day of walking. I am finishing my vocals and beginning makeup when Richard joins me. We also briefly get Caiohme (pronounced Kiva) for a brief bit of stretching and a walk by Piland who shows off a new piece he is finishing. I finish and head down the hill to the costume house. We start off with some more new music not finished the day before then I rush in to change. I run three songs with others as well, one of which is ready to put into Perfect Touch today.

I remember everything before I walk out of the costume house, except for one thing and ask a lady in the corner to grab it for me so I don't poke everyone. Outside, I run another 2-6 songs, then head up the hill to morning meeting with only 5 minutes to spare. I check in and sit. Notes and reminders that while we may think it’s Sunday, it’s really Saturday again…at least in terms of costumes and other logistics. Once over, we BEEP and I head up to Rose World to drop off my food items. Better late than not at all. I watch over the knuckles water and once the cannon booms, climb up and am joined by my normal two and one new, but older face. Slash has joined us for the morning flow. We reteach him the village tour that he had more than likely done himself a number of years ago. More faces join us for this day. I again hug our visitors from Ohio, Canada and other far off lands happy to have them revisiting.

The initial flow is a bit shorter, so I grab two stacks of programs and head outside. I sit with the programs on my head to the amusement of those entering. One person jumps a bit when I turn my head because he didn’t think that from behind I was real. I was a little surprised by that. I understand if Stupina doesn’t seem real, but you do see skin on me. Ah well. Once my two stacks are done, I head into the village. I look longingly at the rocking chair and keep walking. I see Yellow. No, that’s not his name, but the name I call him because of the shirt he used to wear. I fan him and wander farther in waving and chittering at people. I enjoy following people with my umbrella over their head and fanning them from behind seeing how long it takes for them to notice me. Of course their friends or family notice me first which always lends itself to amusement. Off I head toward the back of the festival stopping here or there. I look for the Fan, but no sign of her from my angle, then down the Hill of Doom. I head to the board walkand sit at my bench, which is near a garland lady. It’s Sunday, so I sing some Amazing Grace…but no one really knows what I call it. I head back down to the hiding spot, pull out the props.

Somc days you find yourself thinking about what might happen. It’s what I did the day before which fared badly for me, so today, I use it to my advantage and mentally assure myself that the show is going to be wonderful. And it was pretty darn fun. I had all my bears, who were little girls. When it came to Goldilocks, a little boy raised his hand. Normally it would be an adult male, because I have to speak in English to them sotto voce at one moment. I asked the boy if he really wanted to play that part and one of the girl bears loudly proclaimed “He can’t play that part. Goldilocks is a girl!” and just for that, he became my Goldilocks. He did everything he should, though I found him getting a trifle shy midway through, but he did his job well. After the show, his mom came up and thanked me. She said he doesn’t get to do much and doesn’t volunteer often. He (and she) was really appreciative that I let him play. Score one for the little boy and 0 for stupid gender rules.

I am feeling a lot better now and head up the hill of Doom for lunch. I grab my foods from Rose world and head out into the sunbowl. I am so glad my lunch isn’t in the sunny spot. I have a number of people take my picture. Many want to pose with me. One mom brings her infant daughter, Lily and asks if I would be ok if she posed with me. I said sure…well, technically probably said “daboh”. Either way, she set Lilly next to me. She was TINY. I was surprised she could sit on her own, but she did. She was fascinated about everything around her…the leaves, the water. It finally took some movement on my part for her to look at me. She noticed the sparkles and stared long enough for the picture. Mom thanked me and went on her way, while I finished my meal. Off I went down the path fanning and playing with patrons as I headed down the way. I followed a lady with her beers all the way to her mom and friends who were waiting. I think she thought I was crazy for shading her on the walk and kept speeding up, but I was able to keep up with her and offer a curtsey before I headed away.

I had a moment to sing again, albeit brief, then headed to get the props for the second show. The kids today were pretty good and have started to figure out how to do the things I am asking. The Wolf is a girl who knows to step into the pot on her own, but I have to remind her to scream. A few people ask for photos after the show and one helps me clear the stage so they can go play. I take back the props and reset them for the morning (remember, this is Saturday again. Then up the Hill of Doom…it would be nice if this was it for the weekend, but this will have to happen again. Through the village I go smiling and fanning others. As I am returning, I am approached by a Rose Seller with a note. It’s a thank you from someone for helping by drumming at the Pub Sing. It makes me smile. I get backstage and begin to peel the layers off including the face. I am finally getting a pattern down to streamline the process. I had forgotten the pads I use to wipe off the makeup though, so I am reduced to using one paper towel and some tissues. This is not particularly good, but after some effort, the face is clean and I make a note to get new pads in.

Today is the deep blue that is my favorite color. I get a number of comments as I am walking about that the color is striking on me, which makes me happy. I finally get miced up and head back out into the village. Once there, I get to the Boars Head and The Hooligans are slowly finishing up. I thank the “new” guy for visiting my show the weekend before and he shares some kind comments. I step away as one of their fans asks for a photo, then I head back up and as they leave, I finish my set up. I plug in and then wander into the crowd to work the audience and make sure they all know what is coming up. There are a wide variety of conversations, but I am pleased with the energy. The show goes rather well and ends on a high note…well, Simon Canker and my notes. He joins me for the finale of the show. There are some mic issues and I realize he is too quiet, but I am not able to fix it well enough. Otherwise, a great show.

I finally have some time to chat with some well beloved out of towners and we make plans for food. I head back to the costume house to drop off my props then back into the village to head to the White Hart to get the Streetspeare items. I pick them up and head to the spot on Kenwood. When I get there and realize I have left the mask needed and have to head back again. Crappity. Back I go and get the missing prop, then head to the spot again. There the actors have arrived and we begin the show. We get quite a nice crowd that circles around us. Once my portion of the scene is done, I get the streetspeare props and circle around to the side of the scene. At the far end, some people walk up and as Marina is being threatened and pushed down, I hear some late audience asking “what are we watching” I reply “Pericles” and they seem satisfied. We get more people with cards asking to be stamped, then I clean up the materials and head back to the White Hart. I visit BarDave then head out to the food court to chat with patrons. I spend a few minutes with people, then move on. I am hungry and end up getting a sausage on a stick, which ends up being just what I needed.

I head to the pub. After the day before, we realized we can store the bodhran safely and not make Ginger carry it everywhere. I grab it from its spot and head out with it and the shaker. On the way, I am gifted with a belated birthday rose. There is a mic nearby which we try to borrow. It adds some sound, but I realize I should have placed it inside the drum…best laid plans. Today the energy is special. The set list has been wiped clean due to an errant skirt so we are winging it a bit. I am doing a lower energy song, but still upbeat. It gets a huge laugh at the right spots and I am thrilled with the response. Drumming and shaking works well and the show ends on a high note. We clean up afterwards I put away the things that are done, then off I head into the village. I stop at tables at O’Shucks, then eventually to the front gate to say goodbyes. We have become an odd photo op, and are posing up through cannon.

I head backstage and clear of the layers and add other new layers of cool clean clothing. I head outside and plans are set for a meal of latin cuisine with friends. Everyone manages to head out about the same time and the quiet meal at Paladar is excellent. J and L finally get to meet “me” and we share stories with them and the others at our table of Bill and other memories from the past. I see on FB that Lily’s mom, remember the little girl from the pond, shared the picture of me and her daughter. It’s a lovely magical shot. Finally, it’s time to go and we all head our separate ways. I do a shower to remove the dust of the day and sleep. The second “Saturday” is done.

I am tired and my voice is starting to sound iffy. I am nervous about having a voice, so I am keeping rather silent. At site, my warm up includes A LOT of breathing to really open the channels. Lots of stretching and making sure I can make it through the day. Richard Southwell’s wife joins us for stretching, which is nice to see. I find some of the new Ricola lozenges that are vitamin B based and try one…it seems to help. I head down the hill and work a few songs first, then off I go to get changed. Next, back out for one song, then up the hill to rose world. After I drop off props, I head to the stage. I am a bit early and am given some bad news. It doesn’t sit well with me and I find myself having a very hard time focusing and keeping my makeup in tact for opening. I get myself refocused as best I can, stretch a little after hitting the privy and once the gates open, I am able to finally fall back into the grove of what it is we do and love to do.

I head outside with two stacks of programs and dispense them on my head. My balance is getting better. I finish the two and head inside. The crowd is flowing and I joke and chat with the patrons as I head inside our village. I hit the bottom of the hill of Doom and greet a gent who has no idea who I am…just cause. It makes slide lady laugh, and that makes it worthwhile. I stop and sing a bit, then hit the props and bring them out. I hit the stage and am waiting and waiting for an audience. I can only hawk so much, so I am concerned that I might not have anyone, though, just as it’s time to begin, I get a nice group of people sitting down. Today’s show runs well with a slightly ironic Goldilocks. Back to put my props away I go, then up the hill to grab lunch (ok, it’s late on Friday night that I am writing now and I am trying to get to the best points).

So I gather my lunch and sit at my fairy pond. I have a few pics taken but as I am finishing, I hear Anne Boleyn approach. She is afraid that King Henry wanted to meet her, but she has no chaperone. A woman says she will help. When the King arrives, the lady is virtually body blocking him as he tries to approach the lady in red. It’s rather hysterical how seriously she takes her job. I am pleased and head up and out into the village. On the boardwalk, I find a little boy with a wooden sword who wants to play. En guarde goes my umbrella and I let him win…everyone is happy. I stop to sing more Passover music…yeah, I need to expand. I head back to get props then to the stage.

The show today is great. Fabulous energy and the people are tracking with me. When the second potion shows up, they are laughing along with me. The wolf has the cutest howl…it's a good way for the fairy to end her weekend. I put props away for the weekend then head up the hill of Doom. Just past the White Hart I see Hildy and Imogen…I have been dying to find them together as Imogen can see me and Hildy can’t. I show up and happily begin to beat Hildy, albeit sweetly, much to the amusement of Imogen. After wreaking some havoc, I head back. A few pics along the way and I am backstage switching into the gold and orange. Today I have more pads left and am happily cleaning up my face. I notice base is running low and add the need to purchase it to my list.

I head to the pub after greeting my favorite wooden sword man along the way, then set up my sound and wander the pub. There are a number of people here to see the show, some of which I had never seen outside of the White Hart before (thanks for staying for the show!). It’s a fun show and Simon’s mic works much better so we sound more in balance. Before the show started, I met an older couple where the man was in a wheelchair. I flirted with him, as I am wont to do, and even used him as one of my men in the first song. After the show, his wife thanked me as most, she said, ignore people in chairs and treat them like they don't exist. It makes me smile as the man had the best sparkling eyes that I couldn’t ignore, and I tell her so. I also think, but don’t say “You haven’t met much of the cast yet, then have you?” as the performers are terrific with those who are often overlooked by the rest of the world. I get to say hellos to some friends from out of town who haven’t visited in around 10 years. It’s nice to have the Wolf and his lady visit.

So, I am not sure whether anyone notices, but Columbina has rings on ALMOST all of her fingers. I have finally ordered one for the other thumb and one pinky ring was lost, so I have to find another. This means that when I hit the streets, the ONLY finger I leave free is the one that would have a wedding ring on it…yeah, of course on purpose. After my show, even that finger is covered. There is a story behind it, which I will leave for another post as its character backstory that isn’t essential. Suffice to say, since the heat and my loss last year, I am short one pinky ring…so I go to search. I want to support some other jewelers than the ones I always have, so I am doing a bit of searching. I don’t find the right ring for me at first, but while at one shop, I meet Kuri, or so I believe it’s written. He is flamboyant and asks my advice on the two he is wearing. I recommend one and we both agree that the other has some great movement to it, so he buys both. We find ourselves somewhat lost in a silly conversation. I meet his good friend and we chat a bit more…then off I go.

I take my props to the White Hart holding area and grab the Streetspeare props. I wander into the performance area and begin to set up. We again gather a rather substantial crowd and the audience seems to be feeling it a lot. The scene goes well and again I stamp a few cards. On the way back to the closet, I greet a young man (around 10-12) also in a wheelchair. I chat with him and ask him about his day. He and his family are happy for the conversation as I talk to him as I would any other person in the village. I say my farewells and drop off my props. Once done, I go back to the food court and chat with patrons at the tables. Today, I greet some kids playing at a table and end up teaching them the proper bows and curtseys’ for when they meet the king. The parents and the kids are all having a great time and I leave them with something new and fun to try.

I run into Kyri again and he and I are talking about visiting Italy and his trip to see David. He shares a bit of information with me that A, makes me laugh a lot, and B, gives me something to steal and use in future encounters. I head toward the pub and chat with patrons at the benches. This new gent and I also start talking about Michelangelo’s David and he is under the impression it is in France, I assure him it’s not and he says ok. One of my favorite regulars arrives afterwards and tells me she is a friend of his, as we chat, I see him pull out his phone and start to search. I accuse him of not trusting me and tell him if he finds out I am correct, he owes me a rose. The lady knows how to help him make sure this happens. I see a rose arriving in my future.

As I am setting up the props at the stage, a rose shows up with the message, “You were right”…uh huh. Don’t question the Italian on such things (yeah, I know I’m not really, but I saw that one in person and it would not be easily moveable). During pub sing, I joke that the song I am singing is going to garner me a large number of roses…as I am drumming later, another rose appears …just cause. I think this is the most number of roses I have had in a weekend in more years than I can remember. I placed a bandaid on my finger so I wouldn’t rip up my hand while playing the drum, which I placed too high, and I end up with a popped blister…BlarGH! As we are singing the final song, there is one lady in the group that can not only not get near a mic, she can’t even be seen over the others on the stage in front of her. I get her attention and bring her up to the top back level with me. She is appreciative that she can now see the crowd. The show ends happily and we pack all the props/instruments back up again.

I head into the village and at O’Shucks run into Kyri and his friend again. They show off their purchases and we chat a bit more about the day, festival, my home country…cough cough, and a bit more. It’s a lovely chat and soon enough I must take my leave. I head to the gate and enjoy posing for more pics with the boys. The cannons boom, and the last of 3 days is over…thank goodness for my drops that allowed me to have full voice for every show and the licorice root that not only I used on Saturday, but other cast members borrowed to last for the weekend. Backstage, I go to change and it takes forever. I end up coming out while most people have already gone home exhausted. I small group of 4 of us head to cheesecake factory for long overdue conversation. I am able to share with them in a joyous and personal way and I feel wonderful closure to the events of the weekend.

Next weekend (which is already passed when I post this) has many more tales to tell. I hope you’ll join me as we do. Till then….
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