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Well, the first weekend has ended and I am exhausted, but I do want to make sure some fun moments don’t get forgotten…of course I will forget names, faces, events, order and details on many things. So with that caveat in place, here we go.

I head out on Friday to get to site and drop off the last of the props and costumes and run the fairy tale shows. I get to the costume house and replace the water I used up the day before as well as return a few props that needed fixing and get the last odds and ends in place. I then headed to the Crooked Cottage stage. Its overcast and humid, but not super hot. I’m still sweating a lot., bleah. Once there I begin to run both of the new shows and as I start to run Goldilocks and the 3 bears, I realize I am missing some of my props. I call my roommate and he thinks he found them and will be there shortly. Unfortunately, that shortly was about an hour after I had completed what I needed to do, so when he arrived, all I saw was that they were the wrong bowls. I packed up with those as a just in case, then headed out to get everything else fixed and done.

I headed to Whole Paycheck to get some fresh fruits and something to make honeycakes. I had researched what fairies eat and this seemed to be the big thing, but without wheat, it’s harder to get them. I find a spice cake mix and when I get home, I add in fresh shredded ginger and once out of the oven, I drizzle honey on the tops, hence, honeycakes. I pack up two for the morning along with carrots, cherries, cashews, and fresh figs stuffed with honeyed goat cheese. I head out to dinner and getting a last minute prettification on my toes with the roommate. Then, head back, do the last minute prep, shower and am in bed going to sleep at 10. Yeah, I’m a wild woman.

Bright and early, I get up to head out. I am out the door around 7 am and grab brekkies on my way to site. Once on Gatehouse, I begin my stretches and vocal warm up. I am feeling out of shape and know today will be a test for me. As I am still in vocal warm up phase, Richard Southwell arrives and starts having a conversation with me between the “ah-ha-mmm-ahhhhhh”s. Shortly after, Liam McDonough joins us for his yoga and I make up into a fairy. Of course, this year, I have to hide a curler in my hair as I don’t have time to make Columbina’s hair happen in the time it takes me to change. I get advise on how to best hide it. It’s just after 8:30 and time to get to the costume house.

There is a huge crowd outside the costume house. Some are putting on make up, others are just catching up and sharing stories or last minute questions. Stitch drives up to a cheer and unloads and lets us in. I am trying to get a handle on what I need and where I left it all. This year, I am not playing Stupina, so I can wear colored tights to match my dresses. I am kind of excited about that, (I know, small pleasures). I am organizing and gathering and trying to not be in everyone’s way (which everyone else is doing as well). There are some big tubs of random props left in the costume area and Stitch and I move it out of the way. I head out and up the hill to the rose booth to drop of my lunch and Columbina’s props for later. Then, I head to HMT to leave CDS for sale (FYI, only $16 each this year). I get back to the Lyric and realize my umbrella is missing, I head back to HMT to not find it there and back to the rose booth, where I had put it down…well, there’s my morning exercise.

Next, it’s morning meeting, but before we start, I check in and sing a little with some cohorts. The meeting begins and we get last minute notes. The powers that be have decided there will not be rain, so stage covers have not been put up. I hope they are right. In the middle of the meeting I realize why moving around has been so easy…I had forgotten to put on my wings. CRAP. We get kudos and support and BEEP, we are off. I head back stage where Imogen Ickford kindly helps me wing up. I head up the hill, hit the privy, then sit on the far side of the fountain. There are horses coming in this year, and they dismount on the fountain. It’s just safer to be far away. I try to tell this to the security and ticket ladies, as does SMKatherine. They only sort of listen. We discuss and determine the trash cans need to be moved short term as well. And then I realize the other thing I forgot…my honey drops. Crap. Once cans are moved, the gates open to two lovely horses and the lovely men guiding them. I help the queen off the fountain and then BOOM! It begins.

The crowd starts to pour in with many hugs and squeezes and squees abounding. We do a few tours and while it appears over cast and starting to get humid, the crowd is in great spirits to be “home.” Eventually the crowd starts to die down and I see long lines outside. I grab 3-4 stacks of programs and head outside. I start by handing programs out in the lines and empty my stack before I finish the lines. I head back to get 4 more stacks and go back out. This time, I am going up and down the lines and discover some have morphed two lines into one, so, in gibberish, I separate them and make it two shorter lines. I hand out more programs and run out. When heading back to get more, I see Pirate Jean who sees me and suddenly understands why everyone already has programs. She keeps taking care of handing more out and Mayor Yaxley is about too, handing programs out, so I go back to separating every line. Guys, the ticket line NEXT to Will Call is generally shorter than most. In fact, more than once, I would see only 2 people in line with a full line next to it. I kept moving people into shorter lines, sometimes manually (with gentle force). When they realize what I have done, they appear much happier.

I go back and get more programs and this time, grab my umbrella because the rain has started. I hand more programs out at the ends of the lines trying to keep them dry. One woman has been holding hers over her head, so I give her a new one to read, since the one she had is falling apart. It’s finally a little after 11:30 and I need to head in start making my way to my stage. I am sad to see the blue chair/throne that held Bertilda Spriggans for many years and me on occasion is gone, but so is the tree that it sat in front of. I liked the spot as it was set in the middle and easily approachable. It made a nice visual and drew people in. I had seen it in the distance before we opened, but I assume it was damaged as it never made it out. Le sigh. I head farther in and greet patrons and chitter at them. I head over to my trees near Piland as the rain has stopped and the ground was dry. I sit and sing in gibberish. It’s a little slower a start today and takes me a while to get into the swing. I check the time and discover it’s only 25 minutes till my show, so I head down the hill of doom then check out the seating places to sing a song or two before I head to grab props. Again, my favorite sitting place is no more. The back to back benches left a lovely visual of me singing with “no one looking” directly at me. It was a little magical. I sit on an unusual space, but it feels to “normal” for me. I will have to address this soon.

I head to the wall to get my props and get to the stage in time to set up and start. Because of it being Children Free Weekend, and the fact that it was advertised on the Facebook page with a pic of my show, my audience is PACKED. Really, one person told me on the way to the stage that she recognized me from the FB pic and was going to see the show that day. Great advertising. I clear a few people off the stage, but they are really ready for me. The bears are all kids and I get a 6 foot something bald guy to play Goldilocks. It went great and the audience all participated with playful energy. Once the show was over, SMDave came by to help me move and translate my props. I introduced him to the home of most of my stuff and headed back to repack and set for the second show. He noted he would be back at the end of show 2 to set everything back. I head up the hill of doom to gather my lunch. I pack it into a bowl and head out to find an appropriate place. I start at the sunbowl fountain, but it doesn’t seem special enough. I head over to the kissing bridge and find a perfect spot to sit. It’s picturesque and I both hear and see people noticing me eating in my spritely fashion. After a few photo opps, I put my bowl away and head slowly back toward the boardwalk.

I run into a regular who notes to me that my wings are uneven. I turn to let her adjust them and realize she is trying to fix the broken one. Guys, I will mention this again. My wing is broken ON PURPOSE. They were made that way. All the other fairies left town the year after Midsummer Nights Dream. The only reason I am still there is because my wing was broken and the others flew off without me. It’s NOT A MISTAKE…It’s SUPPOSED TO BE BROKEN. Enjoy the humor in it. Please. I am by the Fortune and make a quick stop in to say hello and welcome to a performer I knew from the Chippewa Falls fest years ago. It’s good to see him doing so well.

The rain starts up and I am finding the joy of a character with an umbrella again. I also realize I left Columbina’s protective hat of Doom at home. Bleah. I next run into a madrigal group who is desperately singing for the small group watching through the pouring rain. I stand behind different groups of them as they sing trying to give each of them a few moments of respite. I feel bad as one gent is trying to use his music and it is getting drenched and destroyed. I eventually get to my stage and see that it is wet and covered in mud as kids are running through. This wouldn’t be awful, but the rain is not letting up and there really isn’t an audience to speak of, unless you count the kids running through the house. So, I make lemonade. I take the “Fairy translation juice” and bring both bottles out with me. Then, I sit on the stage with the 3-4 kids and 2 parents who wanted to see a show or a story and we begin to make up fairy tales of our own. I start “once upon a time there was a….” and one of the kids fills in the blank. We do two stories and suddenly over 20 minutes has passed. SMDave checks in and I just asked for his help returning a few props. Once the “show” is over, I head back to the wall to reset for the morning.

I head back to the costume house chittering with people along the way. I get back inside and close the umbrella and try to find a safe place to put it so it doesn’t drown everything else. I clean off the face and reset the hair so I don’t smear anything when changing costume. While there, I find out one lady and 2 gents on cast have to run to another job. They are not smiling. I continue to change. I am kinda wiped from the weather and am having a tougher time figuring out where everything is and what I need. I discover one ring I need is missing. I get creative and determine I have to get a new one before the day is out. I remember I have the barrette for rain weather and switch to that. Sadly, the ringlet came out perfectly, even though I did need to keep hiding it earlier in the day.

I head out finally, later than I wanted, and take my props and gather my other props from the booth. I get to the Boars Head to go over set up with SMDavid (not to be confused with SMDave), get miced up, help clear the stage, and then head into the audience to let people know that the upcoming show is PG. As my show is about to start, the sun starts to come out. The show goes well and the audience seems to enjoy themselves. I remember my lyrics, which is always a good thing, then finish up and demic, grab my props, then head back to the Costume House to drop off props then back out with the Fly Girls to check in for Pub Sing.

I check in and touch base with some people I have not seen in a while. For some, life has treated them very well, for others, not so much. I hear that the flags for the evening gun poles are missing. This is very sad. I joke I could bring pantaloons the next day as I have enough pairs. We speed run the opening song then are called to the stage. Clinking tankards with many there, I join in with the gang for Health to the Company then wait on the side till it’s my slot. I tell the tale of The Scotsman then clear the stage for the rest of the gang. I leave the stage area for the other performers and use this time to get the missing prop I need. I wander to Pilands and am able to find the right ring to add to my right hand. It moves well and I know I am ready to use it in the show tomorrow. Check! I also see a dear friend is now working there and we briefly catch up.

I head back to join the gang for the last song of the set standing on the top platform as I am wont to do. As the poles wave (just wrong) and the cannon fires, the first day ends. I grab Capt. Moone and ask him if he would like me to bring a bunch of my pantaloons to him tomorrow so they won’t be without flags. He thinks a moment and the evile smile that crosses his face tells me it’s game on. I head to the costume house to get changed and out as fast as possible. People are tired and don’t want to go out, but I am hungry. I find a few friends and we meet at a restaurant that is SO OH DEAR GOD COLD. The menu is also more limited that I had hoped, but I did get something that was somewhat tasty. I headed home and was in bed before 10:30 pm.

A little tired from the day before, I nonetheless got up on time and found that with the shower open, I get through my morning routine quickly and was out the door a bit early. I grabbed breakfast and headed to site. Once there, I got to my stage a bit early and began to stretch. I was already into makeup when Richard arrived. Ah, back to our normal schedule. Liam arrived a bit later with Cardinal Wolsey. He was doing his own yoga and giving an impromptu lesson to the Cardinal. Having had some experience, I was able to give a few coaching comments as Liam was in the movement and I could see what the Cardinal was doing. Once I finished makeup and hair, I headed to the costume house to see a crowd outside again. I hit the privies and came out to see Stitch arrive. Everyone headed in and I was more organized this morning. I even remembered my wings, my umbrella and got water for myself. I headed up the hill with props and left them and today’s lunch where it needed to be till later in the day. Then, off to check in for cast call.

I went to run a song with one person, but they weren’t quite ready, so I met with a second who was going to be joining me for a song this afternoon and we ran through it. I drop of my pantaloons to Brad, then CAST CALL and we all sit down. I am noticing fewer and fewer people sit near the front of house, which just doesn’t make sense to me, but I have sat in the same second row seat for every cast call (that wasn’t raining) in all my years there. I want to know what is happening. We get our notes, look happily at the fact that there is no rain and not much humidity today, then BEEP and off we go. I stop to hit the privies once more before the day starts. At gate, one of the security team asks me if I take helium before the gates open as my normal voice is rather low and my fairy voice is in an extremely high squeaking register. It makes me laugh.

The horses come in, the royalty dismounts, and the cannon booms. Away we go. Gates open and we give tours, even teaching Liam how to share in the event with us. There is a large crowd and they are slowly coming in, but the people atop the gate are getting them to cheer and play while we give tours. It’s festive…al. Once the crowd is gone, I go grab programs and seeing the lines are short today, decide to give out programs from my head. It’s the first time this year and my hair is shorter, so I am working out the logistics of balancing. It’s a bit rough at first, but I finally get everything moving, or not moving, properly. I get 3 more stacks and empty those as well. The lines aren’t bad and there are Botcherby’s calling to the crowd, so I figure it’s safe to go inside.

I take my time wandering in greeting patrons while walking (sigh, no chair). I wave at vendors I missed the day before, chitter and put my parasol over unsuspecting people’s heads until their friends notice, and get to, on occasion, rub a bald person’s head. I do show someone in the program where my show is, but I don’t do that much. I head to my tree and sing a bit today. It is a bit easier and I interact with more patrons. I give out a few marbles and stones as well as a few fairy necklaces. Each come with a fairy wish placed on them. And yes, I do actually look at the person and place a wish for them on the stone before I gift them. May not work, but it makes me happy. I head over to my stage the long way, wandering down Kenwood (where I stop to go to the privy). A patron offers to hold my umbrella. I don’t recognize him, so I don’t take him up on the offer. Besides, there is plenty of room in the big blue box (it’s larger inside). I hit the street and wander shading people, fanning them, chatting (chittering) with other patrons, and having a silly time as I make my way down the road. At the Fortune booth, I “put the hawker in his place” after he compares me to Tinkerbell. He was amused that he “pissed off a fairy.”

It’s Sunday, so I make sure to sing Amazing Grace at least once in fairy. Its getting close to time and there isn’t anyone on my stage before me, so I have to get over early to clear the screaming running children off of it. I get my props and get everyone off the stage. One boy is not connecting with the fairy and his mother makes him apologize to me for not doing what I asked. I try to explain that he likely just didn’t understand what I wanted, but she is adamant. I try to give the boy a hug to let him know it’s ok. It is now about 8 minutes before show time and I am set…and the house is full and waiting with anticipation. I can’t do my normal calls without English, so I do a pseudo tapdance across the stage to laughs. I then get the audience to sing a round of Row row row your boat. There is one person sitting on the wall alone and I try to get her to sing, but she will have no part.

Today, the audience is more kids and they are more interested in volunteering. I get a female papa bear, and all the actors are kids. Goldilocks is perhaps 14-16, but willing to play. The kids know their lines and are quite amusing and everyone seems to have a good time. The kids all ask questions as the show is over and I answer what I can as I quickly clean up and head over to reset props. SMDave has brought over what I need and everything is transferred relatively quickly. He heads to his next show and I head up the hill to grab my lunch.

Today, it is more crowded and the frog pond is filled with people sitting or trying to climb over to the water. There is more noise and I think it is harder to see me. A few do and there are still some photo opps as well as a conversation where I showed two elderly patrons where the Super Sekrit ATM is. They appreciated the info. I am trying to balance water as well as my bowl and do not succeed. Half my food goes rolling into the mulch. I am able to save the cherries and carrots, even part of the honeycake, but the fig stuffed with honeyed goatcheese is all gone. Booo Hiss. A patron stops by and asks me what the cupcake is. I look at her puzzled and say “honeycake”, to which she responds, “Oh, of course, fairies eat honeycake”. Score one for me doing my research.

I gather my props and head to the stage a bit early since this is the first time I am actually doing this show for an audience. I clear the running kids, set my props and have to tapdance again as I am 5 minutes early (I will get this right soon). I then get the audience to sing a round of Row row row your boat again. This time, the one person sitting by themselves is a good sport and sings her part alone. The 3 Little Pigs is the new show, and I have all kids for this production. I am thinking I will need at least one adult in future runs, but I will get that taken care of later. Now, when I pull up the 3rd pig, I inform her that this pig is smart and ask her to say the smartest thing she knows. In a booming voice, she rattles off “100+100 is 200, 200 +200 is 400, 400+400 is 800” and begins to pant. This was absolutely perfect. The audience loved it and I was able to give her her new phrase instead, “Eureka”. Which she never got exactly right, and I loved it. The wolf was a bit unfocused, but he could figure out what to do, especially since the audience was telling everyone on stage their lines…out loud, and in unison. It was kinda funny, but I felt bad for the kids who weren’t talking because the adults were. Not sure who had more fun.

After the show is over, I am surrounded by little ones with questions. SMDave comes and gets my props for me so I can finish up and head back to reset. Before I leave the stage, I am greeted by a loyal fan who hands me a shirt he created that reads “I (heart) Stupina”. It makes me laugh and I thank him. Once backstage, since I figure I will get stopped by little ones again, I show SMDave how the first show props should be set so he can help me get them ready and save me that time. I am grateful. I grab the bottles and other things that need fixing and head toward the costume house. On the way, I see another woman with wings and a parasol and chitter excitedly over her and hug her. I have others gibber at me saying they speak fairy as well to their friends. Finally, I hit backstage knowing the umbrella has to go home as it needs repairs as well. Joy.

The air in the costume house seems to be not as cool as it should be so the ladies have opened windows. I have to drop the curtain though as my chemise, once I switch, is rather see through. They head out to do their stuff, and I clean the face, fix the hair, change, fix makeup, add jewels and feathers and lace up and am dressed and ready to hit the streets earlier. While I am changing, I run a song with another woman who will be singing with me at some point later this season. We are pretty much on par and will be ready to go. Much better timing today as I take my water and me up the hill.

Since I have more time, I am able to stop and chat with patrons, flirt with Thomas Tallis, and take my time getting to my stage. I get my props and head over. There I get mic’ed up and head out to the crowd to warn people with kids that the next show may not be appropriate. I meet up with a woman and teen. It turns out its her nephew and she brings him here to celebrate his birthday every year, even though it’s in September. I sing happy birthday to him in Italian anyway. I visit a few tables and eventually come back to meet an older gent who is part of their crowd now. He’s wearing horns and has a good sense of humor.

I head to the stage to start the show. I lose some people due to the show content, but those who stay are amused and happy. I add three new songs to the show. The first is one that was sung in the last “Unscripted Show” of the Interpreters, which I revamped for the new venue. I also added a replacement for 9 Inch and a new closer. For my “client” I brought up the horny gent who turned out to be a hoot and a half. As I got to favors 7, he called out that he can only do it 6 times. At 10, he cried “you’re killing me!” It was hysterical. He was a pleasure. Once he sat down, Tiegh McDonough joined me for the last song. I demiced, Thanked my gent, who I learned had NEVER been to fest before. He’s a natural and I hope we have hooked him. I started to head away from the pub, when I saw a familiar face and joined a patron and his female companion. We talked about the fest and his changing career. I gave him some advice, which he appreciated and he even offered me a job. I laughingly turned it down. I am happy where I am.

I say my goodbye and take my props back to the costume house, then head back toward the frozen banana booth. There I get my fluffernutter banana, or as I say “bananananah”. I wander toward the Face Caster’s to share a tale with the new juice man, then head to O’Schucks and start up conversations with some patrons. Two gents “Brian” and “Dave” are fighting over who has better eyes, when their female friend joins us. I start explaining how courtesans are very well educated and the woman mumbles “like Dangerous Beauty”, which makes me happy. We talk of costume shops, my show, their years visiting fest, their eyes again and more. As we are getting near the end of the day, I look past them to the White Hart and there I see them, my pantaloons flying proudly above the crowd. It makes me giddy for the silliness.

The cannon booms, I say my goodbyes, and head to the costume house. There are many props to pack and decisions for dinner to make. We decide on PFChangs and head out. I order from the GF menu and get friend rice, chicken, since I can’t eat seafood. About a ¼ of the way in, I see a shrimp and stop eating. They are very helpful as once they confirm it’s a shellfish allergy, they bring out a separate menu as what I was eating had Oyster Sauce in it as well. Joy. They are very sweet and concerned for me. I only felt the start of an itch, so I think we were ok. We find something I can eat and they bring that to me. I take most of it home as everyone else is done eating and the staff looks like they want go home, since we have closed the place. We all say our goodbyes after waddling to the restroom (really, everything stiffened up in an unhappy way) and head home. I start laundry as it’s going to be a number of loads to get this done and finally crash to sleep exhausted.

There are 8 more weekends and I hope you can make one of them, if not more!
Don’t forget to come see Mustardseed at the Crooked Cottage at 1:00 or 2:30
And Columbina at the Boars Head Tavern at 5:00 pm
They’ll be waiting to see you then!
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