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RAIN RAIN RAIN. The weekend was a wash and not all of it in a good way. The days did not go as planned, so there is much to forget. I will misremember order, events, people and more. But hey, let’s see what I can remember. Here we go...

I had been out of town most of the week and came back to wash costumes and more to make sure I had everything ready. Friday, I packed up the items and headed into site to drop everything off and headed back to work for the day. As I am back by the Crooked Cottage, I see the magic straw throwing truck following me and head out before it passes me and coats me in straw. There are issues coming up because of Hurricane Matthew that we are concerned about, so I headed to bed at a decent time, but had a bit of trouble falling asleep. I wake up the next day a little tired, but overall ready for the weekend.

I head to site after grabbing brekkies. The covers are up for the rain on the stages. I am able to stretch though even though it’s a bit dark. I am liking doing the vocal warm up first, so I can stay warm and keep that pattern. As I am there, I am visited by Richard once my face is mostly done. I head down to the costume house. We have heard threats of rain and are hoping the wet will hold out. I head into the costume house. There are a few new songs that we need to work on this morning. People aren’t ready yet, so I head in to start getting changed. I can’t make up my mind as to whether I will dress for wet or dry, because one I start the day, I can’t get back here until I am changing characters. I finally decide that since there is supposed to be some rain by 10:30 or 11, I should go for wet. Half way done being dressed I head out. I listen to the new song, but realize they really don’t need me participating, so I head back in and finish getting dressed. I haven’t done my Columbina curl, because I am pretty sure I will be wearing the hat of doom.

I gather my things and head up the hill to drop off my food and get settled. I realize I have left my water somewhere and did not get enough to drink before we start. Morning meeting is many caveats and warnings as we don’t know when or how much weather we are supposed to get. We introduce new acts, review plans, then BEEP and head out for the day. On the way to the front, I stop by Customer Service to get some water. Then I hit the privy and head to the front. The ground is dry enough to have horses again so the show is back to “normal”. I am catching up with a few on non-fest things before we start and I stretch a little, then BOOM and away we go.

As I am greeting patrons, I am met with faces I haven’t seen in at least a year if not more, CyberKender, some from the Remomo’s crowd, MMario, and others I haven’t seen in a long time. I am happy to hug them and chitter. I am gifted with the head of a gent who lets me rub it to my hearts content. I am a happy fairy. We are waiving and calling to the crowd. The energy is good, if tentative, as there is the threat of spitting rain. Once the crowd has passed, I slowly start heading into the village. I stop and chitter with patrons, give advice and directions, and on occasion, gift a person with a stone when I hear it’s their birthday. Near O’Shucks, I meet up with a group, one of whom is dressed like a siren with gills on her face. She finds out who I am and, after I make them laugh, asks about my show. I take my leave and head toward the tables by the White Hart. One regular comes up to me and says that it just dawned on her that I am yellow and my voice reminds her of…well, Minion. I chitter back at her happily as I have been calling myself one for a few years now. I visit a booth that makes me happy and count in Fairy for a gent there. He is amused, but I know there are other numbers he wants. I wander up past Piland’s and over past Bullseye. I head down the hill and stop on the benches and chitter at patrons and sing a little. I am waffling in my head as to whether I should do the show. It’s VERY lightly spitting, but not enough to stop the show. I am still not sure what I am going to do with props when I head backstage.

I am pulling out my props and checking the weather. The real rain doesn’t seem to plan on starting until the show is done. I don’t know if I will have any audience, but the crew at the climbing wall is just killing time or getting ready to go home with the impending weather, so they say that they will come see the show if I do the full thing. Ok, I pull out the props and head to the stage. I am there early and begin to hawk. I see some kids who are on the playground, but they are not sure they want to sit down. Eventually some people start to arrive at the stage.

As I get ready to start, I am glad that I made the decision I did. In the audience are friends from across the country, from the top of the country, those I haven’t seen in many years, and half the staff of the climbing wall. As I start the show, I find that all the kids are WAY too shy to get up, no matter how I try, so I end up having a show with all adults scattered amongst patrons I don’t know and a few I do. They are relatively playful and the show goes well. Special Kudos to Goldilocks who was willing to play. Once the show ended, I take a moment or two to catch up with those I know, but the rain is starting now, so I head backstage with the props. Once there, I thank them for coming out in their down time then go to repack my props for the next show. The rain is starting to get a bit harder, but I am hoping it will lighten up before the second show.

I head up the hill to get my food from Rose World. On the way, I am using the umbrella to start to keep my dry. The ground is still ok, but the rain is annoying. I get my food and some water. I donate a few kiwi berries and raspberries, then head out struggling on how to carry the full cup, full bowl, and open umbrella. On the way, I see that CyberK isn’t feeling well and hope he gets better for the rest of the day, as rain is NOT your friend when sick. I take my time and manage to get to the frog pond. The Market Stage acts are already on the Boar’s Head to keep dry. I get to the pond and put down my bag, which holds my fairy circle to keep me dry. I sit down and eat my food with my umbrella up. I see some kids playing by the pond and even get to chitter a little at a few people. The rain is still acting up. I pick up my now empty bowl and head back down the boardwalk. I wander down a ways and sit on a bench top to sing as the patrons walk by. Some stop to listen, but most wander by. Eventually, the rain is getting heavy enough that I have to make a decision for the next show.

I head backstage and reset the props back to the start of the day since it’s too wet and the rain is showing no stopping so that I won’t be able to do my normal show. I grab a potion and head out to the stage with my umbrella. The rain is getting heavier but there are some patrons who are coming to sit in the wet audience. I stand on the stage and open the door to the cottage and people start pouring in. When I head in, there are around 15 people, mostly adults squeezed in. I take some potion and begin to explain how I can’t do my normal show, but would love to tell some stories with them, but I might forget parts. Then we begin. I end up sharing a tale of a dragon and a prince who change places for the Prince’s birthday. By the end, it turns into a story of the fear of growing up and responsibility where the prince’s dad assures the prince he will love him always and the Dragon becomes a daddy and realizes it isn’t so scary once he sees his little one. Once that tale is done, some of the group leaves, but the rest stay for a second tale.

The second one was about a tiger who was the best sew-er in the world and is asked by an odd woman to make a dress fit for a queen. He attempts to make a dress of silk encrusted by jewels, but the woman returns and tells him that that dress was not good enough and makes him start again. He then takes wool and sews with his sewing machine and each time he tries to sew it, it breaks his needles until he is at a loss for what to do. At the end of the second day, the woman returns and tells him again that the dress isn’t good enough. He doesn’t know what to do and calls to his friend the mouse for help. The mouse tells him to just trust himself, to close his eyes and pick a fabric and sew. He starts to and the mouse tells him to keep his eyes closed as he was a great artist, so he should just trust himself and he sews blind by touch and instinct. When he finishes sewing, the mouse tells him to go to sleep and not even look at the dress again. He is woken by the sound of the woman who enters his house demanding his dress. He looks at it and it’s a horrid mismatched combination of bumpy fabrics and odd colors and it’s awful. She comes in and sees it and before he can apologize she throws it on proclaiming it’s perfect. As it touches her skin, it transforms to a rainbow of the most lovely fabrics he has ever seen. She says, I said I wanted a dress fit for a queen, but I didn’t say what kind of a queen. I am a fairy queen and all I needed was for someone to sew from their heart as that makes the everything perfect. Once the second story is over, we see the rain has let up a bit. I thank everyone and send them on their way.

As I head back up the hill of doom, I am already seeing some damage to the site from the mud remaking itself. I am stopped by a gentleman who says that I am a breath of fresh air in my happy colors. I thank him and continue on my way. I am already seeing the goop in the front if the fest and am trying to keep my balance as I head backstage. Once there, I keep the umbrella up and hit the privy before I head into the costume house as I don’t want to get wet or muddy just to come back out. Once inside, I wipe my feet thoroughly then begin to change costume. I am not worried about my hair curls, so I get all the physical clothing changed and reset before I clean my face and redo the hair. Other actresses are coming in in layers of wet all looking a bit miserable. We are all transitioning back to other characters. Each time someone goes out, the rain gets heavier and heavier. Everyone is debating on if they need that food or need that other item which requires more walking in the wet, and one by one, we all head back out. I get miced up before I do that and use my scarf and hat of doom to protect the mic and face.

I see Lady Cyd and she informs me that one gent who was visiting and under the weather has gone home to sleep and recuperate. It’s a good idea. I continue through the fest saying “come to England they said. The weather is great here, they said. Stupid weather! I’m going back to Italy!” A few ask if I will take them back with me. I get near the Boars Head and the prior Market stage act is performing here where it’s dry. I try to merge toward the back of the house and have conversations with those at the bar. It’s not easy as the noise is overwhelming and those in the pub seem rather drunk. One group is particularly off-putting and I head away to be followed by one who asks me what I said as he didn’t hear it. I tell him I was asking how their day was and if they had done anything interesting. He at least apologizes for not responding before. At that moment, the stage begins to clear and I let him know that I have to leave to start the show on the stage. He is shocked to realize I am one of the performers. I take my leave and head to work.

I set up my sound and begin. I can see that many of the group is there to eat or drink out of the rain and NOT for the show. I see a few people who are watching or singing, but they are often dragged away by their compatriots or pulled away by those more interested in talking. There is a couple in the center table front seats who are adamantly NOT looking at the stage. I choose the opening song that uses fewer people just cause I don’t think I have enough people who want to play. When I go to call a “client” to the stage, for the first time ever, the guy says “no, I’m good” and won’t come up. I luckily found another gent in a slightly more enthusiastic group and was able to play with him. The audience is energetic for Pump Away and playful when he is up with me, which makes things more enjoyable. There is one woman near the front of the audience who is utterly rapt in attention, singing along and laughing. I am grateful for her presence. Simon Canker comes by and joins me for the final song. The show ends ok, but I am VERY grateful for this one to be over. I do thank the lady and she tells me she has had a great time. Others who came for the show stop and thank me as well.

I head out of the pub into the mud bath that is on the streets. I head toward White Hart to get my microphone and other fragile things out of the rain, grab the StreetSpeare items, then head down the road to Argenti to assess the situation. I stop along the way to chat with patrons. When I get to the street, I look around trying to figure out where we can do the scene as the rain is getting heavier and steady. I head over to Grinchel’s to ask them if they would be willing to have us do our StreetSpeare in their booth. They offer their porch. As time gets closer, the other actors arrive and we let those around know where we will be doing the scene. I notice that one actor’s prop has started to develop mold and I wipe it down but know that I have to take it home with me over the week to clean and recondition it. I send one actor who is not feeling well over to the dry booth early. When it’s time, we start the scene and develop a bit of a crowd both around the booth and in the street. I am amazed we have anyone. One person places a hat on my head as I am standing on the edge of the rain for the scene. After we end, I give her the hat back and stamp her card while thanking the rest of the crowd. I announce that the scene was sponsored today by Grinchel’s, the booth of a thousand faces. It gets a laugh, which makes me happy. Everyone get’s their cloaks and hats and head off in their various directions. I stay to thank the owners who seem happy to have had a little entertainment for their day. I also see a tall friend who gets a nice hug before we go our several ways.

I head back with the props and put them in the closet to stay somewhat dry. Seamus is finishing his set, so I head to the stage to give him a hug and a hello as he clears the stage. I am finding myself rather hungry, but don’t want the normal stick food I eat. I end up commenting that I want fries, but have no bowl. The kind folks at Piland’s gift me with a lender. I happily head up the hill to get the fries and head back and share them with a few actors and the hosts. Once done, I clean the bowl and return it. My back is screaming at me and I take a moment to sit. I watch part of the Henry IV StreetSpeare. Then, I wander up to the tables to chat with people, but it’s hard to find anyone who is not hiding in the pubs. Its close to time, so I get the bodhran and head toward the stage. As the show progresses, the rain gets a bit lighter. The show ends and we clear things out quickly.

I chat with a few at the tavern and begin to head to the front of the village. It’s getting dark and the mud is obscenely squishy and unpleasant. I see more than one person face plant into it as they are walking around. I am taking my time and going slow. I stop at on of my favorite booths to get a little light from the two gents who make me smile and I count for one of them. I continue on and stop by the booth with the gorgeous wooden rocking chairs. The Yaxleys are there and I am offered the seat of one of the chairs. I am grateful to let my legs dangle and stretch out my low back which is screaming at me. We chat with the vendors and a few patrons that stop by including a few VERY drunk people. Eventually, we head to gate. We are told that if we want to, we can head backstage at 6:45. I stay and greet the few that are still coming out. Many are walking carefully and sliding a bit. Finally, the cannon booms and I head backstage with those who have stayed out till the bitter end.

I head backstage and many of the cast members have already gotten changed. I switch out the wet and muddy dress and grab the items I won’t be using tomorrow to get them cleaned. I am running late, but since many are done, I have room to get changed a bit quicker. I can’t find my plastic bag and don’t want to put the muddy clothes in the bag alone. I finally find it and am able to put the muddy items somewhere safe. I am exhausted, but a few of us end up going out for dinner. The meal is warm and soothing and I am happy to quietly sit. Eventually, dinner is done and I head home, rinse out the skirt to remove the mud, then put it in the washing machine to run tomorrow when I get the other clothing in from tomorrow. I crawl into bed and try to get some rest.

I wake up and am far too tired. I would love to sleep in, but the faire awaits. It is raining as I get outside and has been for hours. I am not looking forward to slogging through site. I stop for brekkies then get to site and begin to do my vocal warm up then my physical stretches upstairs where it is drier. It is still raining. I have started doing my make up and am mid my yellow eye when my phone rings. It’s Richard Southwell confirming that I already knew that site was closed and did I want to have breakfast. Um, no, I didn’t know that it was closed. Blast. I let him know I will re-assess, then hang up and go to Facebook to see the official announcement that someone had already forwarded me, but I hadn’t looked at the phone.

The Makeup remover is in the locked costume house. I pack everything up and get another official call that we are closed for the day. Then, I head down to the house. Other actors who had already been on site are also getting into the house to get items they need. One has lost her keys and we help her look after I clean off my face. They head off to try to find it. I head up the hill to get the food I left at the rose world. I stop to record the insanity that is the mud. I carefully walk through it hoping not trip. I stop and meet Eva, a very shy black lab who eventually lets me pet her. I get to the food and donate some of it on my way back. I am about to leave when I remember that I had that mask to clean, so I have to trudge out again to the White Hart. The vendors I meet are all sad that we are closed and hate this miserable weather, but we all know why it’s done and are glad that the next weekend weather looks good for now. At the White Hart, I realize the closet is locked and have to contact others to get the combination. Once I have that, I go in to get the mask and realize I should also grab the bodhran left by one of the other performers so it’s safe over the week. I lock back up and head back out again. This time, when I gather everything, I can leave. I run into others in the parking lot who were already far on their way before we closed. I pack things up and try to meet others for breakfast, but the table is full, so I go run an errand then meet friends for brunch at Paladar. It wasn’t a fair day, but it was with many of the cast, so we enjoy each other’s company in the dry warmth. While there, I realize I left the fairy props out and ask the gent in charge of the area if he can move things inside when he returns, which he agrees to do. Eventually, I meet others for a movie, then head home in the dark to do laundry and watch a debate.

This weekend promises to be better weather and I am looking forward to festive and enjoyable performances in our last 2 weeks. I hope you can enjoy it with us. Till next time…

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