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So this weekend has been washed away by rain, cold and dreariness. Surprisingly, there was much to do and many things that happened. I will forget order, events, times, people and more. But hopefully, you will enjoy what I do remember. Away we flow.

The forecasters have been promising Noreasters, hurricanes and more horrific weather. The Governor announces a state of emergency (which he cancels on Friday), but the damage is done. It looks to be a VERY light attendance weekend. I head over to load in on Thursday as I have some major commitments on Friday. When I get there, the rain is starting up again. I get the key, go in, and there is the beginnings of a small puddle in the ladies dressing room from a water overflow outside earlier. I put up the shoes of everyone in both the ladies and men’s dressing rooms as I am also loading in my things. Once everything looks safe, I head out to return my key, but the River Chapuys has created itself in front of my car. I walk away from the office to find an area that has a thin enough river I can jump, but end up on someone’s deck to get it and barely make it over. I return the key and stare at my car, which has deep water puddles right in front of my door. Ah well. I just suck it up and run for it with a few steps as I can. I am only slightly foot sodden. I head back home and hope for the best.

The night before I am up far later than I want to be, so when the alarm goes off, I just want to hit snooze. I don’t. I get myself together and switch to my rain weather shoes that have taller soles and more traction. I was just going to eat the breakfast bars I have, but I know I am going to need warmth, so I stop for some brekkies and fill in with a bar. Once on site, I park near the road avoiding the areas that have been tied off for mud damage. I head into Gatehouse, and for the first time, there is no Dottore. I am stretching out alone it seems. I find dry spots up top of Gatehouse and am able to take off my muddy shoes to do some stretching. With the tarp up, the lighting is rough for makeup, but at least I am dry and covered. I finish alone and head down the back stairs to the costume house.

Stitch has been injured recently and her Dr. said she couldn’t work, so we are all doing what we can so she doesn’t come back to a mess. I head in and we all wipe our feet at the door and NO ONE wants to get changed. It is very cold in the dressing rooms today and once you put on warm layers, who wants to take them off for cold clothing. But, we do. Everyone is bringing in extra layers. I have long socks under my tights and a thermal top under my chemise. I also have gloves and a HUGE box of handwarmers that has been offered to those who need. I also pull out my fairy circle, which is waterproof on the bottom along with a scarf and half gloves. I am surprisingly comfortable. Once I am dressed, I gather my things and head up to drop off lunch. I am wingless today given the promise of random rain. I wander down to the Lyric, since it’s not really raining…yet. I sit on the fairy circle ,which keeps my bottom warm and dry. No one wants to sit down after they check in. Who wants to start the day with a wet ass. The meeting reviews things to remember, warnings for the weather and an apology to Acrobatrix who are only performing this weekend. Maybe they brought this from Canada? I get permission from the powers that be to let my neon warm shirt stick out a bit. It is in the colors of my costume and I am a fairy…and my hands are now warm. We BEEP and head toward the gate.

I hit the privy and do a little more stretching as the gate show is going on. I am on the far side of the fountain and suddenly realize there will be no horses with this type of iffy ground, so I move to the other side, which is more wet. Grrr. Finally, the cannon booms, which is REALLY loud in this kind of damp, and the gates open. I would say a crowd rushes in, but um, well, yeah, it was kinda small. An average crowd takes 15 minutes to get in. A big crowd can be pouring in for 30 minutes from gate opening. Today, it was done in less than 3. The weathermen have done their job of scaring everyone away. Which is a pity, because while chilly, the ground isn’t awful and the weather isn’t awful. Once the “rush” of the crowd finishes and I can see there is no reason to go outside to hand out programs, I head into the village.

I walk by the actors all calling out to the meager attendance. I don’t have my wings, so I get to do my once a year sit in one of those gorgeous rocking chairs at the booth at the front of the village. See, with the wings on, I can’t lean back. Since the rain keeps them off of me, I can lean and rest a bit. It makes me happy. Many people are chilled, but I have hand warmers on, so I keep making sure I take people’s hands to warm them. If they are workers or someone I know well, I let them slide their hands into my fingerless gloves and get some of the intense heat. This works for me as there are moments when the heat is building too much and this alleviation of warming them and cooling me is perfect. I see many faces light up as they feel some of the fairy “magic.”

I head deeper into the village and wander toward Kenwood. It’s far to early to sit and sing, so I head up to the food court and to visit with the patrons. There is NO ONE there. Really, not one seat is taken. I see a few patrons standing and go up to interact with them. They are definitely willing to play, so I take my time with them, but even with that, it doesn’t last too long. I head over to Stub Toe to get honey candy. I am the only one in the store. I wander down Kenwood and find more wandering patrons and some rather bored vendors and chitter with them.

I am finally near the time I would normally sit and sing, so I head over toward Piland’s and see a HUGE puddle near my spot. I pout and decide to head down to the boardwalk. I sit on my circle on the rail and get ready to sing, when I see one of the patrons I love to pick on. He’s a regular with very spiky hair and I like to touch it and say “ow” then touch it again, and say “ow”, then touch it again and…well you get the picture. He is down by the star throw, next to the climbing wall which has been closed for the day. I head down and meet a lady and some others who I don’t normally get to meet. One, Liberty, has a cloak she can’t wear yet as it needs to be sewn. She has it pinned, She has the needle and thread. I ask why she is not sewing while sitting and she notes that it’s wet…I bring her up, put down my fairy circle on the bench and let her sit and sew while I sing. We chat a little, as much as you can when in fairy, and keep changing up songs. It’s more of a singing day. More Sondheim, some folk, some French…none of the real words. Soon enough, it’s close to my showtime, so I take back the circle and head on my way.

So as I mentioned, there is pretty much NO ONE at the festival, and with the climbing wall closed, almost no one who doesn’t work there wanders by the Crooked Cottage. No one is going to come to the show, but I figure I’ll bring the props out and then will have them set for the second show if I need. I am standing at the stage staring at empty grounds. A group of adults wanders by and the older gent in the group asks me “is this just for kids or will adults enjoy it”. In fairy, I explain that it’s also for adults. Truth be told, I never write any of my shows for just the kids. I learned years ago when doing professional children’s theater that if you don’t make the adults laugh, you won’t be able to have the kids stay or come back. Why should the parent be bored. That being said, the group of 5 adults walks in. I only need 4 on stage, so the show is a go. As I am setting up, I see some kids that were in the playground and others wandering by stop. By the time I start, I may have 15-20 people in the house, mostly adults. None of the kids there want to get up, so I have a show with 4 adults. First time for everything. But they do understand what I am trying to get them to say and they all do a great job…and I still get an adult male to be goldilocks. At one point, I flung my hand and my hand warmer flew out into the audience. Overall, it was a pretty fun show for everyone there and I am happy to get my stars applause. I pack up…and get my errant handwarmer.

So I reset props, pretty sure I won’t do the next set, but get it ready in case. Then, I head up the hill to the rose home for lunch. It is rather quiet, but I do get to wave at a few people. The White Hart FINALLY has people in it. I go and set up my lunch and am thinking that the bowl seems a bit empty, when I realize…I left the nuts at home. No pecans or almonds for me. Sigh. It’s still good with the honeycake, kiwi babies, string beans, tomatoes and honey goat cheese filled dates. I head to the pond and place my fairy circle under me to sit. I am able to enjoy a quiet lunch. I see a decent crowd at Larksalot and the little girl he pulls up is adorable. I am done eating before I hear the crowd at the jousting field warming up. I wander down the boardwalk and decide that today, YES, I will walk into the DRAGON INN.

Ok, so I used to visit the Inn a lot in my earlier years. Heck, I even did a show there with Lelio one season. But over the years, I started to find the atmosphere less and less welcoming to the performers who wanted to come in and entertain. Musicians, yes, but interactive performers, not so much unless you were the king. I recently hear from one actor who had started to reclaim the space and thought, well hey, if it’s getting more welcoming again, maybe I can try it. I wander in and find…my spiky hair guy! He actually laughs at my obsession with his pokey hair. I stop at the tables, chittering with people, and playing a bit. It is successful. It’s now time to head to my stage, so I head out and down the boardwalk.

I get the props, again expecting nothing. I get to the stage and see Father Dan walking by. I call to him and we begin to chat a bit at the stage. Time comes and no one is there. I am approached by one gent and let him know I need at least 5 people to do the show, 4 on stage. He is only a 2, so he heads back to the playground. It’s 2 minutes after and I am about to leave with my props, when suddenly a bunch of people come climbing through the wall. I now have about 15 people and enough to do the show and have both adults and kids up on stage with me. Half of them are from the same family, but that’s ok, they encourage each other. Again, my handwarmer flings, but this time, it just hits the stage. Once the show is done, I thank my cast, grab my hand warmer, pack up and head down to reset the props. I am still amazed that I had enough people show up for the performance, but I am not knocking it.

I head back up the hill of doom to see more mostly empty streets. This makes my walk back a bit faster. I get backstage as the lightest of drizzles is beginning. I head into the costume house and begin the transition. For the first time, I am putting layers back on after peeling them off. I add new shoes and pantaloons as I am removing makeup, braiding hair (rain hair today) and making my face all pretty-like. As I am getting fixed, I am happy to learn that the actress with air issues is doing well today, but the one that fights the boys got rolled in the mud. She is NOT thrilled. The rain starts to pick up outside and with the detached cover, the outside is not very protected from the elements. I pull out the last new outfit as my second rain day option. It’s able to be washed and dried in the machine (hence being a rain day outfit). It is also rather long, so I need help getting the back of the dress hiked up into the belt. Once I am dressed, I put on the hat of doom and head out to the streets.

Because of the rain, I have left my sign at the costume house. It can’t really get wet. I have also left my box there and packed up my body mic in plastic and stuffed into my bag. I also pulled out the blue leather gloves for the chill. I am set to go. Because the rain is now coming down, the acts from Market Stage are now on the Boar’s Head. I am trying to find SMKatherine, but with the crowd from Cu Dubh, normally at the Market, squeezed into the Boar’s Head, it is hard to find anyone. I head toward the back of the pub area so I can scan the crowd without being disturbing to the current act. Finally, I see her and she helps me mic up. Once the prior act is done, we need to reset sound. They finish with a few minutes to spare and we hook me up. Luckily, it’s just me and I don’t need to worry about multiple mics, just clearing what is there out of the way and getting the bench set. I am able to start on time.

The crowd is pretty good and there really aren’t many kids out, which makes my job easier. I do give the warning about the show being PG before I start, but those there are ready to have a good time. I briefly see Queen Juana and Sir Henry Percy drop by for part of a song as well as other patrons, vendors and performers. I try to keep the sing-along energy as much as I can and have a good client for the show. I end with Three Jolly Coachmen, as it’s quite an energy-upper. After the show, I introduce Sirena, who are going to be on the stage after me. They comment to me that they had never seen my show before and enjoyed it. High compliments from ladies with such beautiful voices. They are now taking the dry covered stage and I head out to take my mic back.

I head back to the costume house and get more water (since the rain has appeared to stop), my bowl, fork and a few other items I need. I head back out to the street and realize…I left the mic in my pouch. I don’t want to go all the way back again, so I just keep it in. I am very hungry, cold weather always does that to me, so I head over with my fork and big bowl to get my once a year treat – Canterbury Pork Pocket…no pocket. I have been eating them this way for years, and it sounds like I started a trend. You don't get the pocket, you get the fries and have them put the meat, the cole slaw and the barbecue sauce over top and eat it with a fork…YUM. It's a chilly day and a large meal, and unfortunately, it chills before I am able to finish it. I sit with two ladies in O’Shucks and chat briefly about their day and my food. They are enjoying shooters and beer…to each their own. Once done, I clean out my bowl and hit the streets.

I wander through the streets a bit more visiting patrons who are eating and vendors who are standing by their doors staring at the rain and muddy ground. I have a silly moment with a patron and happily tell those at Tigger’s booth about it. I wander by Joshua who I met near Dragon Inn selling stones and crystals now in a different form. I stop to watch a parade as Edmund Moody is being shamed by not having his paperwork that proves he is now a gentleman. I am no help to him as he has no money yet. I stop by Argenti and have the first real conversation with them as they enjoy an afternoon repast. We talk wine and Amsterdam (and I share the little Dutch I remember- yeah yeah, Jongelet, I know a tiny bit) and I am utterly charmed by them. More wandering toward Bullseye and a strange reply from the patrons when I ask why god is spitting on us. Who’s fault is it? I move on and continue to try to find out who pissed god off enough that he is spitting on us. Others counter that he may be peeing on us. I ask them if that is supposed to be better. They laugh.

With the crowd as small as it is and the Gatehouse area as dark as it is, a decision is made to hold the farewell AT the gate rather that at the stage. I have made my way toward the fountain and am saying goodbyes with Knuckles and Nymblewyck when the court and villagers flow in front of the doors where people walked in at the morning, now closed. They say their goodbyes and sing Wild Mountain Thyme to the intimate crowd who has stopped to watch. It has a nice feeling to it. They finish singing and we continue to say goodbye to those passing. Then, the cannon booms, rather loudly, since it is close and the damp weather makes sound travel so much better. I am helped off the fountain and head back to the land of dry warmth.

We are all changing and helping each other as this is the first night we have to close without Stitch nearby. Everyone is doing what they can to make sure we get it all put away and clean. We all share some surprisingly fun stories, even with the yucky weather. I am having issues re-hooking the dress and seem to be taking forever, but soon enough I am done and out. A small group decides to eat at CPK and off we go. We arrive separately and put in doubled reservations. We cancel the duplicate and sit on the comfy chairs after I pick on the Dueling Fools and Steele Sisters who are also enjoying their time and food. In the chairs, I am so exhausted from the late night and rough day, that I start to fall asleep…I am such great company. Dinner is enjoyable with some fun stories but it ends quickly as we can and we head to our cars and to where we are sleeping with some speed. Then, SLEEP.

The morning comes quickly and is still dark when I get up. I hate the dark mornings, It makes it so much harder to move. But, I do and gather my things and a few more breakfast bars and head out. It’s going to be a bit warmer today, so I opt for the bars and go directly to site. The doctor is out again and I am alone for quite a while till WScrubby and Woolter arrive. There is actual dry space on the stage and I can do most of my normal stretching, which is good. Also, with the cooler weather, the fairy hair is particularly fluffy, which makes me happy.

Back in the dressing room, I am pulling out costume and other pieces I need. Yesterday, because of a packing snafu, I leant my green tights to a fellow actor who had none soI can’t wear them today. Instead, I pull out the purple ones and cover them in the green socks for the extra layer. Then I add tights and the neon greenish undershirt again. I am thinking I won’t need the hand warmers, so I head out with them in my bag. I am able to wing up today, since there is no real rain in the forecast other than the light mist that was happening when I went in. I change and head out up the hill with my bowl and fairy circle. I get to the stage and run through a song with a gent that we will be including today. We agree to run 2 songs together. The third singer has yet to be able to rehearse, sadly. Morning meeting begins and we hope that there will be more people here today. There are still pronouncements of doom and gloom on the weather forecasts, which will kill us as plans are already made in advance. We BEEP and head toward the gate after the standard privy break. It is really nice to be the first person to use a privy…and it’s the last time it will happen today.

Today, we can use the sound system, which we couldn’t, or didn’t need to, use the day before. There are no horses, so I am at the front fountain and stretching a bit. The cannon booms (a bit fast for some cast who are used to being in more, but since they aren’t waiting for horses, it’s old time speed. The crowd takes maybe 5 minutes to come in…or less. It’s better than yesterday, but still smallish. The good part is after the first “rush” there are still people coming in. We actually have time for a tour, only one, but it’s one more than yesterday. There is no need to go outside, so I head into the village. There are more people to interact with, but again, lots of actors around as the morning dance was cancelled. I chitter at the Scrubbys and patrons and wander through the sunny side of the street (otherwise known as the sunbowl). There are still puddles and someone has placed shark fins in the water so it appears as if 3 sharks are there. The Meat Lady (you can’t miss her) has a piece of her jerky on fishing pole and she is trying to fish for shark meat. Her bait isn’t working though.

I head down Kenwood and today, Argenti meets the fairy for the first time, albeit briefly. I continue and head toward Piland’s and get some water. I don’t really want to sit as the ground is still rather wet. I do head to the food court and chat while I hear loud cheers of PIRATE and MEAT as the ladies behind the counter vie for attention of the crowd over the meat lady. I head down to the boardwalk past the hill of doom with the closed slide. Down the hill I go and head to the boardwalk. I learn some disappointing news and head to sit. There I sing and wave at the new friends made yesterday, though there is no spiky haired man. There is time so there are many songs, including Amazing Grace. It doesn’t seem right to bring out too many modern pieces. There are people stopping by for pics today, but not a lot. Meat lady is there too and calling to the crowd. She has some serious lungs. I respect that. Soon enough it’s time for the show.

Again, it’s quiet down the hill. The climbing wall has maybe 1-2 people when normally, it’s full at this time of day. I am not sure if I will have enough to work with. I get to the stage and it’s a mess. I pull out the broom and sweep it removing the wet leaves and dried mud from the prior day. I can’t have a patron lay down in this mess. Once it’s clean, I hawk a little and end up with a few families, enough for the show, and a goldilocks dad who is willing to play. After the show, the audiences go on their way and I pack up and head to reset the props.

I head up the hill and go grab lunch. AGAIN, I forgot the nuts, so it’s the same as yesterday, which is good enough for sure, but there are no left overs to share. I have removed the fairy circle and sat just on the bag, which is thinner and I am feeling a bit of the chill. I did put the hand warmers in earlier and they seem to be slightly necessary, but not at this moment. Right after the show is over, I am always warm…I chill DURING lunch. It’s quiet, but at least I hear the cheerleaders coaching the crowd. I eat relatively quickly and head down the boardwalk. I stop by chatting at the different booths on the way. I chitter “Popular” at Half Moon, since I am sure their cloaks are going to be selling well today. I head to get my props again and head back out.

The show goes decently. Before we start, two girls come in. One is dressed as a wolf, already. When I go to cast, she raises her hand and I tell her I have something in mind for her. Her howling is excellent and the other pigs are ok with their lines. I am surprised that the word “Eureka” seems to have gone out of usage and most kids don’t know it anymore. Once the show is over, I thank my stars and pack up. I head back and reset my props then begin to head up the hill. Once on my way, I am called to by a young lady who had been at the show. Turns out that one of the props got left on the stage. I thank her and take it with me to reset later. Up the hill of doom, I go to find a courtesan.

I get back and begin to get cleaned up and changed. Again, I add layers back on quickly. It’s chilly still, though better than yesterday. I add sleeves but not the extra layer. I find out later this was a mistake and this chemise is much thinner and I feel the breeze even through the sleeves. BRRR. I fix my face and pull out the bright feathers. I am almost ready and go to pull out my rings when…my pinky ring for my right hand is missing. It’s a silver and blue topaz ring and it must have flung off my hand and not made it back in the box. I determine to look for it later. I add gloves…and then realize how much I am used to swirling that ring on my fingers as I keep reaching for it. Damn. I grab my sign and box and head out.

I stop and chat with some patrons along the way. As it is chillier, I am out a bit earlier, so I have time. I flirt and joke along the say. Once at the pub, I am mic’d and we hang the sign. It’s rather windy, but I am used to that. There are some families here, so I wander about to make sure they are well informed about the upcoming show. There is a group of patrons who never get to see my shows and have made it today. I am pleased and honored. Others haven’t yet. Another group of regularly dressed people are there and decide to stay for the naughty songs. The crowd is good today and I find myself flowing through them easily. At one point, I have my hand on shoulders of men from 2 tables and fake one group out by turning to the other. The group is laughing and having fun. As I am talking, the sign flies down and Will Sommers jumps up to help me. I sing the 3-minute Hamlet in 2:22:97, a personal best, then Will joins me to sing Captain’s Daughter and Ramblin Rover. When it’s time for me to bring up my client, I see one of the gents from the table I had chatted with coming back with his beer. I don’t let him sit and have him come up to join me. He is a terrific sport and laughing as well as his group of friends are having fun and even film a bit of it for the book of faces. The show ends on a happy note (sign now on the ground as I gave up trying to save it) and now it is time to move on.

I flirt a bit and thank my audience before I leave, then head back with my props. I am stopped by SMKatherine and we review whether Streetspeare can happen…we track out a safe patch and she says she will let them know that this is the good spot, stay in it. They do go out of it a bit, but not in the spots when Helena needs to be on the ground. I hear some laughs from the patrons watching…yayee. I head to the food court as it is calling me. I sit with mashed potatoes and garlic butter and join some patrons. While finishing, Meat Lady comes by and does what she does best. When she came up, they had no plan to buy meat. When I left…they were buying a second piece. While wandering, I meet up with two gents. By their energy, I am pretty sure they are there as a couple. I am chatting with them about the village and they are very interested in keeping in the fantasy of the world we create. At one point, one of them calls to their wives…yup, called that one wrong.

I explain to them the art of the hand kiss, and then show them. He picks it up and romances his wife. I tell him if done correctly, he will make her knees all wobbly-bobbly. I assume this is like Timey-wimey, but more romantic. I head out through the village and chat with more patrons still in the village. I met up with a family early in the day and had directed them to some shows. I find them again and they thank me for my advice as they are having a great time. I run into the first couples again and the wife assures me she is wobbly bobbly. I am able to give another hand kissing lesson to a young gent who may or may not be interested in the lady he was with. They were part of a group and he does thank me afterwards for sharing this lesson. I visit the fruit vendor, the banana guys, and patrons who cross my path. I end up sitting at O’Shucks and chatting with a couple ladies and their beaus. I let them know that behind them the finale is just about to begin. They turn to watch a bit as I head back out into the village. I share smile and chat with the coin booth vendors.

And back to the fountain, full circle. I stand and say goodbye with the others. It is getting dark. The villagers are gathering and soon enough the court arrives. After some finagling, they begin and in the almost darkness the village sings to a decent sized crowd. Some, seeing the crowd, stop and join in when they were about to leave. It’s lovely. The song is done, the cannon booms and the day is done. I am helped off the step and away I head into the night wishing Buena serra to those I pass. At this point, I think I need to change to Buena notte. Backstage, there is concern as we are now collecting and preparing materials for Stitch. Normally, she asks to see the item, and then has you write it down. With her not here, they are concerned that she won’t be able to see them. I suggest taking pictures of them before they turn them in. They like the idea, but have no available phone, so I lend mine. Once pics are done, I upload them all at once and she gets everything she needs in advance. Gotta love teamwork.

I am slow to get changed and search for my ring, but still no luck. I will try lost and found next. I really liked the ring and will miss it. I suggest Chinese for dinner, but we end up eating at Noodles and Company. The tomato basil soup is very warming today. I am tired, but enjoying the company. There are tales of the day and stories of smack downs and laughter. The place closes at 9 and throws us out, sadly. We head to the parking lot and chat briefly, but are so tired and outside is cold, so we head our several ways home for the night.

The upcoming weekend looks to be gorgeous and I expect, VERY crowded. Hope to see you there, there are only 3 left! Join me in the Grove!
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