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Sorry, I thought this went up two weeks you go.

Another year, another set of recaps. I got hit with the dust crud this week and have lost most of my writing time and much of my brain, buthere’s what I can remember. I WILL get names, events, order and other things out of order or downright wrong, but here’s hoping I get some of it right.

During last rehearsals on Thursday, I was able to load inmost of my costumes and other stuff, so Friday’s trip in was much shorter with only a quick set of last minute load in items at the costume house and the special place that Mustardseed keeps her magical items. Then, out for a massage and a pedicure and mani-clean up (since there will be no color on the nails till we close). I get a little other work done and am in bed by 10…and I wake up at 3. Yeah, this is normal for opening night. I just lay with my eyes closed and get slowly more rested. Then,when I am really asleep, the alarm goes off. Yeah, Joy.

I get up and pull myself together, grab brekkies on the way, some of which dropped in the car while I was driving. Blargh. The radio is on my side as I am hearing some of my favorite and appropriate musical numberssuch as “Who Is Sylvia” from “Two Gentlemen of Verona” Yes, it really was a rock musical in the late 60’s-early 70’s. Check it out. Once on site, I head to Gatehouse and find I am not the first one there. Dr. Augustinus is yogaing before me. He is far more flexible and I am reminded of my age next to him. Also early this morning is Woolter (Richard Southwell). The stage is abuzz as WScrubby stopped byanxious for the start of his first day. While I did not mind the company, SMLiz was not as thrilled as she had to sweep around us. Then, Nature of Mercy guy came to stretch as well. I finished my makeup mostly alone as they all started leaving, then I headed to get dressed.

The Costume house is a flutter with activity as well as everyone is getting their timing straightened out. As I get dressed, I realize that the arch supports that were in the Fairy shoes that I pulled out this winter, never made it back in…um this is going to be VERY interesting as I have stupid high arches in my feet and this could be unpleasant. I need assistance in winging up. Once I make sure I have everything, I go to rose booth to drop off lunch for later in the day. Next, I drop off a fork in need of cleaning to Heineke, since it is his creation, then eventually down to cast call. Today’s meeting is busy with last minute notes. Finally, it’s time to BEEP and we all head to gate. I take my last minute privy break, stretch out a bit more and the show begins. The gate staff is wondering if it is a horse year, which I tell them it is. We move people from the front and side of the fountain for the moment. There are photographers there and one is dangerously in the way of where the horses need to dismount. I ask him to move, but he stays because the powers that be told him to get the show. I tell the powers that be WHY I am suggesting he moves, and they tell him to move over a few feet. Crisis averted.

The Boom sounds and the crowd rolls in, and it is a crowd. The weather is perfect, not hot or humid (only getting to about 83) and it reflects on the audience. I had been told that the regulars with me would not be on the fountain this year, but it turns out they are, so we are almost over crowded. We do a tour or two, and there are many photos and hugs to be given. Once the initial crowd dies down, I see that there are huge lines outside for people buying season’s passes, multiday passes and single day tickets all at the same time. I go out with 4 stacks of programs. My arms are sore from the weight. As I am running out, I see that many lines have merged into 1 and spend time breaking them apart. As I am getting back toward the gate, I see the Crispes out and about speaking to break up the lines. I can only say “HAY” and other random exclamations,which makes me not as useful unless people are listening…and they often aren’t.

Some people are staying in lines while they buy tickets on the website. It’s slow, but they are getting through and out of the lines, but the lines are still huge. They open a cash online one-day sales line off to the side as well. Everything to shorten the lines is being done. I keep trying to get people to shorter lines, which works, but only when I end up grabbing the hand of one of the group and walking them to their shorter line. Eventually others get the hint. By the time I go in, the lines are about ½ the length theywere and I am feeling better.

I head in and have about 10 minutes to sit at my tree nearPiland’s to sing a bit. While there, Isee some of my long time regular fans/friends. They begin chatting with me when2 actors from Much Ado come buy to tell my crowd about their show and try todraw them to the production, They have been going on for a few minutes and myfriends are playing along well, until I mention that my show is ALSO at noon.They look at me, turn to the actors and say “You are dead to me” and turn backto conversation with me. The looks on the actors faces are priceless. Don’tmess with my fan base…so there!

I head down the hill of Doom and head over to get my props and get to stage a bit too early, This wouldn't be a huge issue as there are kids to get off the stage, but the parents are very helpful and the audience is already packed. I kill time by having the audience sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat in a round and other random hawking to the crowd. Eventually, it is time to start and the audience is enjoying the show. The kids are all interested in being in the show, but one little girl’s daddy becomes my Goldilocks. Mom is hysterical laughing and filming him. He is perfect knowing the show and what to say. The kids are also pretty great and having fun. Once the show is over, I am surrounded by little ones with questions. I answer what I can and switch to fairy as I take my props back to switch over for the next show.

I head over to the rose booth and grab my food for the day, which consists of honey cakes, cherries, heirloom tomatoes, snowpeas and a mix of brazil, pecan and almond nuts. I realized a while ago it isn’t appropriate for the fairy to sit munching on a steak on a steak, so I figured out what they might eat and bring it myself. I head to the frog pond by the kissing bridge and sit down to have my repast. While it is busy around, there is not a lot of activity and I eat my meal in relative peace and quiet. It also means I finish quickly and am back headed down the boardwalk in about 15 minutes.

On the way, I fan people, giggle at them and chitter withsome people who were bears in my first show. I woman tries to tell me my wing is broken, did I want her to fix it. Really? It has an ace bandage on itand you don’t think I know it’s broken? Sigh…I run into a woman and realize when she turns around that she is VERY pregnant. I reach into my pouch and pull out one of my wishing stones, place a wish on it, and hand it to her explaining (in fairy) that it’s for her baby when it’s borne. She seems a bit confused, but thanks me and I head on my way playing with people on the way. I sit on a bench to sing a bit before I move on. There, I am greeted by a couple who are very well dressed, in fact, I see a number of people asking her for her picture because her gown is so extraordinary. She comes up to me to ask for my picture. Shortly after a woman comes up saying she keeps seeing me and would like my picture. It is a photo op kinda moment.

It’s time for me to head back to the Cottage after picking up the props. This time, I get there with about 5 minutes to spare to chase off the kids, set up the stage props and get the audience enthused. The house is packed again. I am really pleased and start the show. I get my three pigs and normally, I try to ask for an adult toplay the wolf. I see a man in the second to last row and say, how about you in the back in the black shirt. As I say “in the back’ a young boy in the back row gets up and starts forward, but he’s in a blue shirt and he stops and pulls out his shirt to check. This is a make or break moment. He did nothing wrong, so I don’t want to send him back. I tell him he’ll be fine and bring him up on stage. He does a terrific job with only one problem. He and all the pigs are trying to say the lines in Fairy, not English. I keep getting the audience to say it in English hoping they’ll pick it up, but no, they keep doing it in fairy. By the end, I am just walking over to the tree and banging my head on it. The audience is delighted and laughs.

I am again surrounded by kids with questions who also want to help me clear the stage. They bring me props while I answer them. I head out pretty quickly to switch the props back for the morning then head up the hill of doom and make my way to back to find Columbina. Along the way, I fan people, wave and am generally silly. Once backstage, I gratefully peel off sweaty layers and enjoy cooling my feet down as I clear off my face and remake myself into the courtesan. Once bedecked and bejeweled in the new gown and shoes with support, I head back out. I go to reach into my pouch and make an unfortunate discovery. In the new dress, I cannot see into my pouch. I have to move it to my hip to have even a chance to see what is in there.

I wander toward my stage and set up the bench I need and move the mics off the stage. As I am going to wander, I see a couple intently sucking face right by the stage. I let them know that I am thrilled they are enjoying the day, but this is my show and only I can do that on my stage. They apologize and wander off for a more private location. The audience was amused. I wander and warn those with kids about the nature of the show since I can’t put up my PG sign.

So before we opened, we discovered that the sound guy for this stage has another obligation pretty close to the start time of my show, but he feels that he should be able to make it. Unfortunately, his show runs long and my show is 2 minutes from starting with no one to hook me up. I run to the Market and grab Flo and direct her on how to hook up the mic, turn it on, and I rush back to the stage, plug my system in and pray. And there is no sound. I try again, no sound. This is getting bad now. As I am pulling out a mic to try to do a show not moving, I see him running up the hill. I have the audience give him a big round of applause because he is well missed and has been working VERY hard. He starts and after a while realizes my batteries have died (they were new) and he has a fresh pair to input. Now it works and we can finish the show as normal. This was NOT fun. After the show, he comes back and we agree we need to find another way around this. After coming up with a solution, we go our merry ways.

So I have directed 3 shows, which are being played on the street. One I won’t ever get to see again, but I have already heard it did great today. The other two are at 4:30 and 5. I rush to the one thinking I will be late, but no one is there. I head backstage to find them all rushing around.The show they were in prior ran longer than expected and they are just now getting offstage to set up. The show runs at 4:45, but SMDave has to leave to get to another show and leaves me with the chamber pot…it's a long story. We start the show and discover that while they are playing to the audience, there are a lot of random walker’s by who arejust walking through. We try to block, then other actors stopping by also try to block and redirect. Even Jackie gets to stop and watch for a moment. While most are nice about it, some of them are really annoying: the belligerent drunks that MUST walk that path, the cell phone typists that don’t even look up and walk INTO you…yeah, that happened. After the show, the actors asked me how it went, but to be honest, I don’t know as I had my back to them watching to make sure they weren’t trampled on.

Given the lateness of their start, the next scene which is to start at 5:00 is already a minute or two away from time. They hawk for a moment or two and begin. This time the new SMKatherine and I are blocking traffic on one side and a number of other performers have stopped by to help block flow from the incoming as well as outgoing traffic. It's a shorter scene and seems to be going well from what I can see and hear with me catching a few smiles in the audience. Once they are done, SMKatherine and I discuss the flow and note we will need to address this. I head off to get my daily potassium in the form of a frozen banana covered in peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. It is both food and entertainment.

I head into the village as I am not needed for the finale shows and find myself wandering and greeting patrons who are still exploring the village. I meet a young woman who asks me if I was the fairy outside in the morning. I say I have never seen a fairy in the village and ask her what she did. She informs me that the fairy yelled “HAY” a lot and separated the lines so they all got in faster. Truth be told, she did a pretty good impression of me. I run into Will, my lawyer “client” and pose with him for a few pictures as his SO had left the pub right when I pulled him up on stage. He is happy to have been the chosen one for this day’s courtesan show and we all chat briefly. I then head up the road ands top at food tables, shops and anywhere patrons are about to see how their days went. I give a short lesson on what being a courtesan is and as I am near O’Shucks and walking toward the front of the village, I hear the cannon sound from the front and head backstage to end the first day.

The cast is gathering and changing costume. They are all exhausted, but ecstatic for the great day. Audiences were generous and appreciative, and while the day was crazy, everyone seems to have had a great day. A few dinner groups gather and some of us end up eating Chinese food. The meal and conversation is amusing as we share our favorite moments and many of the newcast member’s moments are focused on food. I guess the rest of us are a bit jaded and take much of the food for granted. The night ends happily as we all separate into our cars and home whereI collapse for the night.

Ok, so without the adrenaline of yesterday, today is a bit tougher to wake up for. I am also noticing a little bit of soreness on one side of my throat. Hrm, Honey candy and a more careful warm up after a breakfast that does NOT fall in the car. I get to Gatehouse on time to see the Dottore again; however, Woolter is on time (well, HIS time) today. WScrubby stops by, but not for as long and Nature of Mercy Guy visits again. I do have some quiet time still, if I could figure out how to make itunes shuffle again. Stupid “upgrade.”

The costume house is not as crowded this morning. Those who didn’t notice the gifts I left them yesterday comment to me today that they have found them. I am pleased. I put the arch supports back in the fairy shoes, which I desperately need and realize after yesterday’s damage, I need something stronger and pull out the supports added to my sneakers and use those instead. They make a HUGE difference. Once Iam winged and ready, I head up the hill, taking it a bit slower today. Yesterday is catching up with me. I get to HMT to drop off CDs (yes, if you are missing or never got one of the 2 Interpreters CDs, you can find them there or at my Perfect Touch shows). I then stop by the flower booth.

As I am dropping off my items, one of the sellers tells me“you made someone’s day yesterday!” Heexplains that at the end of the day, he was talking to a woman who was pregnantabout how a lady blessed her baby in broken English and gave he a stone withthe blessing on it. She was wearing the stone against her skin still and was sohappy about it that it had stuck with her 4 or so hours later. This makes me very happy as THIS is why we dowhat we do. I am a little lighter as I head to cast call.

Cast call is normally around 10 minutes. Today, there is MUCH to discuss. Not bad stuff, just lots of logistics that the meeting suddenly turns into 19 minutes before we beep and the SMs are calling places before we have even gotten down to the gate. It's a bit of a rush. I head to the privies for one quick stop and head out to the fountain in time. The horses dismount their nobility, the BOOM hits, and the gates open to the flowing crowd. There is a goodly crowd of hugs and happiness plus a few tours. The rush is much shorter though, so I go out and place some programs on my head to distribute. My hair is longer, so itisn’t as supportive as before. I lose them a few more times than normal, but the people who do get them off my head are amused by it. The lines don't look bad, so I head in early.

Coming to festival today is my Forsooth Brother and nephews with one of their friends. I sit by O’Shucks for a little near my favorite hair wreath person and as I am sitting and singing, I see the court approach. Um, ok, photo op time. My nephew’s friend wanders up and I ask her if she wants to meet the king. She does, so I bring her to Jane Parker so she can introduce her and I head back into the village, after moving hats of the two Percy’s…against the elder Percy’s will. Into the village I go and visit with patrons at some tables. There I sit with a family who has three boys, Drake, Josh and one other (I know, illness). They are playful and I end up pulling out three marbles and blessing each of the stones differently to each boy. Once they are all smiling, I head over to Will Scrubby and begin to blow on his neck, simply because he can’t see me. Caiohme and his sisters asked me to, so how was I to resist. Hehehehe. Then to my spot by Piland’s. There I sing Amazing Grace, cause it’s Sunday, as well as a few others. I also make my first leaf pile of the season. I am amused at how many people think I am just giving them a leaf, not asking them to play, but one woman gets the game and we build until all the leaves are used and we cheer as she got the last leaf. It is a lot of fun.

Before I leave, I see a boy with his dad and the boy seems to be in distress. I ask if they need first aid and dad decides they do, I send them in the right direction before I head down the hill. The author at Page after Page has a book on fairies and brings me over to show me that there is a fairy who can heal my broken wing…except she is in another place, so we need toget someone to open a portal, and that takes a whole bunch of fairies, but I am it. Ah well, I guess it will stay broken for this season. I head down the hill to an already growing slide line. Near the bottom of the hill I greet a few of the local patrons then head to my props. Off to my stage and I am ready on time.

Today’s show is another full house. This time, when I askfor Goldilocks, I ask a little girl who raises her hand if I could use her dad instead. She says sure. Dad doesn’t look as thrilled, but he does a good job and there are many blackmail pics of him in the blonde wig. The bears are a bit over enthusiastic wanting to roar even when it’s not time and it takes them to figure out how to use the door, but the audience is seeming to have a lot of fun. Once the show is over, children bring me my props and I pose for a few pics with my cast, then head back to re-sort props for the second show.

I head up the hill and grab my lunch and water from the rose people. It is hotter today, so having something so cool to munch on is VERY well appreciated. I head to my pond. After being there a couple minutes, a woman sits at the bench in front of me with her mother and friends. She appears to be overheated and doesn’t want to eat, etc. Mom is trying to get her to cool down and she is ok with mom’s touch but her friends seem to be setting her off. I am watching for any signs that Ineed to get first aid and I do tell one of her party if they need to how to find them. Once they head off I watch a little boy wandering the edge of the pond. Dad is watching him pretty well, but it’s good to have more eyes than not enough.

I stop at a table of people who don’t speak English. I figure we are in the same boat that way. The woman I sit next to is the least happy to see me and keeps inching toward her friends to the laughter of said friends, especially as I keep inching closer. I fan her and eventually head on my way. Today, the fan is VERY much appreciated as the humidity and heat are much higher. As I wander down the boardwalk, I stop to sing a bit and then stop by Janet and her Hang Drum. If you haven’t see it before, it’s mesmerizing. And to be frank the best place to listen is UNDER the drum, but I have only ever seen Stupina do that. I still watch and stare at how she makes the noise sound some ethereal. But now, it’s time to find a fairy.

I head to get my props and get to my stage with about 5 minutes. There are only 5 people in the audience. I need 4 on stage for myshow, so I am getting a bit nervous. Given that every other house was packed, this concerns me as the heat may have sent my audience home. I start the intro with about 8 people including one of my nephews, when suddenly the crowd pours in and the house is full again. I am thrilled and end upusing a kid for the big bad wolf. She is fine, though the 2nd pig is very nervous and 1st pig wants to say “cool” instead of “Awesome”. Luckily, pig 2 couldn't say “Kowabunga” but could say “awesome” so pig one got to say what she wanted. It would make sense if you were there. And of course, Eureka often ends up as Reeka from most kids. The audience loved itthough and were engaged helping me tell the tale, especially the young woman inthe back who translated all of my more complicated fairy tale when the others couldn’t. I gave her extra applause and turned to her when anyone else got lost. Once the show was done, I packed up and headed to reset the props for the week then headed up the hill for the Italian.

The hill was a bit tougher in the humidity. I really need to work my cardio. I keep a smile on my face as I head out from the shade into the sunnier streets to the costume house. Again, the blessed chill as I peel off layers is glorious. Today is the big reveal. I have rebuilt allmy costumes because of back issues, but while yesterday was a traditional Columbina color, today is a new switch…green shot with purple with a gradient purple chemise, green jewels and a green and purple headpiece all with burgundy accents. The earrings are insanely large, but they sparkle. Once I am dressed up, I am even shocked at how much I sparkle in it. I am out on street back in the heat, blargh, but slowly wander up the hill and make sure everything is in place before I head out.

I have a little time and head to O’Shucks and invite some patrons to join me and my naughty songs. I also stop by a few benches on the way as I make my way. Today, I am to be at the pub 15 minutes early to set everything up. I show SMKatherine what needs to be set and she inputs the mic and helps me get things out of the way, then she heads out. The one thing we didn’t do though, was test the mic. I go to start the show and there is no sound. I have my family there, but with no way to check what is stuffed down my back (brother thought it looked right), I have to do the show on stage only with a mic. This wasn’t awful as I could stay in one place for the new song’s debut. It just made it a bit difficult when I brought the audience up with me as I had to keep finding creative ways to angle the mic so it could hear me as I flirted with my “client,” Jason. He was a good sport though and we had some fun with it. After the show, he made sure to come up and thank me for including him. We will have to figure out what is going wrong with the batteries or system as soon as we can.

I finish the show and pack up my items after saying a few thank yous to some audience, then head back to the maypole area. I leave my things at Customer Service then grab the piss pot and flowers and head over to block things. We end up needing almost 8 people circling the scene just to keep people from walking in it. It’s sad the obliviousness. Once they are done, SMKatherine brings up a rope and stands for the next scene to keep most of the traffic off. I am actually able to watch the second scene and the audience. They are enjoying themselves, which makes me happy and I hear glee and sadness in their voices as they watch the flow of the scene. As they run off screaming, the audience applauds, I drag the stand to SMK and grab my props andget ready to head out.

I drop my props off noticing I need to get them fixed. I grab more water and head out again. Today, I wander back and get my banana chatting with patrons and stopping by the new Kiltery to say hello. I meet an older woman waiting for her grandsons who are all buying wooden swords and she tells me that the court show was her favorite part of the day. I wander through the grounds circling down Kenwood. There I join some people at a table and find out they all liked the slide the most. The next group includes a gentleman who is wearing a shirt that says “Hodor, Hodor.” I begin a conversation with him that only includes the word Hodor and ends with “I am groot!”. Next, I wander near Pirate Camp to show off the new duds and stop at Noblesse to warn Hannah that I might be even more scary bright than her next weekend…we shall see. I continue greeting patrons catching up with CLang as well as the face painters and others who cross my path. Finally, I chat with a few more patrons at O’Shucks, then spend a moment with WD catching up and finding the magic as we watch the powers that be watch the finale. Soon enough, they move on, the cannon booms, and it’s time for me to head home.

We head down and I set up gowns for next weekend while grabbing laundry and other items I need. Outside, we open the floor for those who want to join us for dinner and about 12 of us end up at CheeburgerCheeburger for some tasty food, after I convince the waitstaff that they DIDN”T give me the gluten free bun I asked for and that when they gave me a salad with croutons, they needed to make a new salad, not just pull the croutons off the old one as the crumbs would make me ill. Yeah, it was the kitchen, not the waitress, as she was insanely apologetic when she realized that I was right and the bun was wrong. Just glad I didn’t swallow the bite I took. Then, finally, conversation with friends catching up on fun moments, learning how the newbies are taking to the venue and generally having a great conversation.

I am slowly recovering from whatever this cold is. I hope to have my voice and energy for the full run next weekend and beyond and can’t wait to see you all there!
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