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Michael, a very dear friend of Dan's, sent me a very long, very deep, but very loving portrait of the man we all knew. He gave me permission to post it here for those who knew him and would appreciate it. Honestly, I post it for my reference so as not to lose this tapestry of Dan's life. I knew Michael as he was the other part of my Dellarte link to Dan. When I went to Dan's house, it was to meet Michael, who was living with Dan at the time.

Please understand, this is a very personal expression from a man who, I believe, would not be remiss to be called Dan's spiritual son...the family he found out of respect and joy, not blood. I share this cautiously, but lovingly as well.

A portrait of the man who touched more than our world )
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One of the things that was really wonderful to see yesterday, was the cross section of all the subsections of faire, because Dan touched them all. I could clearly identify:
Performers (including both street and stage acts as well as a bunch from the joust and some musicians)
Vendors (and their staffs)
Security...yes, I clearly recognized two people who were from the security team, not to watch out for us, but to join us in our remembrance of him.

There were people who had been there 20 years, and some that began working there for the first time this year. There were even people who had never been part of faire, but knew Dan from other walks of his life. We were all family at that moment. We are all of the same community.

Glen talked about how after some very bad ventures, Dan got involved in faire, and it became his place of joy. He always talked about his experiences here and the people. More than once, Glen stressed how much we all meant to Dan, and how precious it was that we were there for him. He loved us as we loved him.

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