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Last week was crazy and I was not able to write up the recap, but so much happened this weekend, that I am not going back now. As always, time, order, people and events will be lost, so apologies in advance.
I have been out of town all week, so Friday has me dropping off items to the costume house and rebuilding the umbrella that Mustardseed has been fighting with for the last few weekends.  I am also doing a few other last minute repairs, as much as I can, before the weekend starts. There is concern that the weekend was originally predicted to be rainy all weekend, and there are some special guests. I am happy to see Saturday is not looking rainy anymore, so it shouldn’t be too awful.  I am able to shower around 9 pm, pack what I need for my lunches, and head to sleep soon after.  I wake in the morning and my hair is still wet. The joys of long hair. I throw it into a Jezzard piece and head off to site. I don’t stop for brekkies as I have already picked up some protein/snack bars instead, but I do realize I forgot to hit the ATM and will need to get some cash before I hit site.
I park and head into the Gatehouse stage where Dottore is already yogaing. I am feeling a bit stiff, so I start stretching, even more than being vocal, but my voice has been feeling so much better without residual coughing anymore. I am grateful for this. I have been hearing about a number of our actors who have been coming down with things from a slight cold all he way to bronchitis or pneumonia. I would prefer not to have any of those things and am grateful I just had the annoying cough. Woolter arrives, as does Isobel. They do their thing as we catch up a bit while stretching, breathing and making odd noises.

Down at the costume house, I get dressed. One of the actresses is still out sick and some of the understudies are off book. Without the rain, I am able to prep as normal. I head up the hill and drop off my lunch items at the land of roses. There, I am greeted by a panicked pirate who owes me a rose delivery from last weekend. I was informed of this before, so I know of what he speaks. I let him know the place and time he can find me for delivery. He tells me he has been waking up many nights realizing he missed the delivery. Poor thing.

I head down to morning meeting and after checking in am greeted by one gent who is working on a song with me. We run it, but there is still work to be done, so we say we will try it again in the morning before committing to including it. Morning meeting is festive, but anxious, as we really don’t know what the day will bring. There is a writer of some fame who will be having a reading, and since seats are limited, we just don’t know what to expect of the crowd. We BEEP and head to the front. I hit the privy, finish my water (not related), and head to the fountain. I stretch a bit more as I feel a bit stiff. Soon enough, the horses enter and dismount, the cannon booms, umbrella goes up and the crowd rushes in.

So, as the doors open, the first in the gates are some women in regular clothes who get their tickets scanned and then RUN into the village. Really, they are running at high speed. It’s pretty obvious where they are going. She doesn’t speak till 11:30, but the seats are first come first serve. There are a few garbed patrons walking with focus, but those first 10 or so women took off like they were being chased and running for their lives. It was mildly amusing. The rest of the crowd are a mixed bag of patrons and playtrons ready to have a good day. Little kids smile shyly. There are many requests for pictures or the 3 of us sneak in and photobomb a few unsuspecting posers. The crowd is huge today and still pouring in at 10:25 when the boys have to get into places. I stay longer than them for once.

Once that rush is finally done. I head out with 3 stacks of programs. They disappear in short order and I head in for another 3. I get lots of compliments on my balance. The bubble boys are out and people are fascinated “look, he’s blowing bubbles right out of his mouth”. I head to the lines and do a little bit of separating, but there isn’t too much time as I need to start heading into the village. I see the Scrubby’s as well as Edmund Moody and Simon Canker. I playfully hit each of the boys when they aren’t looking and they all blame each other. Jane and Sarah are amused. I laugh with other patrons at the silliness. I want to make this something bigger. It has possibilities.

I find myself at my tree and begin to sing. Today, I am drawn to a song that keeps echoing in my head. Sondheim’s The Ballad of Guiteau from Assasins. It’s haunting in sound and repetitive in a good way…and no one knows I am singing about a guy who tried to kill President Garfield…succeeded actually. It’s pretty if you can’t hear the words. Part of its magic.I find another song or so to enjoy and sing to some patrons as they pass. Others come to take pictures. One brings me a leaf…return visitor. Time passes quickly and I am heading down the hill to fill my props and take them out to the stage.

Today, the house is full and festive. My bears are pretty good and I grab a goldilocks who is a tall bald man. He knows what he’s in for and plays well. Everyone is playful and the audience knows the story enough to help me tell it. The show goes pretty smoothly and when I warn Goldilocks that I am knocking him over, he agrees. When the show is over, some of the bears want a photo, the rest just want to get into the house. I see two friends and they are pleased with the show and come and say hello before the fairy language takes over again. Off I go to reset props. The transition is relatively quick and I grab my umbrella which pops open easily and I head up the hill of doom. There I smile and chitter at some. The slide line is growing, so I stop near the top and smile and play with a few assorted children who have been waiting. Then, I can go to grab my lunch.

Today’s meal is the honeycakes, pecans, almonds, green beans, grape tomatoes, dates stuffed with honey goat cheese and baby organic Kiwis. The last two items are new and wonderfully tasty. I am approached by a little girl with her family. They tell me she had a wish stone from last year but her brother hasn’t been here before. I give him a wish marble. She wants another one, but I explain (well mom does it better) that everyone only gets one wish. She seems slightly sad, but is ok with it. I have a kiwi left over and once I am finished I drop them off to those who work at the village and are near to my frog pond spot. I clean my bowl and I begin wander down toward the board walk. On the way, I stop and pick up a CD for a friend. The thumping of the sound system can be heard down the boardwalk and travels with me. There is a crowd outside the chapel and it turns out that the writer has generously stayed an additional 2.5 hours past her agreed too time to make sure that everyone who showed up was able to get a signed book, which was not the original agreement. This puts her WAY high up in my estimation. Farther down, I sing and am approached by a group of young sisters. I find out their names and gift them all with stones as well. I think people are touched by the amount of time I take to place the wish on each of them. Each one is individual and special to that child or adult.

For the Bee Mita Rig show, I get all kids, but they are very ADD and can not follow me through the story, nor can the audience. There is a huge guy sitting in the second row on this cell phone scrolling and texting. I tell him he should be paying attention to the show and should put it away. His response “you are not my mother” and he keeps texting. Second row, big bulky heavy guy, blocking the view of kids behind him.Classy. I want to slap him. Hard. He leaves once the show is cast. The energy of the show is off and the kids aren’t focused. I am doing more wrangling than entertaining and I lose a few adults who came to see the show as it feels to me like a cluster of discontinuity. They fought admirably to stay, but I understand. This wasn’t my best show. Those who stay and their parents applaud. I might not have been happy with the show, but they seemed to be and thanked me for the entertainment.

I reset props for the next day. I am now tasked with heading up the hill of doom. It’s not the easiest job as I climb a hill before climbing that hill. I am not looking forward to it. I climb up and stop halfway. My knees and back are not my friends…nor are my hips, but I make it to the top, pause a moment and head back to the costume house. The streets are full and I stop for photos, I fan and shade a few patrons as the sun has come out. I chitter at some and make my way back across the village. I say hello to Yellow and finally reach backstage. The umbrella immediately comes down and I head back down another hill. I put my props away and begin to peel off layers. Then I fix my hair and face and finally switch costumes. Today is cobalt blue. The entire outfit is blue. One lady comments its her favorite. Imogen comes in and compliments the color, mostly because it matches her dress. We are now the red-headed, blue wearing “twins.” When I am dressed and bedecked, I head out to the village with my box and sign.

I head toward the tavern stopping and chatting with some patrons on the way. I don’t dally as I don’t want to make SMKatherine wait for me. I arrive shortly and head into the tavern to get mic’ed up and she hangs the sign. We test levels and she heads back to her assorted and various duties. Just before the show, my rose gent finally makes good on his delivery, and there was much rejoicing. I then scope the crowd. I let a few families know about the show that is about to start so they can begin to make plans. I also see a group of 8-10 gay gentlemen. I approach them and let them know, while I realize they might not be interested in me, they may be interested in the show. They laugh uproariously at the way I note their preferences. They don’t commit to stepping in the tavern, but they do stay for the show. I even use one of their group, unwillingly at first (though shoved forward by the rest) to flirt with in my song. Once he realizes the jist of the show however, he is all for it and plays well. My Client is from the back of the house. He might not have been paying close attention, but his girlfriend did and she finds it hysterical. He is a student, to which I comment that I have found a student who could afford me, which also brings in a laugh. The show is full and when seats open, others fill them. After the show, the group of gents outside the pub ask to pose with me in a pic, We sit and stand around the bench and a happy moment is captured forever. Me surrounded by a bunch of men who aren’t interested in me….welcome to my life. ;-)

I head back to return my props slowly. Along the say I stop and chat with many patrons and a few vendors. I pose for a pic or two, tankard carefully placed. Again, a person asks me to drop the tankard, and I say no. Once back, I drop off my box and sign, grab more water, and head up the hill. I stay to check out Midsummer (really gang, if you haven’t seen it, it’s utterly charming and after 3.5 minutes you can say you saw the full production of a Shakespeare piece….since the entire scene is only 3.5 minutes. The performers are doing a great job. Maypole, 5:00 pm, don’t miss it.) Once the show is done, I head back into the village. I run into Imogen and we speak of how she is looking forward to going to Italy one day, when her husband passes and she takes over the town. I sadly inform her that its not how it works…but Imogen is not to be dissuaded on her goal of being a fiercely independent woman. Gotta love us redheads. Next, I see a bit of a crowd at one of the guest vendor booths and go to check it out. A woman is selling some lovely leather goods in many colors. I find out she is an acquaintance of Trinket’s and am questioned by one woman who is trying to find the perfect pouch for her new outfit. I like her one choice, but after a brief bit of looking find one she would never have seen and likes much more. It is a lovely match with her blue/gray outfit. I am not sure which pouch she purchases, but leave her to her final decision after my recommendation.

I head over to O’Shucks and choose a table with a bunch of uncostumed patrons. I join them and we talk about my job as a courtesan, the entertainment at the fest, the fortune tellers, and finally, my recommendations for food. I let one gent know about the Canterbury pork pocket and my method for eating them. He is so excited by the prospect, he leaves the table and heads over to the booth to purchase it while we are talking. When he brings it back, everyone has some and are all excited by the flavor…I have officially addicted them. One gent,Troy, is noted to be “not as country” as they first thought. I ask them which country they are referring to which causes more laughter. He asks one or two less well informed questions and they again pick on him for showing his “country” to the group. I ask the couples what their favorite part of the day was, and the lady in charge of the group tells me, talking to me. I am very honored. I take my leave and head farther into the village.

I head farther in and chat with other groups and families that I come upon. If I come up to a family, I try to make sure I am more in Mom’s eye and facing the kids. I am always aware that women may see me as a threat, so I always focus on the little ones so they know I mean no harm and am no threat. It works most of the time. I sit with some patrons to follow up on their day. Some love the jousting, that sword guy, the jugglers, the wheel guy, the shopping or the elephant rides. I love to hear what draws people here and what makes them want to come back. I let adults know about my show if they plan to come back. As the day starts to end and get darker, I begin to head toward the front gate. There, I join Knuckles and Nymblewyke saying goodbye. N leaves to finalize the shot of the cannon, and K and I stay. There are some people in modern dress with light up poi spinning them and dancing about. The powers that be have to come to ask them to stop as they are not entertainers at the fest and they are using something that is VERY modern in this place where we try to create an older atmosphere. They are displeased, but move on. A large group of belly dancers pose at the fountain and K and I join them. Shortly, we yell out to warn about the boom impending, which BOOMS. Its amusing to watch the bodies jump as they are walking toward the gate. The reflexive JUMP that the body does with loud noises. Even with warnings. We head slowly backstage and I fight to pull off my rings and change. I have already made plans for dinner, so I take my leave once I am done.

A good friend is in town for a few days with another lady I know well. Nan Mannerly and I head out to meet them at Paladar. It’s crowded, so they choose to sit outside, which starts out ok, but begins to get rather chilly. I am glad I have a coat and scarf and other layers. We ask for various things that take a long time to get to us or never show. The things that do make it are very tasty and I take some of them home. We talk of changes and what has stayed the same or will never change. There are happy moments, but some melancholia does find its way out as you can with friends you know and trust. We each have our moments, but I am so happy to have had that time to really talk. It begins to get late and we all start to leave; however, I see a table of others I know that I stop to see, then head inside and join a table with some of my favorite people. I sit with them and share tales, laughter and stories till well late in to the evening for me. I leave before they do, and rush home to crawl in to bed. Oh BOY am I going to be tired tomorrow. It was so worth it though.

Morning came too early and I drag myself out of bed, barely. Maybe it was less worth it now…nah, still loved it. Luckily I have more breakfast bars and I eat them on the way to site. I am there a bit early and I use the time to do extra stretching as I am very sore and stiff from the day before. I use every minute and find myself a bit behind schedule for vocal warmups, but it was worth it. I spend stretching time with Dottore, Woolter, and Isobel. WScrubby hasn’t been visiting lately. I make up with the overcast sky. The forecast had been all day rain, but now, its planning on being sunny part of the day. I finish and head down the hill to the costume house. It’s empty when I walk in but there are many people outside getting ready. I pull out all my props and clothes from their various boxes and hit the privy (recently cleaned) before I start adding layers. It’s a bit chilly, so I add extra socks over my first set of tights before I finish getting dressed. I also pull out a scarf and fingerless gloves. Once I get out, I find it’s a bit warmer than expected, so I take off the gloves and put them in my pouch.

I head up to the rose booth to drop off my bowl for later in the day then head down the hill to the Lyric. I meet up with a gent and we run a song again. I catch some notes that aren’t where they need to be and give him some more choreography. It isn’t ready for this weekend, but we plan to run it again and see if its up for next weekend. Morning meeting begins and there is a cheer when we realize our waylaid actress is back up and running. There are some good byes to those who have been performing and other notes, but soon enough, BEEP and we head to the front. I stop at the privy again, get some water, as my tankard spilled when I stepped away during morning meeting. I don’t need a lot before the day starts, but I do need to make sure I am internally humidified.

After yesterday’s throng, today’s influx of people seems very small and is done quickly. It’s over in 10 minutes, so and I head out with 3 stacks of programs, but they take a while to empty. I have 3 different people knock them off by being sloppy. Really guys, they are just balanced on my head, if you push really hard on one end go grab one, they WILL topple to that side. I caught them a few times, but they all fell down when people were just careless. And they worry the kids will knock them off. I have only every had one kid do that, and he was doing it on purpose. EVERY other kid has been amazing and done a great job. It’s the adults that aren’t gentle. That said, most people are lovely and laugh as they realize what’s on my head. I hear a few people saying it seems like a game of Jenga and this amuses me.

Eventually, the programs are gone and I check the lines. They are relatively short, but I still see a few where 1 line turns into 2 windows and I split them up to make the lines shorter. I manually move a few people to shorter lines, but even that is quick work. Seems everyone made their plans to visit on Saturday and fear of rain has kept them away. Today, its relatively empty. This makes me a bit nervous for my shows, but we shall see. With things looking normal, I head back in and into the village.

I wander through the streets and chitter at patrons. Its overcast, so putting my umbrella over them doesn’t have a grand effect, but the friends are always amused. With the extra time, I take the sunbowl and head over down Kenwood then to the food court and chitter and play with patrons. I make strange friends and find opportunity to gift a few with wish stones. The first is a lady in a group. Benjamin, the head of the group introduces me to everyone except her, Alayna. She is also the only one in costume. I turn to her, pull out the wish stone and gift her. She is happy and I then look at Benjamin, harrumph, and walk off to the laughter of the rest of the group. I see William and Jane Scrubby with Simon Canker and with her in cahoots, I begin to hit Simon and William, since they can’t see me, and wreak havoc. I still William’s hat and land it on Carolyn Rose’s head. They proceed to call her a witch and try to figure out how to get it back from her. I leave them to their amusement.

I eventually head to my tree at the normal time and begin to sing. I am greeted by a number of photographers and some children. It’s not a super busy spot today. I sing my Sunday Amazing Grace and hear someone comment how that is their favorite song and they slow down to hear me. I also go back to singing the Passover songs that are stuck in my head and the song from Assasins again. It’s something rather odd to know that I am singing about an assassination, but it just sounds pretty. This in its own right makes me laugh.

I head down the hill passing an almost non existent slide line. Its quiet. Even the climbing wall isn’t busy yet. I wander to the boardwalk and see Janet playing her Hang Drum. I sit on the bench top nearby and blow in the breeze next to her. Again, photographers find me in my natural element. I also meet a little girl who, it turns out, is having a birthday. I come down and proffer her a wish stone as well. Her eyes are huge and she seems overwhelmed. She makes a wish and holds the stone close to her. I say my goodbyes and head to get my props as she and her mom wander the other direction.

I gather my props and fill my magic fairy potion before I head to the stage. I do have to move a few kids, some of which are adamant that they want to get back on the house. I am about to start, but can’t. There is a power that is in the back of the house and some blood on the second row bench. Turns out a child bled and they don’t want anyone sitting there. He is waiting for someone to clean it. I call to him, but since I am not speaking English well, it takes the whole audience to get his attention. He let’s me know it will just be a moment. I sing the Jeopardy theme…FINAL Jeopardy as we need the extra time. Eventually, I see someone come running with a spray bottle into the playground area. The power misses him and I call the spray bottle over then call to the power to let him see the arrival. He scrubs the bench and we are cleared to go. The audience and I have bonded and the show goes well except for the little girl who tries to walk up into the house mid show and I stop her. She looks like she wants to cry, but she has to wait a little bit. The kids need a bit of coaxing to get involved, but my bald Goldilocks is a hit. I clear the stage and head back to switch props.

I have started to get a pattern together for how to move and switch props as the area I have to use is somewhat small. This transition goes rather quickly and I make sure the potion is ready so I just need to pull the basket and remove a few things on top before I head out. I close everything up and with new umbrella head up the hill. I wander past Bullseye and Piland’s waving at the regulars and fan a few patrons as I pass by the tables outside of the White Hart. Up the hill I go and find my food. I find I have too many nuts and gift some to the rose ladies. I also accidentally knock off an ipad from a shelf, but thanks to its casing, its fine. WHEW.

So I head to the frog pond and start my lunch. I am watching some kids get very close to the water and cheer when they see the frog, if they didn’t see any fish. There is a group of relatively drunk types near me with one child. No one is really watching the kid. Dog stops by and we growl and meow at each other a bit. He then goes to chat with this group who has already started being a nuisance. Two of my regulars stop by with their lunch and we eat and chat a bit. One of the drunk group starts trying to get my attention. The regulars inform him I don’t speak English after the guy keeps asking me to repeat what I said because he didn’t understand it. Then he tells me I have great big boobs. Yeah, I can understand when it happens to Columbina. Don’t love it, but the costume lends itself to stupidity from drunks. But to the fairy who doesn’t have cleavage and has a scarf and clearly isn’t paying attention to you…and you have a child in the group of about 5-6 who could understand? Classless. I take my leave of the regulars, which they completely understand.

I head over to Blessed Scents and gift the lady of the house with my leftover nuts and she and her cohort share the honey goat cheese filled date and the baby kiwi. Happiness restored, I head down toward the boardwalk. The energy in the village has gotten weird. Every interaction I try ends up with aggressive, drunk, or standoffish behavior. I am shocked when I get someone who just smiles and says thank you, but no one is engaging. It’s unpleasant. I now it happens some days, but I just don’t like how it feels. I get to the far end of the boardwalk and find a bench as far away from Conundrum who has a nice crowd around him. I sing again, a few songs. A woman comes up to me and notes that she didn’t know La Vie en Rose had a history in fairy. I assure her it did. Snerk. It’s finally time to move on and I head to get my props. It’s a simple switch and I head to my stage.

I clear off people the stage and go to set up. The audience is a bit slim when I start, but surprisingly, I get a decent sized house, given the day. Unfortunately, none of the kids want to get up. They want to sit and be entertained. This is good news for two little girls who show up a lot as both of them were able to be cast as Pig one(blue) and Pig 2 (purple). I get volunteers for the other roles and the show goes relatively well, mostly because the two had seen the show enough so they knew exactly what the lines are supposed to be. They even try to jump the gun a bit and I have to slow them down. They did a great job and the audience seems happy. I pack up my props and announce the next show, which is 10 minutes away, then clear. I head pack the props for the week, which includes NOT filling the bottles. I have learned that those floaty white things appear when the bottles are filled all week. This will be fine for now.

I head up the hill and then up the hill/steps of doom. I take my time as my body is tired and the steps are not my friend. Once up, I chitter and wave at the kids in the slide line. Its not long, but some have been waiting a while I am sure. I then continue to head all the way back to the costume house. I stop and fan and cover some patrons. Ironically, they are less drunk near the pub. I am stopped for pictures and chat with people as I head on my way. I see a young lady dressed as a fairy and squee at her. She also wants my pic. I head backstage and drop that umbrella immediately. I tend to hold it higher than one normally would, which means my mid-back and arms are rather tired. I forget, but a few have recently held it and commented on how heavy it is. Those leaves aren’t light weight. I head down the hill and begin to peel off layers, especially the extra socks that turned out to be mostly unneeded.

Today is the gold gown with orange chemise. Its funny how different cast members have different favorites and like to tell me when I am wearing the one they like the most. This one is JScrubby’s favorite. I pull out the next set of props and clean the face off. Once that is done, I can switch to the new costume. Pulling off the top before the makeup is off is a bad idea. Did that once and it took a while to clean the green off the top, so now I don’t. I also reset hair that needs time to dry. I can time my change by what actors come in. Imogen, Margery, Joan and a few others are coming in and out and I time my schedule off of them. Sadly, our returning actress is not as recuperated as we hoped and will make it through her shows, but may not be able to do the rest of her day. Then I start re-fixing my face, putting on the layers of jewelry and getting on the sleeves. I am almost completely dressed when AGAIN I see the skirt is inside out. DAMMIT. Luckily, Ann Fermor is there and helps me unhook and re-hook the dress without having to take the entire thing off. Even with that though, I am out and ready earlier than I have been recently and I head up the hill with more time.

I wander near the tables of O’Shucks and chat with a table or two to let them know about the show. I meet a drunk gent who sees that my chest is broken (it is, the pins came out and I have been getting by for the last few weeks). He says he will come to my show and play with my chest till it’s fixed. I also hit the benches by the henna booth and then wander down the sunbowl to Boars Head. There, SMKatherine helps set me up and test. Once we are good, she heads back out to her next of many tasks. I wander about the audience to chat with patrons warning them about the content. I am given permission to rub the head of a gent (wife okd it) and he tells me his son’s head is even softer. The little one looks as if he wants nothing to do with me and I am going to not disturb him. I find some patrons who have arrived specifically to see the show, others who decide to stay after hearing the show will be naughty, and others who take off just as I begin.

The show is going relatively well. While not a jam packed show, there is a good audience and I begin to bring more people in as we go along. I give them some culture by way of a 3-minute hamlet and ask them if they want Scotsmen or Seamen. They waterlogged gents win out and I sing Captain’s Daughter. My client, Damian, was in the front and I met him before the show. He was brought there by friends who mention it is his birthday before the show. His wife makes a comment about how I can’t have him and I assure her, I give them all back. I don’t want one to take home, they are so messy. She laughs, so I know all will be well. When I drag him up, he is nervous, but a gentleman. I know he is blushing and a bit uncomfortable with some of the jokes, but he is a great sport and the audience loves him. His friends are laughing hysterically as well as his wife.

Once that is done, I do my last jokes and am getting ready to introduce the last song. The little boy who would have nothing to do with me earlier suddenly climbs up on stage. I ask him if he wants to sing a song about booze and alcohol, as I was about to do Boozin. He nods yes, with his dad’s encouragement. Ok, not an easy way out of this one. So I decide to change plans and sing Ramblin Rover instead. It’s not heavily sexual and has a better message if I am face to face with a kid who is seemingly enamoured of me now. I tell the audience, you start young with your clients and then you have them for life. This causes a good laugh. So I sit the kid on the bench next to me, legs dangling as they can’t reach the ground, then sit next to him and begin to sing. He starts by just staring at the audience, then he starts head banging, then finally starts clapping along with me. As I am starting the last verse, his twin brother also climbs up on stage, with mom’s help this time, since he is jealous that his brother is there without him. I have no more bench room left, so I set him on my lap and put my arms through him to clap and sing the last part of the song. The audience is charmed, the kids seem happy, and I set the one down to finish the show. Once I finish, the first one comes running back to me with his arms up in the air to be picked up too. I pick him up and he gives me a huge hug then leans back and kisses me on the lips. Yeah, that happened. I don’t think he was more than 3, which is the only reason he got away with it. His grandfather comes up to me and thanks me for making the little ones’ days. I am still confused how being IN the PG-13 show was a good idea, but hey, to each their own.

I pack up my things and get my sign and materials and head back to the front of the village. I stop to tell my tale of the errant romancer on the way noting that I won’t soon forget this show. I see a game of Bocce ball. Its amusing how everything seems to keep rolling like the field is downhill. I share my tale quietly then head backstage to drop off my props. Once back there, I put the props away and then head back out onto the street. I am about as they start Midsummer, so I stay to see and block it. I am watching from the back, which means I am not really watching the actors, I am watching the audience responses. There are smiles and laughter from them as they watch the antics about. There are a few loud laughs from a cast member who stopped by to see it, which is good, but I am even more interested in those not in costume and not working the show. I see people stopping by to see what is going on and staying. It’s not a long show, but it’s good to see it happening.

I head toward the henna booth and come across a gent who is looking to try one of those special beers. I find out he is looking for hard cider. I offer him options for the beverage and he and I chat as he walks me toward his aunt and mother who are enjoying the day. It turns out to be her birthday, so I sing to her in Italian. She is pleased. Then I see the gent STILL at O’Shucks who never made it to my show and let him know that my box is all akimbo and he didn’t come to fix my box, so I am very sad. He swears he will come to the show next weekend to play with my box till it I am happy with it. The joy of innuendo. The others at the table are laughing up a storm with the suggested meaning, but he and I know exactly what we really mean.

I am craving mashed potatoes so I stop and get a sausage on a stick and some garlic potatoes then find another group of patrons to sit and eat with. This group also gets a lesson in what I do and is fascinated and amused. It turns out this is 3 groups who hadn’t met before but have made friends over deserts. I see Will Sommers gamboling by and call to him. I bring him over and teach him a bit about how to poll the crowd at the food court. He goes one step extra, which I then re-rail and finish on an upbeat note. As I am finishing my meal, I am met by Maria de Salinas and Veronica Gambara. We talk about making sunsets and other tableaus and show our guests with her standing on the bench, me curling up in a ball at her feet and eventually, Maria leaning in front as the water turning red with the colors of the sky. They are so amused they take photos of them. I complement them on their artistic skills noting that my artist friends take 3 weeks to paint my portrait. One then pulls out an app that makes the image look like a painting. It’s amusing. I finish my meal and then head back out to the village.

I continue to chat with patrons, letting them know about the bananas, the shows, the finale and other entertainments. As I come around from Kenwood to the not sunny sunbowl, I see Will Sommers and Sir Henry Percy chatting up some ladies. I head over and ask the ladies if these gents are bothering them. Both men bow. Now truly, only one of them would need to think about it, but since they did, I went with it. I noted to the ladies “now the one thing I do so love about having status, is that these men can not rise until I give them permission.” Will drops back to his bow. I look at the men…then back at the ladies. “So how was your day?” The ladies laugh at the gents discomfort. I eventually let them stand. I say that I do not believe that they have romanced these ladies properly and challenge them to a hand kissing contest, with me as the third contestant. I find out which lady has recently had a success (a 90% on her exam) and she is our lady of choice. Sir Percy suggests that we add a compliment to make it challenging…oh, sure, if you insist. I am cackling hysterically inside at this moment. Sir Percy offers to let me go first. “Oh please…no…go aheaad” is my reply. Will tries first and gets her name (smart of him to ask). He is kind, but the ladies are not wowed as they cannot hear him. Next, Sir Percy tries his hand, speaking long, but the ladies keep asking him to speak up as well. I hand my bowl and tankard to Will and when it is my turn, I begin. I drop to my knee and profess my unworthiness. I compliment her deeply and she breaks into a smile, which inspires another one, as she does have a lovely smile. Finally, I ASK HER PERMISSION to kiss her hand, which she provides. I bow then ask the group as a whole, who won…sorry gents I still got it! We take our leave and wander away triumphantly, the gents in tow.

The energy of the day is greatly improving since earlier and I am feeling good. I suddenly realize how late in the day it is and head to the front fountain. I join Knuckles and Nymblewyck in saying goodbye to the crowds who are departing. It’s a nice circle for the day to start and end it there cannon to cannon. We pose for a few pics with patrons, warn some about the big boom, and photobomb a few other pics much to the photographer’s amusement. Soon enough, the cannon booms and Knuckles helps me down from the fountain. We head our separate ways. I wander toward the backstage calling out Buena Serra and other farewells. Soon, I am backstage and heading downhill. I get to the costume house and peel off all the layers, return the jewels to their containers and pack up for the night. I am tired and end up joining with some to eat quietly at Ruby Tuesday’s. There is another group there I know and I stop by there quickly to say hello, then back to my table to pack up half the food and get done quickly to get some sleep. I can’t eat desert there, so I grab something on the way home before I crawl into bed.

This weekend looks to be a damp one, but we will be in high spirits and hope to see you there! Till next time…

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