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To our fans, friends and supporters,

After 5 years of performing for some of the most incredible audiences, The Interpreters have made the difficult decision to move in separate directions and pursue new opportunities. You will definitely see us out and about in Revel Grove and at other festivals and venues and we do hope you will follow our evolution as we create new work for you to enjoy.

We thank you for the gift of your support, applause and laughter through the years and hope that you will continue to hold happy memories of our music in your hearts. With one more lift of the Parting Glass, we say "goodnight and joy be to you all!"

Best wishes,
Columbina and Trinket
The Interpreters

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Dear Fan of the Interpreters:

It's finally time. The Interpreters will be recording their second CD on June 18 in a location north of Baltimore (not much north, just the upper end of 695). The space is limited, so we can't have everyone there we want; however, if you are interested in being in the audience, please do the following:

Email us at

1. Let us know you want to come and are available to attend the event
2. Let us know how many are in your group...ONLY GUARANTEED PEOPLE WITH REAL NAMES. Not, I will think of someone to bring. Sorry.
3. Provide us with all the names for the people on your list

We will be drawing a lottery as we get closer (late May) to fill the spaces. (hint, smaller groups are more likely to get you in as if we pull your name and you have 4 people, but we only have 2 spots, we won't split up your group).

Please ONLY reply if you can make it on the evening of June 18. The event will likely run from about 7-11 pm. You will need to be on time and able to stay for the entirety of the recording, besides, we will be oh so cute and fun you won't want to leave...and there may be special things only for those who make it.

There will be light food and beverages there available to help us raise a little more money to cover production costs (it will NOT be $12 sandwiches, promise)...and there may even be some beer and wine...cause we like you. But only for the of age people... we will check ID.

Hope you can make it! We are all excited!

Columbina, Trinket and.....
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The Interpreters share a little bit of love on this holiday. Enjoy reading from the book of love...
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Come see us at 3:00 at the White Hart and 5:30 at Gatehouse.

It's your chance to see us away from oompah music
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Just got pinged on MySpace from someone who just heard about us in Oklahoma. Trying to figure out where he heard about us, I thought about when we had been heard on Renaissance Podcast and wondered about whether or not RenRadio had ever started playing I go to the site to check it out.

What do I see on the "just played" list? The Interpreters...Parting Glass. WHOO HOO! We's on the radio!

I missed hearing it sadly, but just to see us up there and know it's getting played made me VERY happy.
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So you wanted to hear what we did during the recording and you just CAN'T wait for Saturday...Come to our Myspace page to hear Columbina and Trinket singing some naughty limericks...about the villagers of Revel Grove.

This track is NOT on the CD. It's new and fresh and you can't get it anywhere else!

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The Interpreters CD is officially approved by MDRF management and will be going on sale on Saturday, August 23. We are ecstatic to be able to share this little piece of hard work and a lot of joy with all of you.

After careful review of expenses and serious thought about what the market will bear, we have decided to sell the CD for $18. I know it is higher than what some others sell their work for, but we are providing 56 minutes of BOTH music and comedy. It's unusual, it's different, and it's worth it...every penny.

For those who want a bargain, we will be selling a combination of CD and Tshirt ($18 and $15 respectively) for $30. That's a $3 discount and almost like paying $15 for the CD, but you won't have to do laundry for another day.

CD sales will be handled on site by Jon, our CDCB, CD Cabana Boy who will be more than happy to let you take a little bit of us home.

See you all in Revel Grove!
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UPS has the CD's listed as ready for delivery on the truck. They should be in my hands for final review today. Bouncy and happy! I am so excited to be able to finally share with you all what Trinket and I have been working on since May and before!

No, they are not being presold. Opening day is the listed release date, so you can't have one before then. Only MDRF Mgmt and others that need to approve things get them mailed out now...the rest have to wait till it's all "kosher" to sell.

**NEED SUGGESTIONS: Ok, so, we are filling in our CD baby online "paper" work. They are asking about other artists we are like (if you like X you will like these guys). I have listed the balladeers, but are there any other artists that those who know us think we are like?

EDIT: I am looking for a more famous name (ie, Christine Lavin, Smothers Brothers, or the like). If someone random is looking on the site, this would let them know we might be another good choice.

I have suggestions of:
Washer well wenches
Iris and Rose
O'Danny Girls
Hey Nunnie Nunnie
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Only 15 days away everyone! If you want to get into the spirit (like we need help) and brush up on that musical enjoyment, come visit us on You Tube and refresh yourself with a song or two...

See you in the grove!
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Well, there MIGHT be a delay in the CD. We might have a weird copyright issue. I am hoping that the information I have is correct. If no, there is no way this will be ready for opening weekend. There is nothing I can do till Monday. I am a bit weirded out and displeased.

Doublechecking my info and dotting my eyes before I go UBER professional.
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Well, live...and pretty good. I have the mix of the CD. There is some tweaking that needs to be done, then lots of work on the cover and mechanical licenses.

We are getting close to CDs. Once done, it still needs to be approved in its final version by MD Management, but we are getting closer.
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"we need to make being smart more sexy. If you meet someone who doesn't read, Don't F*ck em."

"only blow teachers. They will be freshly blown and satisfied"

John Waters...our friend in so many ways.
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Yesterday, the Interpreters had their first ever live recording session in Damascus.

To those who were able to attend. From the depths of our hearts, thank you. You were amazing, supportive, and an absolutely incredible audience. What we couldn't have in size, you made up in heart and volume. Thank you thank you thank you.

We will be working hard to get this ready for release at the beginning of MDRF. We will let you know more as things progress. Your work is done and ours is just beginning.

Can't wait to see you all at MDRF or before!
Columbina and Trinket
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It's the Box Balance from the Really Exciting show..

I am having fun with editing these days.hehehehehehe.
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Hey guys,

Well, The Interpreters have good news and bad news.

The good news, we have a venue and date for the recording of our first CD.
The bad news, it’s MUCH smaller than originally planned. It’s a live recording and we wanted to open the session up to as many of you as possible, but given the size of the venue, it is simply not going to be possible to invite all of you that we want to.

As space becomes available, we will continue to extend the invitation list as far as we can.

Again, our apologies if we aren’t able to invite you, please understand that we would if we could.

Columbina and Trinket
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The new and original Interpreters song.

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Because we're back...

New Interpreters Footage from NCRF.

More to come soon I hope...
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Go lookie...
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The Really Exciting Show...for those of you who don't make it to NCRF...or those who do!
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but we got some more footage on You Tube:

Its our unscripted "children's" song...

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