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Three days of fest is a LONG time and my brain is a little frayed and exhausted from the heat and long days. That means that I WILL forget events, order, dates, people and more,, but if you can accept that, away we go…Here it is... )

Next weekend (which is already passed when I post this) has many more tales to tell. I hope you’ll join me as we do. Till then….
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Md part uno, Dear GOD I’m tired

This one was a hot and miserable weekend for the weather, but the festival made it worth it. I will misremember people, order, events and more, so without any more adieu, away we go…The sultry details )
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Ok, that weekend was not as was expected…order, items and events will be misremembered from delirium, nausea and other discomforts, but there was still fun to tell, so away we go.Read all about it! )

Next weekend, HEALING! And more shows and fun. Only two weekends left. Here’s your chance gang. We hope to see you there!

1:00 Mustardseed at the Crooked Cottage
2:30 Mustardseed at the Crooked Cottage
5:00 Columbina at the Boars Head Tavern.
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My oh my, what a busy and fun weekend. Lots of stuff forgotten, lots of stuff only half remembered. I will forget details, moments, order, people and events. So with all those warnings said up front, here we go.tell us what happened! )

The next weekend is coming up soon. Only four weekends left. Will we see you there?

Till next time…
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Well, I realize weekend 3 got lost to the Ethernet, but we’ll give a try to organize thoughts of weekend 4. Some of it was washed away, but other parts are stuck. Times, days, events, orders names and more will disappear, but with those caveats, here we go.
and here's what happened )

This weekend is Scottish weekend. There will be many skirts and dying cats to be enjoyed. 5 weekends left…hope to see you soon!
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Well, the first weekend has ended and I am exhausted, but I do want to make sure some fun moments don’t get forgotten…of course I will forget names, faces, events, order and details on many things. So with that caveat in place, here we go.
Here's how it went )
There are 8 more weekends and I hope you can make one of them, if not more!
Don’t forget to come see Mustardseed at the Crooked Cottage at 1:00 or 2:30
And Columbina at the Boars Head Tavern at 5:00 pm
They’ll be waiting to see you then!
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It’s bittersweet to have the festival end, but sometimes it has to happen. I know this is very late, and many details will be lost to my memories, but I am glad to have some down time to share a few warm memories during this cold winter, though I’d happily give it up for more time to play with you all. Things forgotten, misordered and removed by finally getting sleep. Let’s see what I remember.Read more... )

Thanks to all of you for your laughter and support, for joining us in both work and play. It’s such a special experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Let’s do it again next year!
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It wasn’t a total washout, but much has been rinsed away by the rain. Order, dates, times, people and events will disappear, but with that caveat, let’s see what the weekend held.
here are all the drippy details )
This weekend is bittersweet as it’s the closing for fest. But there are two more chances to see each show:

12:30, Crooked Cottage Mustardseed’s Fractured Fairy’s Tales

2:00, Gatehouse Stupina’s Girlie Girl Show, This weekend’s readers:
Saturday, Queen Katherine (as Penelope the petulant)
Sunday, Another surprise reader. I’m all excited.

5:00, Boar’s Head Tavern The Perfect Touch with Columbina

Don’t miss your chance. I’m excited and hope you can share it with me!
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It’s been a hot and humid one. Exhausted still over 24 hours later, so events, order, people, times and more will be mis-remembered. Caveats in place, let’s see what we can remember.
Let us hear every sweaty detail! )
This weekend, is a wash, literally, with all the rain that is promised. But I will still be there performing and getting myself all wet. Join me.

Stupina’s guest readers are:
Saturday, Ciaran McCoy
Sunday, Nicolas Sneed

Only two weekends left. Don’t miss out!
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MD Part ses

I started this a little late, so there may be some mistakes and missed things. Dates, times, people and more will get lost, misremembered, misordered or just darn wrong. Let’s see how this goes.And then what happened? )
This upcoming weekend threatens to be hotter than opening, so we shall see how that goes. For Stupina’s show, this week, the village rules with:
Saturday: Nikolai Petrov
Sunday: Molly McCoy

You won’t want to miss them. See you soon in the Grove!
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Long week to keep me away from the long, but wonderful weekend. Let’s see how much I can remember as time slips away. Remember, dates, times, people events and more will disappear, but I’ll try to recap what I remember. Away we go!

Check out what happened on Scottish Weekend )
We are past the halfway mark for the season, so make sure you make it if you haven’t yet. And check out the Girlie Girl Show…

Stupina’s special readers this weekend? It’s a theme:
Saturday, the Earl of Devon
Sunday, the Countess of Devon…it’s a husband and wife tag team! Come check it out!
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It was cooler and almost comfortable this past weekend, but so much happened and I am sure I will forget dates, order, people, events and other stuff. But let’s see what I remember.What happened? Tell us! )
This weekend is Scottish weekend, and there is rain in the forecast (ah the irony), but let’s see how it pans out.

Stupina has two special guest readers this weekend:
Saturday: Mayor Frances Yaxley
Sunday: Poet John Skelton

Don’t miss your chance to see these gents and their take on how to be Girlie!
Till next time…
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This is going to be long. I have already had items boiled out of my brain, so let’s see what I remember. Dates, events, names and orders of things WILL be forgotten.  I’ll just see what is still in here.
Read more... )
This weekend, don’t forget to join Stupina to meet her new readers:
Saturday, Dash Rippington
Sunday, Ethelfrith Gripley

These are going to be fun!

Till next time…
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Twas a crazy weekend to be sure and the start of the joy that is the Maryland Renaissance Festival run. As always, the timing, details and order will be mangled and forgotten by accident, but it’s been a while since this was done, so away we goRead more... )

This weekend is a 3-day and I am so excited to have you all play with us. Special guests for the Girlie Girl show this weekend coming include:
Saturday, The Renaissance Man
Sunday, Absolutely Nothing’s Donkey Man, Matt
Monday, Um I can’t remember because I am so tired…but it’s someone really cool!
Hope you can make it

Until next we meet in the Grove…
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So here we are, with the dust slowly clearing from our eyes and mouths and throats and lungs…and you are just wondering what I did this weekend past. I am not sure I will remember, but let’s see what I can regale you with. I expect to misremember names, times, order and more, but it should be a good show! Away we go…

And away we go… )

Next week is closing, and the last chance for me to wreak havoc as a fairy or to give Stupina hugs. I hope you will join us! See you there!
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Ok, this was posted originally on the Maryland Festival Withdrawl Syndrome page years ago, but since others were posting what got them hooked on festival, I thought I would save my story here just in case the other site ever went away. Remember, this was written back in 1999-2000. And away we go....

Step in the way-back machine )
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Its getting close to the end, but so much good stuff has been happening that I don’t want to forget. If you forgive the already shaky memory, please, sit back and read along with me.

Lots of stuff? Well, here it is! )
There is only one more weekend left. I am sad for that, but at least there are two more days of the Stupina show and special shows for the Interpreters. Don’t miss:
Saturday, Rosencrantz AND Guildenstern reading the Girlie Book
Sunday, Richard Southwell, the Ying to Stupina’s Yang reading the book
And on Sunday,
2:30 The Interpreters “best of” show with some of our favorite songs
5:00 The Interpreters infamous Unscripted show. Much hilarity and other fun will be had, but none of it has been rehearsed or written down. Come watch the insanity!
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MD part ses, 2011

Remember, it’s been a long week and I think a lot of info got frozen out of my brain. Bleah. People, order, and other details will be missed or mistaken. Accept that and we can go on…
it's behind the clicky... )

This weekend looks to be insanely busy, but sun and good temps will do that. My readers are Hilaria Roller on Saturday and, Her Majesty, Queen Katherine Parr on Sunday, with an interpreter! There will be much rejoicing in the grove! Hope to see you there!
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Md part quatro

Overall, it was a great weekend, but so much happened that I am bound to forget, misremember, misquote and mistake things. As long as you can accept that, we are good to go!
Read all about the fun stuff... )

This weekend, Stupina gets help from Horatio De Vere on Saturday, and Matthew Stuart (who looks a lot like Scapino) on Sunday. Let’s get ready for a great weekend…Can’t wait to see you all, wet or dry.
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Sorry the last two didn’t make it, but with injuries and weather, well, too much got in the way. So for those who are new, rules: I will forget names, events, dates and orders of stuff. I apologize in advance. It’s not a slight, not in the slightest. With that in mind…away we go!
Read more... )
This weekend, George Silber of the Dueling Fools will read my book on Saturday. Sunday, it’s Nan Mannerly. Don’t miss it! Otherwise, I will see you in the Grove. And on behalf of our Beloved Bill, “Until we meet again, in this life (or the next) I wish you Godspeed and good day to all!”

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