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VERY busy weekend with lots of guests. I absolutely will forget moments, people, order, names, events and more. With caveats in place…away we go for the crazy weekend.

I get to site on Sunday and Stitch is there (YAYEE!) with a less than expected injury. I load in and catch up briefly, then head to the office to get some tickets for Mom and a friend, then head to the Crooked Cottage to drop off some repaired props. Once done, I head to the grocery store to buy a metric butt load of cold cuts. I was the POC for some of the food purchasing for the cast party put on by the kind Fight School gents, so I had a lot to get. I also had already dropped off a collection of my paper plates, plastic ware, napkins and a tiny crockpot for everyone’s needs. Then, off I go to home and finish getting ready for the day. I get to sleep at a decent time and try to get some well-needed rest.

I head to site with my bars and stop for water on the way. Once there, I get to park relatively close then head in and drop off the heavy package of cold cuts (and ice packs) before I head to the Gatehouse. Dottore is back and stretching away. I get myself moving and start to get some real stretching in. I have recently realized exactly why the center of my upper back is aching during the fest day. Recently, I had asked someone to hold my open umbrella so I could grab something. Their response was a surprised “wow, this is heavy!” The next day, another person had the same reaction when taking it from me to help me put something else away. I keep the umbrella handle base when I am walking around arm height so I don’t whack people in the head, and often up at the top of my arm stretch. I had no idea I was giving myself that much of a workout. Now that I have figured that out, I am being even more conscious to stretch out that area as well as my low back and hips.

Today, Isobel is there shortly after I have started my vocal warm up. Dottore’s shivasana was filled with many a-ha-m-ah’s and other bizarre sounds coming from the ladies. After he leaves, I begin to make up and Isobel takes off. Soon after her husband arrives and begins to stretch as I finish up. Cold weather makes for really good fairy hair. I head backstage and down to the costume house. It’s just opened and I head in for warmth. Today is going to be a chilly one with the high ending in the mid 60’s. I leave the food outside as it will stay colder there. The cavalcade of ladies come in and we all complain of the cold and are deciding which and how many layers we need to put on, as many of us won’t be able to get back for hours and the weather changes so much. I pull out the layers that had been added last weekend, but only pack the hand warmers, as I am not sure I will need them. I pack more wish stones and other odds and ends I may need. I grab my umbrella and wings and head outside where there is more room to ask if anyone is available to wing me. The offer is made by someone who has not done it before, and they are not successful in making it happen now. Another who has winged me before steps in and fixes it. Off to Rose World I go.

I drop off my food and bowl at Rose World and find out that rose lady is under the weather, but still at her post cleaning away. I grab some water with the promise of paying it back when I have broken my larger bills. Then I head down to the Lyric saying hi to the fudge lady and crew on the way. I meet up with a lady and sing. Its been a while but unfortunately, we aren’t ready to do it live. Meeting starts and we welcome the new (well, returning) acts that will be with us through the rest of the run. There are a few absences today and planned absences tomorrow and actors that will be running lines to make sure people are ready. We are expecting the crowds to be big as the presales appear to be major. Once all the details are dispersed, BEEP and away we go.

I head toward the front and grab some water then leave some at the privies before heading to the gate. The sun is out, but the grounds are muddy from rain over the past few days. We are told there will be no horses and no opening dance, so while I start at the far side, I move to the front of the fountain and stretch deeply as I can while all costumed up. The cast rushes in, the cannon booms, the gates open and the crowd rolls in…and rolls in….and rolls in. There are a LOT of them. In amongst this grouping are friends I haven’t seen in a while so many hugs and chitters at Jay and Lisa and others as they come in.

When the first rush has ended, maybe 25 minutes later, I head outside with 3 stacks of programs. With the lines and crowds as they are, I start with programs on my head, but after a short while, I change my mind and just begin to hand them out as I separate the lines. When I start, some of the doors are closed, but we are able to break the lines down more as they open. I am joined by Mistress Fermor and Matthew Crispe who are great at the vocal coordination of the lines, while I am mostly silent. They can let people know about the cash one-day line which shortens the time. I tend to take the arms of the people in the long lines and walk them over to the shorter ones. They are very confused until they see where I put them. It is much better than yelling when people can’t hear or aren’t listening.

The lines are appearing to move better and there are a number of other performers outside handing out programs or coordinating the lines, so I feel safe enough to go in. There are crowds everywhere you look and walk. I am putting my umbrella up very high so I don’t hit people. I find myself stopping a lot more as there is a lot to take in and share. I head past O’Shucks and see the romancers pending their wooing contest. I harass Messers Scrubby and Canker to the amusement of the ladies Scrubby and our local pub mistress as well as a few patrons nearby. I hit them and circle around to do it again. Will keeps turning away from me so I can thwack him again. Simon is not as accommodating, but I make it work. I have my fill of thwarting them and then head on my way.

I grab water from Piland’s, but there is still a huge puddle at my tree, so I head down the hill to sing a little on the boardwalk. I am stopped for pictures and other moments. A little girl comes up and she is given a stone. I see people smile and slow down a bit as they see me. Just that little bit of magic as you wander by. It’s time to get ready so I head to get my props, fill my fairy juice and head to my stage. There are kids running all over the stage, but the parents are really good about clearing it for me. I always get one or two kids though that try to run back up on the stage when I am setting up. Today, a few try to go into my basket and I shoo them off.

It’s a busy day on street and a big crowd here. I enjoy getting the crowd to sing along with me before the show starts, as it connects them with me and gets them focused on hearing differently. I also like to glower at those not participating, so they understand they will need to be involved in this show. I get all girls for my bears and a good adult for my Goldilocks…again, bald. There is something funny about that that makes me happy. The show goes well and the kids and dad get their well-deserved applause. I pack up and head to reset props and head up the hill. My body hates this hill, but I find patrons to stop and see at each level, so the breathing isn’t too painful. It’s really crowded out and I keep stopping to react to people or to pose for a pic. I even get a group of teen boys who want a pic with me.

I head to the roseland to get my food. There, I gift the lady in charge with one of my special treats: organic baby kiwis. She normally can’t eat them, but this, she really likes. WIN! I chat with them as I assemble my bowl and away I go. Today, since Sirena is gone, there is new music taking me down to my fairy pond. I smile as I bounce along. I sit down and enjoy my lunch. This year I am not finding as much interaction here. It’s my lunch, so it’s not awful that I am not interacting a ton, but I feel like I need to be more “out there.” I find myself eating more quickly so I am on my way sooner.

I head to the boardwalk to the sounds of Hilby’s audience laughing. While there are people standing around, I don’t interact with them, they are watching a show. I pass toward the baby food court and smile and play with a few people. I rub a head or two and chitter at people in the line waiting for turkey legs. The line is even longer than the beer line. It’s a busy day. I see a woman crying in the arms of her friend. I gesture to make sure she is ok, he says she is, but I still stop and offer her a wish stone. She seems appreciative. Next, I hit the tables and meet up with a little one who seems a bit scared of me. Often, if I do something magical, they are ok, so I find out his name and make him a wish stone. He is scared, so he won’t take it, so mom says “oh well, nevermind.” But the problem is, I personalize each stone, I really can’t take it back. So I put it on the table in hopes they will give it to him later. Truth be told, I was miffed at the parents for not accepting it for him, but ah well, there is a first time for everything. I make my way through and eventually begin to sing on the fence. Its always a slightly odd balancing act as the rail is much smaller than my bottom, so there isn’t great room, but it looks good, and I am all about the pictures we paint. I only have time for one song, which ends up being the evil song, then I head to the stage after grabbing props.

The crowd is large and more than half full before I start. As I begin a little girl comes up to walk past me to the house. I have to turn her around. She is very put off, but her parents come get her (thankfully). Other than that, the show goes well except for the little boy who wants to come up, but the second he sees the audience looking at him, he begins to cry. I ask him if he wants to sit back down and he does. Luckily, there is a young gal in the back of the audience who is more than happy to jump up and fill in. The wolf has a HUGE howl and the audience is happy. Ok, so there is a section in the middle of the 3 little pigs where the 2 playing pigs have to laugh at the 3rd pig who is working and the 3rd pig tells them that he is working on his house because it has to be strong in case a wolf comes around. He will be safe, but the others will not. Try saying it in fairy. There has only been one pig that has gotten any of it and a few audience members who sort of get it, but not often. Today, there is a woman in the back row, who when I do the physical and turn to the audience, comes out with the most lucid and clear clarification of what I just said. I stop, walk to the back of the house and hug her. It gets a laugh. I turn to her for most of the other translations, but once that hump is crossed, the rest of the show is cake. The kids mostly know their lines and the audience is happy.

Once the show is done, I clear the stage as everyone has moved on to the next great thing. I reset the props and potions for tomorrow and start up the hill by the juggling school. I stop and rub the head of one gent to his ladies amusement. I stop for a picture with another lady. Then, up the hill of doom. My knees are hating me today so I take some breaks along the way. I chitter at the kid in the slide line. I am stopped by some people for a pic. I spin my umbrella. Then UP it goes above heads because the crowd is big. I do stop for a sad and crying child and calm and distract her, much to her parent’s joy. I cut through LONG beer and ATM lines. I chat with some at the beer line and one or 2 at the ATM line, but I have to find a courtesan, so off I go.

In the costume house, I see a few of the new actors looking a bit shell shocked. This is the first really big attendance day, and they look a trifle overwhelmed. It makes me smile a bit. I know they will be fine. As I am beginning to get changed, I am approached by one lady on cast. Turns out another who is without insurance dropped and lost some very expensive medicine. She has asked around for help to get funds to replace what the lady lost. I contribute some and when the gift is presented, she is less than 10% away from replacing what she lost. She is overwhelmed and we explain, we are family, you just have to suck it up and deal. She is in shock and grateful for our support, but it’s what we do. We’ve all been there and know what having those around us help us means. A bit bleary eyed, she gets ready for her next show. During all of this, I am re-jeweling, re-make-uping and under-layering for the cold.

I head back out after checking with one of our not-really-straight men on cast to make sure that I am even. I know I am off, but trust his eye more than most. I advises and I fix what is off. I grab my sign and sound stuff and head off to the stage. There is definitely a large crowd and it takes me longer to get from point A to point B, so I head out with a bit more purpose, stopping along the way to say hello and well met. I am a bit cautious with families to stand slightly sideways and more face mom than dad, so as not to be a threat. I also focus on the kids. It’s still not a slow pace for me and I arrive at the tavern before my SM. I was so concerned about time, but I had gotten out to street a bit earlier and didn’t realize how much time I had to wander, so I am early. I set up everything I can in advance of her arrival. Once there, she mics me up and we set levels, then she heads out and I hit the crowd.

I wander first making sure I touch base with all those with kids to give them advance notice about the show. Then, I find gents to flirt with; however, the beer line is so long, it is almost reaching my stage, so I go to chat with those stuck near the end. We talk about the root beer and other beverages and they inform me that all they want is something cold. They are not too picky about the rest. It’s close to the start of the show, so I head back to the stage and send those with little ones or sitting on the performance space so I can begin. I have a couple minutes to give my warning and get them to cheer and join in the festivities. The show goes well overall. I am always amused when I turn and flirt with someone who was not paying attention or unsuspecting. They light up and their friends all laugh. It’s nice to make them the star for a moment. My client plays well and the audience really enjoys his response to my silliness. I end on Three Jolly Coachmen then begin to pack up.

I get down the sign and head back to return my props. I wander and chat with people on the way, but the box is awkward and the sign is at risk of whacking into others, so I am cautious and not spending too much time in conversations. Once I have dropped off my things, I grab my gloves, more water and I head back out. Without being encumbered, I am more leisurely. I am promised the banana boys that I will be getting a treat today, so I head in that direction stopping in conversation with others along the way. I visit the gents to get my tasty treat and eat it slowly as I am walking about the village. I head to O’Shucks and sit with different groups of patrons sharing a tale or two. I wander past O’Shucks and visit those ending their day at tables. There I met a couple, the lady of which is new to fest, and his parents. She is enthralled by it and has many stories to share of what she liked. It makes me smile.

I head to the food court and stand up on the bench to offer my public service announcement. Once I am assured that everyone has eaten, drank something and has been merry, I inform them they have completed their goals for the day. There is a small cheer. I step down and head back down Kenwood. I visit Argenti and have been looking at a specific ring. It would complete my last finger, if I hadn’t lost the blue topaz/silver pinky one. We shall see if this is what I finally get. I see a privy line at Kenwood and audibly say “No hells no, I am NOT letting this happen! Move aside!” and in 2 minutes, there was no line left. I head back out to the streets and chat with more patrons. PiperJones is playing in the pub and the crowd around seems to be having fun. I head toward the front as the time has passed and it is time for final goodbyes. We pose for pics, wave and say goodbye and goodnight, and warn people as the cannon is about to boom…which is does. I am helped off the fountain and head backstage to layer up. The night in the chill isn’t over…there is roasting to be done.

I go in to change and make sure to keep some of my underlayers on. It’s going to be VERY cold and we will be outside in it for dinner. Once it’s close to 8, I get help from a number of the cast to walk stuff up the hill to the Boar’s Head for the cast party event. I take some of the plates I brought and lay out the cold cuts, slice up a tomato, rip some lettuce, and open the mayo and mustards. I make sure I get a sandwich once it is set up and let everyone know it is ready. John and Mary have made their “delicious tacos” and yes, they were and the mini crockpot is hosting the beans and veges from one of the cast members. The line for the tacos is long and I am putting off getting into it. I get some hot cider and eventually head in. It turns out all the plates I brought are gone and they are using lids to feed the last part of the line. By the time I leave, there are 2 slices of turkey left, but the rest is gone. I planned that well. I think this is the first event that everyone ended up sated and happy with food. Then, the roast commenced.

So our own Hermit was the roastee this year. Roasts generally consists of the roasters picking on the others on the dias, a few in the crowd, and a little on the guest. There are some doozies in the show and while some stick to time, not all do. Even a Smith gets into the action and makes us all laugh. I am blissfully ignored for most of the event other than being an oldtimer enough to get some of the references, until the last roaster. Turns out he couldn’t make the last roast when I was the roastee, and he had jokes he didn’t get to do, so he threw them out a year later…and most of them went over as old jokes. The roast ended with the guest giving some back and making everyone laugh. Once it was over, the clean up commenced and I gathered up all my packaging, crockpot and left over plastic ware, then headed home…that is after I hit the privy since drinking lots of water in the chill does make you want to pee. I got home, headed to bed, and crashed…hard.

It’s chilly outside so I re-layer up for the cold weather again…doubled socks, thermally things, scarf, hat, gloves and more. I get to site and begin to stretch alone, as Dottore has a prior obligation and won’t be in town. I am getting ready when I realize that Ieft my mirror in the costume house the night before, so I use the selfie camera on my phone to put my fairy make up on. It’s not perfect as there is a slight time delay, but I am able to make most of what I have. Woolter arrives and is there even after I am done. I head down the hill a bit early, but for the first time Stitch isn’t there. When she arrives, she is frazzled by a morning where everything went wrong. In we go, more used to the cold, changing comes faster. We are waffling on what layers to add, but I do everything except for the heat pads. I see my mug as I left it at the party, schmoo head that I am. I ask another new person to wing me, his maj, but he can’t quite figure it out and Margery saves the day. Once set up, I head out after grabbing water and drop off my bowl and bag to roseworld.

Fidos for Freedom are there and I see them and make a pit stop. One pup is normally working, but isn’t now, so I am given the honor of giving her lovins’ before she goes to work. The organizers are happy and grab some photos of me with the puppies. I pet a second who licks my face. I wouldn’t care, but I don’t want to mush the makeup or have him eat it. They are not worried and my face is in tact, so I am well. Roseworld is busy and there are hellos and other chatting. I find out that the girl who was painted with me in one recent artist’s work is the daughter of one of the gents. This makes me smile as they are so happy.

I stop by the fudge booth and say hi to the gang. Fudge lady and I have had some amusing moments, similar to nut lady and even briefly, meat lady. It’s fascinating to see how each of them pitch and sell their wares to patrons, the jokes they use, the dynamics they play. Really a neat learning experience. Morning meeting is chilly, but we are all layered and prepared. We review who is replacing whom and learn of another actor who was hospital bound for an unclear illness (which is since cleared and antibiotic-ed). We review the game plan for privy duty, goodbye/hello duty, and line addressing. Once all is done, we BEEP and head to the gate…well, I don’t BEEP as my cellphone is still in the costume house and I have to run to get it as it’s my timepiece for the day. I see it exactly where I left it and head up through Gatehouse to my place. There will be horses, so I move back to the far side. I find a rose to capture the image of and stretch a little more as sitting and cold is awful for your body. The king arrives, the gate opens for their majesties, the horses are stubborn and get yelled at, then they ride off, I take my spot, the cannon booms, and in the patrons flow.

I am greeting the huge throng of people. Today is a special day as my mother is coming, but I don’t see her yet. I am greeted by Lady Leah, from many weeks ago, who remembers me and we chat hellos and hugs. I am greeted once more by Jay and Lisa for their last day. There is much happiness abounding and silliness from me and my cohorts. I still don’t see mom. I keep asking where the mama is…but in fairy, no one understands. The boys need to leave and I am staying there in hopes to welcome her, but nothing. I finally grab programs and head out, only to find her and her friend standing in line at will call. Turns out there was a wedding and many of the guests had tickets sitting and waiting for them, so the line is longer and slower than normal. I hug her and her friend takes a pic of us, then I start handing out programs. I run out and when I get more, I see they have moved up in line. I introduce them to some of my other friends at fest and come back out with more programs then hit the other lines.

Mistress Fermor and Matthew Crispe are both out and hawking. She gets to the end of a short line and uses her voice to let them know they will be at the end of the line if they go there…they are ignoring her, so I grab people and move them. They are always appreciative when they finally figure out that I am not being funny, but trying to help them. At the far end, I am separating lines again. Toward the back, I meet up with a family who has a teenage son, Treyjahn (sp) who somehow gets me. His dad has no clue what I am saying, but each time I gibber, he translates me, ACCURATELY. I don’t think I have run into anyone who has done that that well in the 3 or so years I have been playing her. It was kind of impressive. Back to the Will Call line and mom is just about through. I separate lines as move people instead of handing out programs as there are a number of us out with programs. I check the time and apologize to the others but have to head in.

I wander in and am already to the food court area when I see William and Simon again. I have to play with them a bit and do a little bit of silliness for Caiohme before I head on. I grab water and head down to the boardwalk as there isn’t a ton of time. I sit on the rail/bench and sing. It’s Amazing Grace morning. Some patrons come near and pose for a pic or smile as I sing. After a bit, I go to take another drink from my cup and sputter. I almost choke on the dollar that someone has dropped in my drinking vessel. I know others have confused it in the past. I try to look around to return it, but there is no one there. I take it out of my water and go back to drinking. Once I finish what is left, I head to get my props.

The show is full today, like standing room only, every seat full, and crowded, today. It’s kinda fun. I see faces in the back that look familiar, but while I am mid show, I am not paying tons of attention to specifics. I have a good goldilocks, who doesn’t have a high voice, but plays enough that the audience has fun. They figure out the door today. When the show is over, I pose for a pic then collect my props to see the couple from the back of the house, now at the front. They are old neighbors from maybe 15 years ago or so. They are just back in town and happily saw me and jumped in to say hi. Big hugs and quick chats before I have to repack props. I begin to head up the hill and see my mom and her friend again. She has my birthday present and a spoon for me, but I don’t have my bag, so I have to take it all back down the hill to the place where my props are. Hugs again, then back up the hill. She wants to meet me for lunch, I tell her where I am going and rush to get my food to meet her.

Up the hill of doom I go and as I am passing White Hart, I am called over to see old friends who I have not seen in a year. Quick hugs and panic as I don't want to be late for mom…Off I run and get my food. I toss everything in the bag that I don’t want seen, pay my tip for the water I needed in my cup, and head off quickly to my pond. There, I sit and begin my lunch. It’s an odd thing, and I don’t know how many have actually watched me eat when I am in fairy, but I chew differently. Really, it’s more deliberate and animated. I realized I am doing it, even if others have no clue…just something to make me other worldly. There is no mom. They said they were heading to the joust, but I see nothing by the time my lunch is done. I have one kiwi baby left and share it with Blessed Scents. Off back to the boardwalk I go.

The lines are huge again. I am concerned about hitting someone with my umbrella, but I do try to play a little with a few of the people waiting to take their mind off the wait. Next, back to the boardwalk and a stop to chitter at others, playing along the way. Finally, toward the end, my bench has patrons on it, but there is space at the end, so I take my normal spot and sing, albeit a bit more quietly as they were there first. I am thinking I am in the way, but as I get up to leave, she thanks me for visiting and calls me by name as other patrons walking by had done so in her earshot. It was kind of nice.

I head off to get my props. I try to get there around 7 minutes before showtime to clear the stage, set the props and spend some time getting them to understand fairyspeak. I like to pick on people not paying attention and make them sing alone. Again, the audience is very full and I am sad I can’t use everyone on the stage. The people I get are enthusiastic with some things, like they love to oink, but won’t say their other line, or they enjoy the line, but won’t oink. My wolf howls like gangbusters and really impresses the crowd. The show is playful and silly, though no one understands me like that last woman did. Ah well.

I pack props, drop them off, pick up everything my mom left with me and head up the hill with things hidden this time. I smile and chitter at people on the way and take my time getting back. Once there, I pull out the warmer layers for Columbina. Layer under the chemise, layer under the pantaloons, but I don’t grab gloves or the cloak yet as it’s not awfully cold now with the sun out, actually, in the sun it’s a bit warm. Off I go with props in arms and chat a bit with people on the way. By the time I get to Boar’s Head, SMKatherine is there and she has set up things so I just need to be miced up. Off she goes and around I go. The pub is packed. It’s early, so I don’t assume it’s for me, but as I am wandering, I find out it may be. There is a family in the front and I give them the PG warning to which they let me know that the worst song she already knows is probably Cuckoo’s Nest as they are regulars at other fests. No worries now. I see Jay and Lisa, mom and her friend, and others I know or don’t, but who were interested in the naughty songs. The show goes well, while there is some turn over, the seats stay full and there are people standing on the outside as well. My “Client” is the brother of a friend of mine. I never met him before, but she set him up. He is well behaved, mostly, and has a good time.

After the show, I pick up the sign, that fell, and head to the audience. My friend and her father thank me, Mom and friend say their goodbyes, a woman tells me she has been watching me for years and am one of her must sees, and finally, Jay and Lisa wander with me saying goodbye. Damn those stupid cruises…grrrr. We part ways and I return my props to see that my Piland thumb ring given to me by a jouster has cracked. This is not good and I put it safely away while I go and watch over Midsummer Night’s Dream. I see an old friend who knows William as well and she sees the scene I directed. It makes me smile. Then, I finally head over to Piland’s with the ring. They note it’s a simple fix and tell me to come back around 6:30. Off I go to play.

I meet patrons and do my Public Service Announcement again to some laughter and cheers. I am feeling my voice at it’s end and those type of bits can be harder, as I am trying to reach all the tables. It works, but it ain’t easy. More wandering, visiting, meeting and asking about people’s days. I head to O’Shucks and meet friends sitting with strangers. I make friends with the strangers. I sit with another group of couples and they ask more about the courtesan world. One woman in the group seems uncomfortable thought the other 3 seem very friendly and keep asking questions. I make sure to keep things light and VERY clear that I’m not free or asking for companionship, hoping that will keep her calmer. She warms up a small amount, but by the time I leave, I don’t think I will be a memory that will happily say with her, even though it may be for the others.

I stop by Piland and pick up my repaired ring and see a friend dressed funny. I begin to wander to the front of the village, a little before the finale. Once on the fountain, we pose, chat, call out and do what we do in the am, only slightly differently. It’s getting harder to see everyone. We warn everyone about the approaching cannon that BOOMS…and it’s time to go home. I head down with help and to the costume house to change. I am behind schedule it seems and still changing as deadlines are coming up. I fix what I need and do what has to be done. Dinner plans are made at Gordon Biersch and a small group laughs and shares silly memories. I am exhausted, so I get in my car and head home. There were some great memories and I am thrilled to have them, but sleep is really necessary now.

We are two away from the end now. Don’t miss your chance to play with us in the woods!
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