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Three days of fest is a LONG time and my brain is a little frayed and exhausted from the heat and long days. That means that I WILL forget events, order, dates, people and more,, but if you can accept that, away we go…Here it is... )

Next weekend (which is already passed when I post this) has many more tales to tell. I hope you’ll join me as we do. Till then….
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It’s bittersweet to have the festival end, but sometimes it has to happen. I know this is very late, and many details will be lost to my memories, but I am glad to have some down time to share a few warm memories during this cold winter, though I’d happily give it up for more time to play with you all. Things forgotten, misordered and removed by finally getting sleep. Let’s see what I remember.Read more... )

Thanks to all of you for your laughter and support, for joining us in both work and play. It’s such a special experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Let’s do it again next year!
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This is going to be long. I have already had items boiled out of my brain, so let’s see what I remember. Dates, events, names and orders of things WILL be forgotten.  I’ll just see what is still in here.
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This weekend, don’t forget to join Stupina to meet her new readers:
Saturday, Dash Rippington
Sunday, Ethelfrith Gripley

These are going to be fun!

Till next time…
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Twas a crazy weekend to be sure and the start of the joy that is the Maryland Renaissance Festival run. As always, the timing, details and order will be mangled and forgotten by accident, but it’s been a while since this was done, so away we goRead more... )

This weekend is a 3-day and I am so excited to have you all play with us. Special guests for the Girlie Girl show this weekend coming include:
Saturday, The Renaissance Man
Sunday, Absolutely Nothing’s Donkey Man, Matt
Monday, Um I can’t remember because I am so tired…but it’s someone really cool!
Hope you can make it

Until next we meet in the Grove…
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Sorry the last two didn’t make it, but with injuries and weather, well, too much got in the way. So for those who are new, rules: I will forget names, events, dates and orders of stuff. I apologize in advance. It’s not a slight, not in the slightest. With that in mind…away we go!
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This weekend, George Silber of the Dueling Fools will read my book on Saturday. Sunday, it’s Nan Mannerly. Don’t miss it! Otherwise, I will see you in the Grove. And on behalf of our Beloved Bill, “Until we meet again, in this life (or the next) I wish you Godspeed and good day to all!”
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I have been falling behind in getting these out, but all of the missing ones are started. I will get to finishing them eventually, I promise. Sadly, that means more details will be missed, but forgive the missed memories and away we go....why look, it's behind a cut. )
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MD part quatro, 2009

Tired here, but there is much to write. A bit later this week, but hopefully I will remember enough of the moments. Same caveats: Names, orders, events will all be forgotten or remembered incorrectly...that being said, here’s what we have:
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As to the Pyrate weekend, come see The Interpreters at 3:00 at the White Hart and 4:30 at GATEHOUSE this weekend!!!!!
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You have all been good boys and girls waiting patiently. Today, our heroine leaves beloved Florence and heads for her passionate new friend, Rome.
Oooh, this sounds exciting, tell me more! )

There is only one day left. Thanks to you all for your patience as I try to capture as much detail as I can. The last day is one of the most exciting too!
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That being said, there is a weekend to complete a recap on, standard caveats apply about names, order, times, etc. This is one before the last so it’s special…like me (sorry, you need to see the Super Stupina Show to get that one).Read more... )
This weekend coming up is the last of the season, it’s going to be a bit different, especially on Sunday. But even if you don’t see me in the morning, Stupina WILL happen and the Interpreters WILL be different, at least we have plans for it…who knows what will happen before then. It has been, and continues to be, an amazing season with many surprises. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

Till the last report…
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Cough Cough…sorry, been a long three days. I am just now crawling into bed and realize it will take far longer than through tonight to complete this recap…but we start. Same rules apply, times, order, people, and more will be forgotten. Hell, much of it is already forgotten in the dusts of the jousting field. Let’s see what I remember…Read more... )
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Yeah, long, yeah, wrong (or not completely utterly accurate) and yeah, missing stuff. I try, but I just can’t get to perfect yet, so this is what you get. See you at the end…
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This weekend for the Girlie Book
Saturday, Lady Catherine Edgecombe
Sunday, Maid Marian (well, this time MY parents will be around)

Till next we meet.

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