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You have all been good boys and girls waiting patiently. Today, our heroine leaves beloved Florence and heads for her passionate new friend, Rome.
Oooh, this sounds exciting, tell me more! )

There is only one day left. Thanks to you all for your patience as I try to capture as much detail as I can. The last day is one of the most exciting too!
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Here is the next installment, where our heroine finds herself in Florence...

what did she do? )

The next day, it’s the trip to Rome.
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Sorry for the delay, life happens. But thanks to your patience, I am ready with part 3...Venice into Florence...And next in our saga... )
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More will be added, but here are a few from the first day. I will add more as I post the recaps that go with them. That way you don't get ahead of me.
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I have tried to take notes about the trip and the recaps will come slowly, as there is much to tell and not a lot of time to talk about it. That being said…

Thus ends my first day in Italy, first in Venice and beginning of my exploration.

Day two, when I have more time.


Nov. 7th, 2007 08:47 am
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First day in Venice, not too exciting, second day, WONDERFUL, including a group of maskmakers in a discussion I could follow, barely, if at all. Have a Brighella now.

I missed the early train - 6;30 (can't find the colon, sorry), and now have to wait till 11,23 till the next. Bummer. Today, off to Firenze, Florence.

Been safe, happy, and enjoying my time.

Ciao à tutti!
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Ok, I don't remember what everyone asked of me. If you had already asked me to find something specific for you in Italy, please repost/request now. I am screening so that the world doesn't know what you wanted.

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