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You have all been good boys and girls waiting patiently. Today, our heroine leaves beloved Florence and heads for her passionate new friend, Rome.
Oooh, this sounds exciting, tell me more! )

There is only one day left. Thanks to you all for your patience as I try to capture as much detail as I can. The last day is one of the most exciting too!
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Here is the next installment, where our heroine finds herself in Florence...

what did she do? )

The next day, it’s the trip to Rome.
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Sorry for the delay, life happens. But thanks to your patience, I am ready with part 3...Venice into Florence...And next in our saga... )
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More will be added, but here are a few from the first day. I will add more as I post the recaps that go with them. That way you don't get ahead of me.
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Home safely. Many stories, many pics, much joy and exhaustion.

I didn't want to come home, except for the ball of fur who needs me.

FOOD, dear god it was good.
CONVERSATION, joyful and illuminating
MONEY, well, gone, it wasn't a cheap visit.
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That being said, there is a weekend to complete a recap on, standard caveats apply about names, order, times, etc. This is one before the last so it’s special…like me (sorry, you need to see the Super Stupina Show to get that one).Read more... )
This weekend coming up is the last of the season, it’s going to be a bit different, especially on Sunday. But even if you don’t see me in the morning, Stupina WILL happen and the Interpreters WILL be different, at least we have plans for it…who knows what will happen before then. It has been, and continues to be, an amazing season with many surprises. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

Till the last report…
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What an exciting weekend, so many special things happened. Yes, I will forget names, orders, people, times, events, and the lot, but hopefully you will forgive me. Let’s see what happened…Read more... )

Overall, it was a great and unusual weekend. This one coming up is Oktoberfest. There are many people coming to visit, and I am excited. We only do the regular 1:30 Interpreters show this weekend, so catch us in the afternoon. We are still working on new music, but no guarantees yet.
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Cough Cough…sorry, been a long three days. I am just now crawling into bed and realize it will take far longer than through tonight to complete this recap…but we start. Same rules apply, times, order, people, and more will be forgotten. Hell, much of it is already forgotten in the dusts of the jousting field. Let’s see what I remember…Read more... )

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