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Md part uno, Dear GOD I’m tired

This one was a hot and miserable weekend for the weather, but the festival made it worth it. I will misremember people, order, events and more, so without any more adieu, away we go…

Friday was both my natal day and the day for final load in. I had been up late the night before at final rehearsals for a few of the shows and today after working a few hours, I went and finished loading in my gifts for those I directed, set my fairy props for the morning, and headed to Gatehouse to run the one show I hadn’t yet in advance of opening. I am pinged when in my travels to hear that Robin Hood and Maid Marian are back in town. I meet up with them as they are determining how to set up their sound. Bonesaw is otherwise occupied, so I don’t get much of a hello, but well, 2 years will do that. After finishing load in, I head home to work for a couple more hours, then get my nails cleaned and grab myself a small birthday dinner. Perhaps not the most auspicious meal, but tomorrow there will be thousands of people celebrating my party with me.

I get into bed a little bit late for a fair night, then sleep, AMAZINGLY well for an opening night. I am up early and wash up, put in the new contact lenses, and head to site stopping for brekkies on the way. I am early, but I figured I could use the extra stretching time. Once at site, I see there are more early parked cars in the area than I am used to this early. I hit Gatehouse and start a more detailed warm up. It is very much needed. I have extra time for a solid vocal warm up and have started make up when Richard Southwell joins me. I show off Mustardseed’s new bling and today I have particularly good fairy hair. SMLiz joins us as do Robin and Marian going over logistics for the day. Once I am ready, I head to the costume house and begin to change.

It’s the first day, so people are in early. Advice is given, such as “turn off your phone sound if you leave it here” and other niceties to help the shared experience be pleasant. I am in a new spot this year (we have switched rooms and I am back to my old location), but I had gotten used to the makeup table being nearby which made things easier to pull out what you needed and set it somewhere till you had to leave. It’s ok, my next cubby neighbor is running a bit later than I and I am able to make it out of the space before she shows up. Outside, Ginger is beginning to run some songs for tonight’s pub sing along with the cast. I pull out her Bodhran and stick and jump in so I know what I have planned will work with what is needed for the show. After a few songs, I know I have to move on to other errands and return the drum to where it belongs, then head up the hill to rose world to leave my fairy lunch materials with them for safe keeping.

I am running a bit late as I am normally one of the very first people to sit down for cast call. As I am coming down the aisle, I give SMLiz my name for check in and sit in my normal spot next to R and M, for at least this weekend. We had received some bad news that our Assistant ED and Street Coach had been feeling unwell and had been kept overnight in the hospital. He won’t be with us, so I have brought in cards that we begin to sneakily sign in the two dressing rooms. We all go over the warnings and welcomes for the first day. Today is going to be very hot and humid. While we had been out in this heat all summer, it wasn’t for 10 hours and it wasn’t while wearing a couch. Drink water is the watch cry for the day. Once notes and thank yous have been completed, we BEEP and head toward the opening gate.

Well the first one before the opening of the day. Rather than the liquid sanitizer, they have towlettes. I am curious to see how this will work out. It’s hot enough that even after I drank water on the way to the stage, I am thirsty again and stop to get citrus water that I finish before the gates open. As it’s the first year, there are reminders of where people need to stand for the entrance of the horses and other requirements. I expect that we will have been crowds of people buying passes for the season, which always takes longer. The gate show starts with some As You Like It, then segues into the storyline, albeit briefly. I always go to a rehearsal or 2 of this show so I know when opening hits how much time I have to bet into place once the festival is open. I hear our cue, stand back for the horses, who are having issues this am, then off they gallop and the cannon booms. I climb up on the fountain with my crew and the gates open. The Festival has begun.

So there are a few things that have been going on at that fountain for YEARS. The brief tour that we do has been in existence for easily 20 years. The actors change and put their own spin on it over the years, but its one bit that has stayed much the same for that whole time. I don’t think of it as stealing, but rather honoring their tradition. The Blue Slushy comments and changing substantially to significantly seem to be the additions of this go round.

The crowd keeps coming in for at least 25 minutes. One person after hugging me asked if my wings are new. Yup, for those of you playing, the broken wing is now fixed, but the fixed wing is now broken. Still no flying. The crowd starts to lighten when I go grab some programs to head outside and hand them out. I don’t have much time this year as my shows starts at 11 back at the Crooked Cottage and I still have to move and bring out my props and hawk before the show. This means the absolute latest I can stay and work the lines is 11:40. So that’s what I do. I have 15 minutes to hand out the programs (they go quickly) and separate the lines so they move faster. Too many spots have one line splitting into 3 windows. This is fixed quickly. People are amused at how I communicate. When people brush against the wings, I say “ow”.

I stay as long as I can and when I go in, I see Nan Mannerly and ask her if she would be able to go out. She heads for some water, then gets programs and out she goes. I also send a message through SMKatherine if there are any actors with free time. This is going to be VERY hard to find this year. With the Streetspeare’s, scenarios and stage plays, people are running from show to show this year with little time for breaks. I can’t help it and off I head with a little speed to my stage. Before I get there, I am gifted with a lovely yellow rose and a snarky message (thanks to my roommate). I head to the magic hiding spot for my props. There was quite a bit of construction in the area this year, which is barely done, and the back areas are still mid clean up. There is a ladder partially blocking my path, so I end up having to do a little climbing to get to my props and bring them over. In the process, the rose is decapitated as is the lovely yellow mum that a patron gifted me with in the early AM. My knees don’t like me much for any of this. I get to my stage and am a bit concerned at the early time on the stage, but as I get going, I start to draw a crowd.

I am always amused to watch people try to understand what I am saying to them and whether they do or don’t get it. I get a young boy to volunteer for the Papa Bear (I felt bad putting the “fur” coat on him) and his dad for Goldilocks. There are two young ladies who get chosen for the Momma and Baby Bears and the audience is rather playful. There are a few people who just stare blankly at me, but by the end, everyone is having fun and I get a good laugh with the final potion. I did notice that Mek got lost and didn’t get the laugh it normally does, I think I am hiding it too much. Something to work on.

I was warm before the show started, now, I am boily. I take my props back and do my climbing act, My knees do NOT like me right now. Backstage, there is an amazing high powered blower shooting out cool air. I stand in front of it for a moment before I switch my props. It is very well appreciated. I then head up the hill of doom, knees still complaining, then head to flower world to get my lunch. I have sweet peppers, rapsberries, grapes, grape tomatoes, snowpeas, pecans, and my honey cakes. I grab some water and head to my fairy pond. I am a bit concerned as there are so many additional events happening in the streets, I am not sure I will be in the way. I do se an hula lady with her hoops doing some tricks in the streets, but quietly I sit and eat. I do eventually connect with a little boy playing at the pond. Once my meal is done, I am getting ready to leave when I see Anne Boleyn by the pond, I head toward her to fan her when I see his majesty and think “Oh, street scenario…time to go!” and head down to the boardwalk.

I wander past some of the tables and pull out my fan. It’s well noticed and well appreciated. Once I am past the tables, I wander down and see the mirror outside of Half Moon. For a moment, Mustardseed is frightened of her reflection and continues. I get to the hidden world to stand at the blower again and dry my sweaty hands, drink some electrolyte water and reset my props. As I get to the stage, Once Upon a Whim Puppets is beeping their stage off the cottage. I set up and begin to hawk, in fairy. I love looking at people passing by trying to figure out if I’m just to far away for them to understand what I have said, and seeing it dawn on people that I am not speaking English. It’s the internal giggle. I can also tell there are a number of new people this year as no one immediately picks up on any of the schtick. The show itself goes rather well and people know most of what I am saying.

I head back to the prop space and have to climb again. This is NOT fun in a cincher with bad knees and hips. BLEAH. There are a few others there and I reset props for the next day, drink water and leave the blower to them. Up the Hill of DOOM (TM) and onto the costume house for transformation. The day is HOT, sweaty, and rather unpleasant weatherwise. I am very much looking forward to being able to take off these damp garments and cooling off while I transform.

Once at the costume house, I arrive as the As You Like It crew is finishing their transitions back into their street characters. One is slightly flushed, and we all have our advice for her, but she seems as if she may be ok. I peel off layers and enjoy the feel of nothing sweaty on my skin. I pull out all of Colubmina’s accoutrement and walk it across the room (again, new space, so I am losing a little bit of time for this). I keep forgetting things and make a few steps. I need help pulling off the shirt as it’s stuck to me and I am trying not to take off the face onto the shirt as it would be a bear to clean for various reasons. Hair is resprayed and done up, clothes are switched, face is painted, jewels are put on and I am laced up. During this time, I have cooled off enough that the sweating in earnest has stopped. I need to pee, which is a good thing in this weather. I drink more water and head out.

I head to the Boars Head Tavern and check that the master is turned off. Given all the extra duties, the SM’s are all busy, so I need to head toward the jousting field to have SMDave mic me up, but upon my arrival, he rushes out to handle an emergency with another venue. I am with some of the gentlemen from court who have just been standing on the jousting field in the Chess Game. One is a bit more piqued than the other. I give him some of my electrolyte water and fan him. He’s in the shade and trying to stand up, but can’t quite get his equilibrium. He says he has to get to another event, I told him he doesn’t. He heads out. I get miced up by the other gent then head out toward my stage. I see the first gent again, not being able to move and not far from where we started. I ask him if I should get First aid, he says no. His Lady comes up and asks how he is. I say he isn’t and please get him to first aid. He is still fighting it a bit, but I know she will make him do what he needs to. I head to my stage.

I turn on the mics and when the show across is over, I power up and welcome the crowd. There are a few kids, so I give my disclaimer, and away we go. It’s funny, I forgot to preplan a set list (I usually have a game plan) and find that my mind is a bit in limbo when I start to sing and have only seconds to pick the songs before I start. It goes well overall and my client’s wife is laughing in the crowd. One of my clients from a prior year is there and happily enjoying the show. I say hello to him and a few others after the show, then head quickly to the Gatehouse stage to see how Shakespeare’s Women is doing.

I head backstage and check in with Stitch. She is doing the quick change with the court ladies and can’t be there next Saturday, so I am learning how she presets everything so I can step in for her. I watch her and we learn that we need more light backstage for the lacing and note it for future shows. I see what she does and gratefully learn from the best. I leave before the show is over and take my props back to the costume house, get more water, then head back up the hill to the White Hart to grab the Streetspeare materials. BarDave is sad I am visiting quickly, but I assure him I will be back. He doesn’t believe me. I carry the flag like a banner as I head down Kenwood. Once there, I check with the kind people of Argenti and get their permission to put our tankards and hats there while we are on stage.

We are almost all there. Simon Canker is nowhere to be seen. I am working through my head how we can do this without him, but I just can’t do it very quickly. Luckily, he shows up. I put the sign mostly in the ground, then (after the ladies sitting down say “oh good, it’s here”) we start. We have a small, but decent crowd; however, toward the middle of the scene, a father (shirtless) tells his young son (also shirtless with smeared off face paint) to “go tell them.” I am wondering what the hell he thinks his kid should tell my actors midway through a scene and am concerned for the boy and my two, He keeps standing there with dad coaching him on and my actors somehow getting through. Afterwards, I walk up ready to be very annoyed. They are telling the little boy that they were just acting and it was ok. It turns out that the little boy was yelling at Simon telling him over and over that he was being mean and encouraging him to stop cause “your being mean!” My anger went away, the little boy was trying to save the honor of the poor Judith Berners from the evil Simon. Which means, he understood enough of what was going on that his sense of honor was set off and he wanted to defend her. Good on the kid.

I drop off and gather my things from the White Hart and BarDave is nowhere to be seen. I make a small deal of him not being there, then head off. Now, I finally have what one would normally call street time…well, sort of, I know the Pub Sing Along is coming up soon, so I should stay in the area. I hit the picnic tables in the food court area and chat with some patrons. I am assuming that we will be premeeting before we start and try to see where everyone else is, but they really aren’t anywhere specific. I head toward Reveler’s Bower and find Hildy Mondes there. She and I “happily” wander the village together complaining about each other every step of the way. I fan her, but seem to miss her by fanning everyone else. It’s amusing. I keep thinking I want a banana, but not before I sing again. We meander and chat with patrons on our way back toward and around the White Hart. Soon enough, we find everyone, I band-aid up, and its time to start the show.

So the Pub Sing has had an evolving and illustrious career. This year, with the changes, we have changed the show to an almost entirely in house cast show as the Village Singalong. Many elements are there, but it’s very much not the same thing. This is the first time that many of these performers have been on the White Hart stage, let alone been in the pub to see a sing. I have been given the duties of Percussion Lady and other than the main song I do in the start, I can be found sitting in the back of the stage banging away. Some songs are newish, others we have worked a bit more. I run Roll Me Over and the chorus with me decides to sing a different ending…I keep up, but it throws me. Don’t worry, I have send the change to them and all will be well if we do it again. The day is hot and at the end of the day, the stage is a little ripe, but everyone seems to be in good spirits. One lady seems to be missing. I find out later the heat has overcome her as well. We finish on a high note and I “help” in break down. Um, I now know not to pull chords until SMDave tells me to….

So I am done shows for the day and I keep thinking I want to eat something, but I’m not sure what. I think about the bananas, but can’t quite bring myself to want one. Finally, while walking toward the front of the village, it hits me…pickle! It doesn't literally hit me, but I see the pickle cart and immediately know that is what I am craving. The first bite is SO SALTY I realize that my body is actually relieved to eat it. I joyously eat about half of it before it burns. I offer it to the king’s guards and Harry Knuckles who all share a bit of it. It’s really a blessed food item today. I hurt all over from the climbing and body stress. I think about climbing up on the fountain and think better of it, wishing people good night from the ground level. Finally, BOOM. The first day is over and it’s time to say goodbye. Ironically, the temperature is finally comfortable and I’d be willing to perform in those temps…now that we’re done.

We all head into change and the dressing room is crowded. Costumes are dropped off from the court members whose health the heat ran havoc with. Pirate Jean has left to be with her hubby and the people are happily amazed we made it through, though we are not happy about the dampness of the costumes. We finally finish changing and head outside to figure out where to eat. A few suggestions are made, but that keeps changing based on potential wait time and more. We finally go chinese. Some of us are falling asleep at the table. Others are just zonked. Dinner is still pleasant and we eventually head out and home to crash in our respective beds for the night.

While I was in bed at a decent hour the night before the heat of the day really got me and I was severely dragging the next morning. I rarely need more than one alarm, but I ended up hitting the snooze to remind me to get out of bed and then found moving just hurt a lot. I grabbed the biofreeze for my hip and knees and use it. I head out and grab brekkies before I head to site. I arrive a bit closer to normal time and use more of the warm up for physical stretching even more than vocal warm ups, though both were done. I am still a bit achy and borrow a single motrin from a co-worker.

The initial influx of people is a trifle slower this morning and I am the first one in the costume house. We are all glad to see those whose health was in question back and in stable health. There were many warnings from the powers that be to protect your health and make sure you found places to cool off when you got over heated, ie, removing shaubs, hats when possible, and other things that kept in the heat. I start to pull everything out of my corner and start setting up the things I need. While each character has a separate box and materials needed, there are still logistics to be worked out. Now that we are all in the space, we share some etiquette with those who are new to this type of venue to assist us in all working together.

I head out to fill my water and wing up, then remember what I forgot, and had to go back in to the back corner with my extra width….grrr. Once out, I stop by for one song then head up to drop my lunch items at fairy world, then head to morning meeting to check in and sit with Robin and Marian again. That morning, we catch up with the news of the day and warnings are given to protect everyone’s health. The cast has signed cards to the Hermit to wish him well and they are gifted to the Pirate Queen to pass them along. We BEEP and head out to gate.

I visit the now clean privies for the last pit stop before we open then head to the gate to stretch. I sit and stretch a little and take a moment to myself, then, as I hear the cheers and music, I brace myself, wait for the actors to dismount the horses and the jousters to mount them and ride off, then step up on the fountain, open the umbrella and BOOM, the gates open and the crowd comes in. It’s minutely cooler today and we all feel so much better for it.

So the crowd flows in and is done in about 15 minutes and there isn’t much of a line outside. This is good as it gives me the freedom to wander through the village to my stage with less rush. I am grateful for that. As I am walking through, I am stopped by the Asian Paparazzi for a few moments. One kind lady thanks me with a rose wrapped in cellophane. I amuse myself realizing that if I breathe in very hard, the plastic wraps around the rose and my nose and puffs out when I exhale. Yeah, I know, the little things in life. I chitter at people and even have a moment to sing a little, but not a ton. I sit at Bullseye’s shelf and spill my water as I am rearranging. I head over to Piland’s to get a drink from the kind staff and head back to try it again. This time I stay balanced and chitter at people as they walk by. One gent stops and asks to have a picture with me. He says “you might not remember me, but we had a conversation last year, well, you talked and I just tried to figure out what you were saying. I normally don’t ask for pictures with any of the performers, but I would really like a picture with you.” I was touched and happily posed. Soon enough, it’s time to head down the hill.

As I am passing the slide, I see a dad with a stroller yelling to his wife that he can’t make it work. I realize he is looking down the stairs with his stroller and sodas and can’t see how to get down without spilling everything. I grab his soda and walk him down the smooth hill. He is grateful, as is she who watched us start before she made it down the hill. I happily chitter at them and head on my way.

I head backstage and happily see that the ladder has been moved. I was prepared for a lot of pain today, but with the ladder adjusted, I am happily not having to climb up and over to get my props. I take a brief moment and ask those near me to hold off on their cigarettes for 3 minutes before I head out and begin my gibberish hawk. They kindly acquiesce. At the stage, there is a family having their breakfast in the audience with their back to the stage. Luckily, they all turn and watch for the show and I even bring one of the kids up on stage with me. The show goes well and I have a decent audience who seem to enjoy themselves, though I did need to get the dad to be a bit more playful as Goldilocks. One of my favorite bits from the beginning of the show gets a really good laugh and that makes me happy. Once the show is over, I reset the potion, adjust the props and head back up the hill.

In flower world, I get my lunch and carry the empty containers in a hidden bag so I don’t break the fantasy. I head over to the pond and sit. Today, there is no hoop lady and no nobility, so I enjoy my meal in peace watching the Bloody Drama in the distance. I little boy is staring at me and keeps trying to climb the bridge when people are having their pics taken…oops. Dad comes by to catch him and the space is quiet. I offer the bench in front of me to two ladies who are just standing next to it while no one sits on it. Ah well. The heat of the day is starting up again, but it is DEFINITELY not as bad as the day before, though still yucky. Once lunch is done, I drop a few pecans off at Blessed Scents then head down the boardwalk.

I end up with a few minutes to sit on the boardwalk and sing. I see people sitting near the bench I like to balance on, but there does appear to be room, so I stare at the bench, then stare at the guy in the way, then stare at the bench, then the guy. When he acknowledges me, I climb up using him to get to my perch. He is amused. Since it’s Sunday, I begin to sing Amazing Grace….in gibberish. It’s my Sunday tradition. Another family comes by to sit on the bench and I end up gifting the little girl with a wish stone. Its time to head back, so I walk backstage using the other side, sit for 2 minutes, and grab my props and head back out.

Once Upon a Whim is already clearing the stage as I head over. I gather an audience pretty quickly and have lots of kids willing to play. The boy I get for the wolf is related to the first pig. I initially think he is going to play, but he starts getting a bit uppity. I am wondering if I have made an incorrect decision when the show starts, but he really gets what he’s supposed to do, except for knocking on the door. He doesn’t seem to figure out that my stomping matches the knocking. Ah well, otherwise, it’s a pretty fun show and everyone plays their parts with comedy. I even have a person understand the hard to get section in the middle of this show. Always a win.

I pack the props and put them inside for the week then head the long way back to the costume house (over the boardwalk) to see if that will be better on my knees. It is, but it’s a much longer walk. With the walking paths cleared to get the props, I figure I can do the cardio of the hill. The heat is really starting to pick up and my fingers are rather sticky from sweat. Off I go using my umbrella for more shade n the sunny streets. I head backstage and begin to peel off layers. We have been given advice to keep the costume house cooler (turn off lights and leave on fan, etc). but I need to see what I am doing so I leave it on for now. I manage to get the shirt off myself this time and sit in my chemise and tights to cool off as I change over hair, makeup, jewelry and suit up. I am gold and orange today and begin to head out to the streets.

Ok, I admit, while some accuse me of being Slavic in accent, I am lacking in actual knowledge of much Italian. I can get by, but barely. I head to the Boars head (having already miced up at the Costume house and turned the base on. I get to the Boars head to make sure that there is no sound coming out of my face to the stage too early. The master is off so I am good. I don’t see too many kids, but do go and speak to some parents to make sure they are aware. There is a VERY drunk set of dads with their kids. I give them the warnings, but the dads are more interested in rude jokes always apologizing afterwards as they laugh. The kid looks embarrassed. I assure the kid he is ok. I get to the stage and am checking last minute items when Madge Badger comes by. I call to her and she and I start a conversation in Italian. Now she has heard some of my Italian, but doesn’t realize my limitations, which she passed early on in this chat; HOWEVER, I have learned to figure out meaning form what is around it and without knowing how to respond exactly, figure out enough that I don’t think she realized how lost I was. Score one for the pseudo Italian. I may have to start taking more lessons from her.

I go to start the show and turn up the master, and hear nothing…I have someone check the button is on, but nothing. Crap! I go look in again, and realize the receiver isn’t plugged in to the mixer. Oh well, no sound will come out that way. I plug me in and low and behold, you can hear me. I start the show with a slightly better plan of what I will sing. Today, I have used most of the men in the opening song, so I end up grabbing Brandon, a younger lad who’s lady friend laughs at him. Gotta love the ladies who offer up their beaus. Brandon is properly embarrassed but does try to sing along and play. He did well.

At the end of the show, I gather my things and think I have to hurry to get to my Streetspeare. I head to the White Hart and drop off my props. I get to the spot and suddenly realize, no, I didn’t need to rush, there is a full 45 minutes before the show. DOH! Ok well, let’s use the time wisely. I had talked with Argenti about helping me cover my one open finger, and we find the ring we spoke of and resize me. I place the deposit down and get all the details taken care of. Next I wander over to Friars Fruits and get a frozen banana…peanut butter with marshmallow fluff. As I am enjoying I run into Judith and we slowly head back to the spot greeting patrons along the way. The other actors begin to show up. Today’s scene does not have a little boy come to Judith’s defense, but still runs well. I keep remembering to give them notes, but after they leave. ARGH. Once the show is done, Simon graciously escorts me back to the White Hart to drop off the props again and I show him where to find things if he needs them. I get more water, with a little ice from the Piland’s and then figure out how to fill my day.

I wander about the tables near the White Hart and meet a lady and two gents slightly in their cups. They are proudly noting that they drank 17 beers each without water….yippee. I am explaining to them the role of a courtesan when their even more drunk female friend arrives. She is interested in what I am talking about, but is more about cursing loudly. I remind her there are kids in hearing distance, but it doesn’t phase her….joy. I take my leave and head back toward the White Hart where the drunks are more ruly. I see Mistress Mondes and we wander about again. I introduce her to the Piland’s who show her their strict no Tiddington-ites policy. I also ask them for a bandaid as the sticky fingers and playing a bodhran do NOT go together. Hildy and I find others to chat with, but soon enough, its time to head to the White Hart.

One of the actors almost passed out on stage today with the heat. He has been given ice and is taken into a refrigerator to cool off for a few minutes. Poor dear needed the chill but is better when we start the show. Today’s show has me as the going away present for Ambassador Jonglet. I had spoken with him backstage before the day to give him an idea of what can work with the show, and, god bless him, he went with it. I am only sorry to say that I had no idea I was being motorboated as I sang. PLEASE NOTE…this is allowable by him because I trust him and I gave him permission in advance. If I have not done this specifically with you, this does NOT mean you, random patron, friend, guest or other has permission. Just sayin. Otherwise, the drumming and music seems to go well and everyone appears happy, if not melty. All of the cast that should be here is here. This is always a good thing.

I help clean up a bit then head back toward the exit slowly stopping by tables and chatting with patrons. Things are pleasant and starting to cool down. I mention to Harry when I see him at the front that if the weather had been like the current temps all weekend, I’d have been thrilled. I climb up on the fountain today and we wave goodbye, pose for last minute pics and watch the crowd for the finale continue to grow. I see one regular patron rush over, stay for only a moment or two, and wander off looking frustrated. Not sure what he was looking for, but I hope he found it. The evening gun is called and BOOM, the day is done.

I head backstage and am mostly changed when I realize I left my props at the White Hart and have to head back to grab them before we lock up. I grab my pass and head back up and on street. I gather my props and as I am heading back, I see one of the gents I talk to all the time in front of me. I say hi and he ignores me. I get a bit louder about how he’s nice to me in a bodice but now…he stops, looks at me for a moment and his jaw drops. He had never seen me out of costume or character and simply didn’t recognize me. This makes me happy as he is now stumbling over what he is trying to say. I laugh and introduce the real me. I manage to get back to the costume house on time and lock everything I need up. Then, after less craziness, dinner plans are made at a new to me place. I head over and unfortunately find out that they have NOTHING I can safely eat. I leave my friends to head next door which has a number of good options for me. I am visited by Robin Hood and a wandering Bonesaw. Once I am done eating, I head back over to finish conversations with them. We head to our separate cars all exhausted by the weekend, but knowing the days will get easier.

The next weekend is the long 3-day. Hope to see many of you there…till next time!
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