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It was a busy whirlwind weekend with all types of weather and much happening. I will forget moments, people, names, order and events. I’m just getting older and all that rot, so pre-apologies if I miss something you were involved with. With that caveat in mind, away we go!
So the last weekend’s dust on top of my almost healed respiratory system wreaked havoc on it and by Friday I was still having pretty serious bouts of hacking coughs and need lozenges to not cough every few seconds. This weekend will be interesting. I head to site to unload my props and costumes for the week. They had rain on Thursday, so as I drive in, I see no dust on the road and my relief is palpable. I make sure my costumes are ready for the weekend, given we are expecting rain again, and head out for the day to do the rest of my last minute errands. I get to bed relatively early and am relaxed and ready for the weekend.

I get up after waking up around 3:00 am, not being able to go back to sleep for an hour or so, and finally drifting off. I grab my fairy food and other items and head to site stopping for brekkies and some hot water for my throat coat tea. I have taken a Sudafed on top of the Mucinex and I feel like a walking medicine cabinet, but I am functioning well. Because we are expecting rain, I park next to the road then walk in through B gate rather than P. I head directly to Gatehouse and Dottore is there doing his Yoga. There are a few rain splatters on the stage, but not enough to panic yet. I join him stretching tight hips and stiff legs, but not inverting as I don’t want to set off another coughing jag. My lozenges are all in the costume house and I am not.

I finish stretching and doing my voice warm up when I am greeted by the other half of Nature of Mercy, Simon. He notes they will be rehearsing soonish. Then the powers that be show up to put the cover over the stage to protect it from the wet. I clear from the stage and set up my makeup in the audience. I am also greeted by Isobel and we talk about some things she was working on. Then, Woolter shows up and they chat as he starts to stretch. The Mercy boys both arrive and head to the grounds to run their fight while SMLiz sweeps. It’s a flurry of last minute stuff and I am done on time, but with some variations for the day. I head to the costume house and inside to get ready.

I am pulling out what I will need for the day and realize I need my fairy circle and bag as well my normal props. I hit the privy once more and the clouds are heavy. By the time I am dressed, it is drizzling. I don’t wing it today as they really shouldn’t be out in the rain. I stay by the costume house as we aren’t sure where morning meeting will be; however, thanks to social media, we are informed that we will be meeting at Lyric, despite the drizzle. By the time the meeting gets going, it’s a steady drizzle. I am grateful for my fairy umbrella. We BEEP and head toward gate. Right now, we are doing the full opening, with bagpipes, sans horses. This means I can sit in the front fountain area, but I can’t sit, cause everything is wet. I see one of my favorite loyal fans, who now works at the fest, who is having some issue with the weather. I tell her to get under the covered front store until we open. There is no sense in getting wet for no reason.

The rain is picking up as the opening gate show is running. It’s not a downpour where we would stop everything, but it IS heavier than a drizzle and that means everyone is just getting wet. At morning meeting, it is requested that someone be available to open the gates, while I note there is one person I know there, Lala offers to be there to help. Seeing her see everyone coming up to the gate was one of the most adorable things I have seen in a while. I don’t think she has ever seen the gate show, so in a way, it was a new experience for her and she is bouncing like a little kid with the excitement. It makes me smile. Finally, the cannon booms, the gates open and away we go.

The regular crew is at the fountain, but we give each other a bit more space so my umbrella doesn’t keep leaking on them or blinding them. Johnnie Armstrong accepts thanks for bringing in the Scottish weather for the Celtic weekend celebration. I am surprised at the number of people who have come in for a rain day, but they packed their ponchos and umbrellas and .are ready to go. Once the wave is in, I head into the village. I do make sure to drink water. Perhaps not as much as on a sunny day, but I need it. The grounds are already soggy and I am concerned that we will have to cancel the last Streetspeare for the unsafe conditions. I briefly stop at the scarf shop and get some pricing for an upcoming event. I chitter at Catskill briefly and head into the village.

The rain has mostly let up, so I head to Piland’s to see how bad my seat is. It’s not awful, but it is a bit wet, so I pull out my fairy circle and place it closed under me. This way I can sit at my tree and not be miserable. I have water but am still coughing, so I try to figure out how to entertain without scaring patrons with the cough. I realize the rain has brought down a number of leaves, so I start to build a pile. I have put on around 6 or so leaves into a pile. I then call to patrons and gesture to the leaves about and point to my pile. Almost everyone gets it and brings me leaves and adds them to the pile. Since it is wet, the leaves are sticking and the pile is getting relatively high. Some patrons see me building the pile, and even though I don’t ask them, they bring me leaves anyway. I cheer for every leaf and by the time I leave, the pile is about 5 inches tall. Now that may not seem tall, but realize that each leaf is flat, so there were easily over 50 leaves in my pile, maybe up to 100. This makes me happy.

So it’s not currently raining, but the stage is wet, the streets are quiet, I can’t tell when the next storm is going to his, and I am not sure I can even do a show where a person has to lay on a stage. I go out with my translation juice, but not props and see there may be one kid there. I figure out that when it’s time to start, there are 2 kids, so I pull out the fairy circle and invite them to sit on it with their feet off (so it won’t get muddy, since I have no idea how to clean it). As I begin to tell the new tale about the fairy who was trying to bless the baby, more kids joined and by the time I was telling the second tale of the princess who fell in love with a person, but her father wanted to kill him, so her elf best friend helped her escape and turned out to be her love all along…etc, I had 5 little girls enthralled on the circle, gasping and looking terrified as bad stuff almost happened. Eventually, it was time to pack up and I thanked the girls and their few parents, then dropped off bottles, one which spilled, and head up to get lunch.

I get my food from the rose booth and since it’s wet and there is no dust, I head to the frog pond by the kissing bridge to eat. I put down my folded up circle to sit on and eat. While there, I am being regularly brought leaves. 5 or so people who saw me building my pile in the morning are continuing to find and gift me with leaves asking where the new pile is. I make a pile on my knee and eventually sit them on the ground next to me. There is a new show on Fortune so I see a little of it while I eat. Soon enough, it’s time to pack up and head down the boardwalk. I stop and stare at the moving figures in the thing outside of Half moon and chitter along the way. The rain has appeared to have stopped for now. I head to my props and reset them for the second show and bring them to the stage.

So today is ASL day, where a number of shows are being interpreted in sign language. My second Fractured Fairy’s Tales show is one of them. I was rather surprised when I saw this on the schedule as over half of my show is in gibberish. I am waiting on the stage greeting people, setting the props and waiting for the interpreter to give her a heads up. When she arrives I pull her backstage and in English let her know the flow of the show and how I am not sure what she will want to do for the gibberish sections. She appreciates the heads up and we figure out where to have her stand, then we start the show. I have learned that I don’t need an adult in this show, so we start and I have a decent sized house, given the rain; however, the kids don’t want to play, so I pull 2 adults and 2 kids up and the show goes rather well, as the wolf and pig 2 really know the lines. I let the interpreter know that it’s a good thing I couldn't speak English as I used to like to say random things during the preshow when I was Stupina. She is grateful as she is a student and was concerned that she might not know the symbol for “Hypotenuse.”

I pack up and reset my props then head up the hill of doom. It is surprisingly busy for a rain day. I haven’t put up my umbrella as it is still having some major issues. I get back to the costume house and am grateful to be able to get out of my damp clothing. Its not sopping wet, but it isn’t dry. Since this is rain weather, it’s time for me to pull out the first of the rain dresses. Yes, ANOTHER new gown today, this one completely machine washable. I get redressed but am not going to be using curls as the hat I use to protect myself won’t allow that headgear to be worn. I pull out one of my sparkly barrettes and begin to braid. I am not doing the 30 braids I used to, but I do have about 8 in my head by the time I am done. As I am sitting there, I hear THAT sound. The rain has picked up again. Actually, it is deluging. My timing couldn’t have been better.

I am finishing getting dressed and by the time I am done, it has stopped to a light drizzle. I am running a bit late and sans sign, I head to the Boar’s Head. I get mic’ed up and wander the pub saying hello and letting those with kids know about the show about to start. Once the show gets going, I have a pretty decent crowd and they are enjoying themselves. I note that since it’s Celtic weekend, I will sing a song about a Scotsman, which causes a laugh, especially when I tell them, “not that one, a different one” and sing Angus and His Kilt. I get a charming gent as my client, but he’s a bit too tipsy and when I go to “taste” his drink, he turns and tries to kiss me on the lips. I am mentally rethinking how to keep him at bay without this getting nasty, but he ends up behaving the rest of the time and the show ends on a high note with Will Sommers joining me for Ramblin Rover.

Once the show is over, I greet my patrons then head back to the costume house with my props. I refill my water and get more lozenges when I realize that I didn’t cough during my shows, but I am now. I head back out on the streets and meet up with my actors and SMKatherine where we confirm that they can’t do the show today, the maypole is a mudpit and slick. But looking around, once it dries out a little tomorrow, they should be able to do the scene facing the other side of the pole. Plan set, I head toward O’Shucks to meet my afternoon partner.

Once at O’Shucks, I begin to look for Master Edmund Moody. We have made an appointment for me to show him around the village, but he is not yet arrived. Instead, I ask anyone if they have seen him and tell them all about how he saved the king. Eventually, he arrives and I begin to escort him about. However, before we go far, I see the sky growing darker and note we should find someone in the pub to chat with. After about 2 minutes, the skies open and we are safely dry. The Duchess of Norfolk arrives as does the Countess Correggio to stay safe and dry during the deluge. We try to walk about and meet people, start random conversations and the like, but it is tough in the small space. I have a moment with “Brandon” who the Duchess wants for herself and I move on.

We head out into the streets as the rain has stopped. Along the way, we chat about the village and greet people asking about their day. At one point, I note that a particular behavior is com-for-TAH-bul. He notes you mean “com-FORT-a-ble”. I immediately turn to some patrons walking about and note to them that we are having an argument we need them to settle. They put forward one woman who turns out to be a VERY drunk social worker. She corrects both of us and says we need to get along as we make such a good couple and this shouldn’t come between us. We look at each other and try not to burst out laughing at her. We move on after thanking her.

We are wandering down Kenwood when we are approached by Simon Canker and Caiohme. Simon is quite happy as he is now the owner of a proclamation that provides him with a title and income for life, except that this was Master Moody’s gift from the king. Turns out, without a name on it, whoever owns the paper gets the benefit. Guess the Sturdy Beggar doesn’t really have to work. Moody is incensed and a merry chase ensues with Simon running much faster than my prior companion. I am suddenly alone.

I continue to wander down Kenwood greeting the patrons who are left and slowly make my way past the tables on the journey back up toward the front of the village. I see Knuckles and Nymblewyck on the fountain and hear the call for the standard to be lowered (well, standards often get lowered when people are drinking…badadumdum). Soon enough, the day is ending, the cannon booms, and we are done for the day. I head back to the costume house to peel off the wet layers and put on clean warm clothing. Many of the ladies have wet dresses and skirts and are using all the space they can to hang them up in a way that they can air out for the morning. Johnnie Armstrong comes in to hang up the hoops of the ladies who are shorter than I in the center of the room. I am informed by Wiggles that she is coming to my show tomorrow and she wants to be the 3rd pig. Both her mother and I let her know that if there are others there who haven’t done the show before, I have to pick them first. I may not be able to use her again for a while, but that is the nature of the beast when you see the show a lot. There is a desire for comfort food tonight and the restaurant chosen by most of the group is a place I am unable to eat anymore due to dietary restrictions. I hang out till the last people are leaving and head out myself to Noodles and Co where I get some spicy rice noodles and some soup to rejuvenate. It’s a quiet event and I am home before 9pm and crawling into bed looking forward to a sunnier and drier day to come.

This morning I head out and get brekkies on my way, along with more hot water for tea. I forgot to take some of my meds and I am hoping it won’t be disastrous, but there isn’t much I can do. Once on site, I park in a normal spot and head in. I go to Gatehouse and Dottore is there under the cover but in the center of the stage, as that was the only clean spot. Of course, he is on a mat and I am just laying on the dirty stage. I am a bit more sore today as wet weather takes it out of me. I can’t sit as much and my feet and hips just don’t like that. WScrubby stops by briefly to check in and I note to the Dottore that I brought in my soy sauce, so I am going to Hunan tonight. He is amused.

I pull out my bench and begin to face up. I put in the curlers I know I will need today but without any sun, I don’t much see the glistening that sometimes helps me find the details. Woolter arrives and we listen to happy music as I finish up and head back down the hill. In the costume house, I am noticing that Mustardseed is still a bit damp from the day before, but it’s my own fault as I didn’t leave enough air space between costume parts. I know I will dry it as I wear it. Its chilly out, so I also pull out my scarf and, before I forget it, my fingerless gloves. I am grateful I have them as I am really feeling the cold of the morning. I am keeping the umbrella closed until I have to open it as it is really suffering.

I head up the hill to morning meeting after dropping off my lunch stuff. At the meeting, the powers that be welcome the acts that we didn’t much take time to say hi to yesterday given the rain, but today we say happy hellos. There are notes about being careful with the wet ground and not taking slipping risks so as to avoid falling and getting injured. We hope for a decent crowd today and BEEP off we go. I stop by to get water, hit the privy (without said water) and drink at the front fountain as there will be bagpipes, but no horses again. Lala is back and as bubbly as ever. As the cannon gets ready to boom, I open the umbrella, lozenge up, and the gates open. We are back to normal energy with everyone out and doing our schtick. We do a few tours and I am amazed at the heavy flow of the crowd. I am guessing everyone who wanted to get Celtic, but didn’t come yesterday, is here today.

After the first rush, I leave my umbrella open and head to outside with 4 stacks of programs. It takes about 10 minutes or so, but soon enough, they have all disappeared off my head. I go back in and get another 4 stacks. The wind is rather high today and a few people comment that they are amazed they don’t blow away. While I do lose a few to the wind or an unstable hand, the weight of the paper and the angle that I have placed them on my head has made them as un-aerodynamic as possible. There are many pics taken of me and the first “oh, I didn’t realize it was a real person” comments. Children are both happy to see a fairy or scared of the weird looking creature. This set of programs takes longer to disseminate but finally I am light headed and ready to head back in having completed my task.

I head in and as I am passing O’Schucks, I see Jane and Sarah Scrubby who run up to me very happy to see their fairy. I place my umbrella over them and we all begin to jump up and down happily, that is, until William Scrubby, their brother, and Simon Canker come up and start bouncing too. When I stop, the ladies stop, and the boys stop to ask why they aren’t jumping anymore. They explain that their friend the fairy was bouncing and they were playing with her, but the boys can’t see the fairy. I put the umbrella back over the ladies and we all jump up and down again, until the boys start jumping and I pull the umbrella away and scowl again. The girls tell William and Simon that it doesn’t appear that the fairy likes when they jump and as they stop, I start again, then the ladies, then the boys, then I stop. This goes on for a little while. I am guessing this was more for our amusement than the general populace, but it makes me happy. Soon enough, I head along my way.

As I am walking and chittering, some young person asks me how I got my voice to squeak as I talk. I think helium, but I don’t say anything recognizable as I continue on my way to my favorite tree. It’s Sunday, so it’s Amazing Grace day. I am still coughing some, but at least I have my high notes, albeit a bit breathy. I am finding myself singing Yiddish songs more than anything this year as Adeer Hu keeps coming out of me. Given that it’s Celtic weekend, I also begin to sing the Scotsman, in fairy. If you recognize the song and the overall gestures, you know what I am doing and it does make one passerby laugh when they realize what I am singing. I know I have a bit more prop sorting to do, so I head down the hill early.

I pass the wall and stop by the edge of the boardwalk. I take the time to sing a bit of a song there too and find myself a sudden photo-op with people rushing up when they hear me. Others come by and ask where my programs went. Soon enough, I head down the hill, grab my props, refill the bottles of potion and head back onto street and my stage. I go to set my props, but the stage is filthy and I go hunt down the broom at the stage to clean it off as I don’t want anyone to lay down or fall into this muddy mess. Then I set out my chairs and hawk the show, but not too much as the house is pretty full already. I get three girls to play the bears and one dad who was drinking on the outside of the fence to be Goldilocks. He is not the most enthusiastic, but he knows what’s coming and plays along. Once the show is done, I re-sort props and trash some of the bottles of fluid as I see floaties in one of them…not dirt, I could deal with that, but white coagulated floaties. I remind myself to take the bottles home with me to wash them and get new magic fluid.

I head up the hill to the rose booth, get my lunch and donate the extra green beans and fruit that won’t fit in my bowl to the rose ladies and gents. I head to my fountain and sit to eat my lunch. When I got off stage, I was warm and sweating. By the time I am done lunch, I hear the cheerleaders starting their calls to the joust audience and I head into the boardwalk area a bit chilled. I drop my left over nuts at a fellow vendor’s. I stop at my favorite bench and sit with a few people who were there before. I sing a bit, pose a bit and wave at passers by. It’s not long before it’s time for the last Fairy show for the weekend. I head to the prop home, grab my stuff and head over. There are many kids playing and they are a bit more belligerent about not wanting to leave the stage, but I am able, with the help of some parents, to get everyone of the stage. I get the crowd to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and have one lady who knows my gibberish more than others translating for me. I comically glower at her and she stops making it easy on everyone else. Now, they will start listening and have their minds adjusted for the show. We start and it’s a good house with lots of volunteers, some boys even! I get two girls and two boys up. I realize I have disappointed the kids that didn’t get chosen, but they still seem to have a fun time. The pigs and wolf are really good at translating the fairy and the show goes smoothly, who’dve thunk? Once its over, I pack my things, say goodbye to the little ones that have visited, and head back to pack away the props, grab all the items I need to clean this week, and head up the hill trying not to clank. I use the gloves as padding since I am again warm and sweaty.

So today, we are back in the oh-dear-god orange and gold outfit. I go inside to change and it’s BOILING compared to outside. We crack a window or two and, after I am changed and covered, we open the door a little to get the temperature to drop a bit. I have to add sleeves today, because it’s going to get chilly, so it takes me a bit longer to get dressed, and then I realize I hooked the skirt on inside out while half laced and am helped by some of the ladies there to reverse and re-hook the skirt without having to get totally undressed. WHEW! This delays me and I head out with time to head directly to the Boars Head with only a few brief hellos to patrons along the way.

I wear a low cut dress, I know it, it’s part of the job, part of the character, and well, I’m just built that way. Today, however, seems to be the day when every random person wants to tell me how big my boobs are. And yes, they use the word boobs. Personally, with that kind of brainpower, I am more apt to think that they are the boobs, not I. At the stage, SMKatherine helps me hook up, then after I am set to go, she heads on her way. I wander the audience to warn families in advance (now I have the sign, even if it is blowing everywhere). In the audience, I meet a table of tipsy women and one asks to take my pic, I place my mug in front of my cleavage and she tells me to move it. I tell her no, it’s my body and I choose what you get of it. She wants to show her husband. Tell him to come to the festival. He won’t. Then he doesn’t get to see it. End of story. I leave on a more positive note, but I am just not having it.

I start the show and have a really good crowd. They are responsive, trying to sing along, and enjoying themselves. When it’s time to pick my client, I get a gent from the center table who has been sitting with two ladies and one older gent. He plays well, blushes, laughs and is quite the “client.” His name is Dan and the audience gives him a whole-hearted cheer when the song is done and he is heading to his seat. Today, Lady Howard joins me for my final song and we get applause on the penultimate line of the song when she jumps up an octave and I drop down one. It’s a nice sound. I thank her and end the show with great cheering and happiness.

After the show, I am greeted by some of my regulars who let me know they like the new opening song. This is good. I always hated that I didn’t have another one to switch out, but now that I do, it’s nice to have the options. There is another couple standing to the side and they start to leave, but I say goodbye to the regulars to make sure I say hello to the new couple. It turns out it is a father and daughter who have been following my shows for a while. I ask them how long and they respond “2002”. They make sure to see Columbina’s show in whatever incarnation she is each year. That is a huge compliment and I thank them and make sure to get their names. I mention to them that the daughter, now married with her own kids, might want to check out the Crooked Cottage as there may be someone familiar to them there. I am amused as each of them tries to tell the other that it must be me as well. Ah, families.

Once I have said goodbye to everyone, I run into drunk lady and friends again. While she had ample opportunity (yeah, I know) to take any pictures of me she wanted during the show, her phone died. Her friend offers to take a pic and again, I am cautious. They are all saying how they can just angle the camera or take it themselves standing next to me. Its actually kinda creepy and more so because it’s straight women objectifying me. That group you would think would be more respectful. I head away from them and wander to drop off props and head up the hill to the other side of the Maypole for Streetspeare. WScrubby gets the blocking pole, which he is afraid to do without permission, but since he has done it before, I tell him to get it. They are mostly set and ready to go when SMKatherine arrives and she is pleased. We set up facing the other direction and it simplifies the issues with walking through. The scene is completely safe. There is a nice audience and those walking behind also stop to see what is going on. Win-win. Once it is over, we agree this may be the better side to do this in the future.

I head toward O’Shucks. On the way, I am stopped by a couple, the woman of which is VERY drunk and also SERIOUSLY hitting on me, with her partner there. To each their own, it’s just not mine. I leave that to run into another man who has to comment on my “boobs.” It’s just one of those days. I get to O’Shucks and stop at a table of women who appear to be catching up and enjoying seafood. While I ask them about their day, I see my “client” Dan heading up to the bar with his family. I tell the ladies to all yell “Hi Dan, we miss you!” on the count of three. When we do, he turns and comes over to the table. He flirts with the ladies and is absolutely charming. We send him back to his family and the ladies are all smiles.

Also on the way to O’Shucks, I am stopped by the Yaxleys who proclaim that I am an honorary family member, perhaps a cousin, and we discuss when Neddy would be old enough to marry. After the seafood ladies, I sit with a couple and their son, Hudson, who is nonplussed by my presence, to ask about their day when the woman sees Mayor Yaxley wandering in the distance. She sees his bright colors and asks me if we are related. I show horror that she would place me in the same family as those wool people. I then spend time complaining to everyone I meet how I was thought to be related to the Mayor. Those who know his costume laugh.

I run into the Contessa di Coreggio and agree to walk about the village together again. She notes that she missed Piper Jones, and I tell her that they are playing at Boars Head now. She says we should wander that way to “randomly” meet people and oh. Look at that, Piper Jones is playing, how did that happen? While there, we are met by White Dragon who snaps an image or two and we wander closer. We run into Sarah and Jane Scrubby. Jane has been playing with her peacock feather. I ask her if I may borrow it and show it to the Contessa. I am trying to find the best light for it as I move it back and forth, up and down, around my body, sometimes more than once, and on one or two occasions, move it from left to right very quickly. Jane has turned into a human cat following it and running in circles around me, jumping for it or crawling low to not lose it from her site. The audience that has built is laughing at her antics and it makes me all bubbly inside. Win!

The Contessa and I head down Kenwood to chat with patrons. We meet a couple who have never been here before and we tell them about the Contessa’s travels and my job as well as the glory that is their majesties. They are amused. Farther down, we come to a table with a family eating. DAN!!!!! I introduce Dan to the Contessa and there is laughter, another picture, and conversation. We take our leave and find others relaxing at the end of the day who we greet and chat with. The Contessa takes her leave and I stop at O’Shucks to wander about more. I wander by the Finale and watch a bit, then head toward the front, stopping patrons. I tell one group that his majesty and the court will be wandering by in just a moment, they won’t want to miss it. Sure enough, less than a minute later, the court strolls by and I tell them who everyone is, again complaining that ANYONE could think I was a Yaxley. I head to the fountain and climb up with Knuckles and Nymblewyck. We say goodbye to a few as they are heading out and warn others of the impending boom. I share a tale or two from the day and learn of some thefts during the day, one of whom was caught, thank goodness. Just sorry it happened at all.

BOOM! The cannon sounds, the standards are lowered and I head back with Knuckles and part ways as he finds his kids and I my normal clothes. Backstage, I am staring to change when one lady comes into the costume house yelling “F you! F you Michele!” At first I am a trifle concerned until she follows up with “NO ONE looks that good in orange! How the hell do you do that! F YOU!” and there is much laughter. I remember being nervous about this combo, but it turns out its been pretty popular. We change quickly and line up for some conversation. Once business is done, the talk is of dinner. Most of the group is going where I went the night before and dagnabbit, I brought the gluten free soy sauce, I really want to eat at Hunan. A few people looking for a more quiet evening join me and our dinner is happy with both hot towels and special fortune cookies. We talk late into the evening, not heading to the door till 10:30 at night. It is worth it. I am sleepy and still coughing a bit, but it was a great night with good food and conversation. I climb in my car, drive home, and start laundry before I go to bed.

Another weekend done. This one? Pirate weekend! Looking forward to the fun and frolic of a few ARGHHs! Hope to see you there!

Date: 2015-09-17 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] museclio
People can be suck jerks. As a fellow busty lady, I feel you on that. Because of where I work I've had people not just wanting to look, but trying to touch. I'm sorry people are doing that to you, and I love the mug trick.

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