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Life has taken quite a lot from me this week, so I apologize for the delay in my tale and the details I will have lost before it made it to the screen. Dear GOD, how cold it was! Somehow, it did end up being a not awful weekend, thought it was far from pleasant. The cold has frozen away many memories and the rain washed them far from my names, order, dates, events...all will be missed. And here we go...whatcha got left in that head of yours? )This weekend coming up is our closing one with a jousting tournament and great silliness planned. Our shows are 3:00 and 4:30 at the White Hart, and the 4:30 Sunday set is our yearly Unscriipted Show. Don’t miss it gang, there will be things seen today that will never happen again...VEG.
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Things are getting even more crazy as the days go on and I am exhausted. Let’s see what I can remember for this weekend, cause it was a doozie.

UGH, I forgot the handkissing lesson on's added in now.

Oh tell us what happened! )

The Interpreters shows are at 3:00 and 4:30 at the White Hart Tavern for the rest of the run, so you can always find us there. Only two more weekends to go, so if you haven’t made it yet, it’s time.
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Its late, but I have been a rather busy camper this week. Given the delay, things are going to be out of order and forgotten, but hopefully you will enjoy the tale with missing names, moments, incorrect order and more. Away we go... )
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MD part quatro, 2009

Tired here, but there is much to write. A bit later this week, but hopefully I will remember enough of the moments. Same caveats: Names, orders, events will all be forgotten or remembered incorrectly...that being said, here’s what we have:
Read more... )
As to the Pyrate weekend, come see The Interpreters at 3:00 at the White Hart and 4:30 at GATEHOUSE this weekend!!!!!

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