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Three day weekends are always the hardest, one more day of details to lose and much less time to prepare. I WILL forget names, events, orders of items and more. Bear with me, and don’t be upset if I mis-remember something…and away we go.

I had been fighting an awful cold the entire week with coldeze, chicken soup, lots of tea and more. By Friday, I was almost better, but there was still healing to be done. Friday’s load in was easy dropping items off at both stage/costume spots, plus some errands. Before I went to bed, I packed food for the weekend and then crawled into bed earlyish.

Of dust. I get up and head out for breakfast and also get hot water for my own tea that will soothe my throat. I have also medicated, seriously medicated with OTC items to make sure I make it through the day. When I arrive at the site, parking next to me is NORM! and his friend. We talk about the fact that he has definitely seen me over the years, even at NCRF, he may just not know it. We mention that I play Stupina, and he doesn’t recognize the name. I pull up a picture and note that THAT is Stupina. He says “Oh, I’ve seen her. I don’t know who is under the mask though”…and I stare at him. NORM just laughs as it dawns on him that it’s me. We part ways and I head to the stage to warm up.

Dottore already stretching and yogafying. I get there and am reminded again how old I am and how unbendy in comparison. We are also joined by Wscrubby who just comes to say hi and Woolter and Lady Howard who also warm up a bit. I have focused a bit more on breath than sound for vocals and have avoided inversion positions so I don’t overfill with clog. I expectorate a bit and sneeze out crap even more. It’s gross, but at least it’s leaving. I then head to the costume house, which is open, but no one is going in as it’s not officially open yet. Once it’s official, we all pour in.
We are warning the newbies that this will be the toughest weekend they have, but if they get through the 3-day, they will be able to handle anything. I get dressed, winged, then head to the rose place to drop off food, then to the Lyric. I briefly run through a song with Lady Howard, just to make sure it’s ready for today’s show, and it is.

Morning meeting is relatively brief with some overall notes and reminders. Some shows have shifted around for Streetspeare and other adjustments have to be made. Everything is reviewed and prepared and BEEP away we go. I hit the lovely clean privies for one last time then head to the fountain. There are no appropriate flowers this am, so I must wait. Again there are people new to the fest who want to sit in the front of the fountain, unaware that they will be trampled on if they stay there. I am happy to inform them and save their hides. The horses and their riders enter. There is dismounting, reloading, and off they go as the cannons boom! The weekend has begun.

We are at full strength and welcoming the crowd. We give a number of tours and are having a fun time. The crowd is heavy and full and it takes a while for it to end. Once it’s done, I grab some programs and head outside to distribute them on my head. It is much simpler and amuses people to get the information in an unusual way. Some note it’s dangerous and everything could fall. I usually respond “JENGA” which gets a laugh. I am also already noticing the clouds of dust as people pull in and keep my mouth closed as much as possible so I don’t bring in more to my lungs than necessary. I keep thinking of bringing out the scarf across the face to avoid the dust, but know I can’t do it in the fairy.

About 4 stacks of programs disseminated, though I find they are falling a bit today, I head in as I have to check on a changed scene. I head into the village and run into the Scrubby sisters briefly. I also stop and waive at my favorite garland boy, who, up until recently, I just called “Yellow”. I wander in toward Piland’s and sit when it dawns on me that I need to get to Reveler’s Bower. I head over a bit early and find a tree to rest at for a bit. The cast of “The Dr. Is In” begins to greet others wandering by to convince them to see the show. One of the casts asks a passer by “Do you like it a bit naughty?” which I then hear echoed by an 8-year old walking by. Snerk. By the time they start, there are maybe 4 people in the audience, but the sound of their “fighting” draws in a crowd. After the show, we meet backstage to do go over a few notes and I make a note to stop by tomorrow.

I head back in toward Piland’s but make a stop for Sarah Scrubby’s amusement as I make Woolter’s hat float magically around the village. He screams of ghosts. This works for me and I wander back in to see others. I run into SMDave who has a question he needs to ask me, but since I can’t speak, he creates a magic covering with his headscarf and suddenly, I can speak English to reply to him. Yeah, I know, but it does help for emergencies. I wander by the back of the White Hart for the first time this season. I really haven’t been there at all this year. Up the hill I go to get some water and to sing a little…a very little. Wow, even up at Piland’s the dust is really bad. You can see a yellow/brown haze everywhere you look and the day has barely begun. Blargh.

I head down the Hill of Doom to get my props ready, including refilling my magic fairy juice. I head out and the house is almost full. I clear the stage of the many playing children and set up the props. Once I begin, I find slightly quiet, but good kids for the bears and a dad for Goldilocks. He is playful and amusing. After the show, there are some pictures to be taken, but I am able to head out quickly to reset props for the second show. Backstage, I hack up a lung for a moment and find more faire dust in my nose as I blow it…every time I blow it. I have been mainlining honey drops so that there is NEVER a moment on street or stage that I don’t have it in my mouth. It’s essential to protect my voice.

I head up the hill of doom and wander, while waving and chittering, to the rose booth to pick up my lunch and hit the privy, but not in that order. I head back out with my honey cakes and fresh veges/fruit. Instead of sitting at the frog pond which is RIGHT next to the jousting field and the worst of the dust, I head back to Piland’s, get water and sit at my favorite tree. I have put some extra food in the bowl by accident and I find I am running out of time, but not out of nuts. I hand them over as a gift to a vendor then pack up and head back down the hill to grab the second set of props.

I get to the stage and have a smaller audience until I start the show. When I drink my fairy juice, it hits the wrong pipe and I choke a bit…that was a trifle scary. I get one kid up to play the 3rd pig based on her mom’s encouragement, but when the child gets up on stage, she says one thing then runs back to her seat. I take this as a sign she shouldn’t do the show, so I call on another young lady who know will do the job and we continue, but the replaced child doesn’t take it too well. While they stay for most of the show, they do end up leaving before it is over. While I wanted to support the kid, I can’t do it at the expense of everyone else in the theater space. The show itself ends up running smoothly and I have many hands helping me clear the stage as they bring me all the props, except the phone, which I find and collect. Then, it’s returning and re-setting props and up the hill of doom once more.

I wander with the umbrella open through the village and back to the costume house. Once there, I gratefully peel off layers and sweaty clothing after removing the makeup. I reset my hair, fix makeup and pull out this weekend’s new dress color with a little trepidation. Today is an all gold dress with a screamingly orange bodice…no really, SCREAMING orange. And this is after we had tried a few bleach washes to dull it down. Once everything is laced on and up though, it actually looks pretty good. I have my daily chat with the Mayor’s wife as I am getting dressed and when transformed, well, off I go. It’s much more humid and hot outside, which does not fill me with joy. Everyone’s reaction to the new duds is relatively positive. I am informed I am an Honorary Yaxley for the day.

I bring my box with sound equipment and cds along with my sign out to the streets. I don’t have tons of time, but I chat and such with the people I pass by down Queen’s Path and up to O’Schucks. I visit one or two tables to let them know about the upcoming show, then head to the Boars Head making friends along the way. I see the “terrifying scary” Commander von Fruendsburg posing with two pretty pink princesses and let him know that that could be the reason he isn’t frightening anyone. Then, to the Tavern to meet SMKatherine to mic up. Today, we test the sound and figure out why it’s not making noise, and get it to work. Once it does, we are thrilled and off she goes while I welcome and warn the crowd before we start.

Today, Jason is my client and he plays well. I see the Lady Howard in the audience and welcome her up to sing “Fathom the “Bowl.” We end on a happy note and I gather my things with her help and head over to the Dragon Inn. Today is the Singles Party and I have volunteered to help for the last set of games. I arrive and am requested to run through the pub to let those with numbers know that if they want to play the last mix/mingle game, it’s about to begin. I move through the pub and spread the news. I run into one couple who seem to have been connecting and aren’t really interested in playing more. Once back, I am informed that the 2 other ladies and myself will break up the group as beer, wine and liquor. Wine turns out to be myself and one lady, beer has about 5 people and the rest of the group becomes liquor…so with Stitch’s advice, we invade and I help the lady find someone to talk to. I end up with a group of two men and two other women who are getting into a playful conversation. Stitch picks on #166. He has a definitively NYC personality and Columbina goes into full action encouraging the ladies and doing what I do best.

Finally, the event is over and I head with my box and sign to the maypole, realizing I am too late to check out the scene today. I put my sign and box back and head back out with more water to drink. I am seeing clouds of dust around and I wander to show off the new duds to Noblesse Oblige’s staff. I made a minor bet with with one of the ladies there that I could out bright her and I did, until she came out wearing the dayglo orange wig. I cry foul, but not too badly. I visit the tables in the food court and wander back down the sunbowl to the front of the village. At the fountain, I run into that same couple at the singles party. Turns out it was a real connection and they are looking to spend more quality time away from fest as well. I tell them I want them to come back next year and tell me how they are doing. I run into a friendly face for the last moment of the day, the cannon booms, and away we go.

I am back and changing relatively quickly. I change and reset my costuming for Monday and pack the laundry to take home. Tonight, I am having dinner with the Dueling Fools and we choose to meet at Red Robin. A group of other performers join us and we eventually spill onto 3 overstuffed tables. The waitstaff was very generous and took care of our needs, we even let them know about a broken item on their wall that they fix. Rocco is thrilled to realize they have unlimited root beer floats. He over eat/drinks, but he seems happy. After dinner, we all walk gently to our cars and head home. I get some items ready for the morning and crash rather hard after taking many medications to allow me to sleep through the night.

The sun comes up too early and I crawl out of bed tired with a sore throat. Crap. I gather my things as well as a herbal teabag. I hit a different place and they don’t have honey for tea and only have reconstituted lemon juice. At least I had honey left over from the day before. I eat on the way and get to site a bit later today. Dottore is stretching and I am hitting sore spots, but really have to watch inversions. I enjoy breathing before all the dust is kicked up. WScrubby stops by again and Woolter is much later today. I finish getting ready on time and head down the hill. I hit the privy and when I come out, the costume house is open. I head in and get dressed and head up to the Lyric to sing with someone.

I check in while it is quiet and drop off my stuff at the rose booth. The space is filling by Lyric, but he arrives and we sing. I feel we are going to be ready to add that song to the show today. It's time to start and the crowd is not as enthusiastic this morning. Today is the renewal of vows ceremony and final plans for the event are underway. Meeting goes well and we are BEEPED and on our way to the gate. I have forgotten items I need though, so I head to the costume house to get them and hit the privy back there before I head up the hill through Gatehouse and to the fountain. I can kind of stretch, but I am starting to feel the tired back of the uneven venue and inability to lean because of the wings.

Both Knuckles and I are feeling the vocal strain, so we are looking for ways to be quiet. We agree on no tours today. The cannon booms and the crowd comes in. Then I see them, the barrage of Japanese photographers. There are about 10 of them and they are all surrounding me taking photo after photo after photo. I focus on one, then the next, making sure they get the shot they want. Once they all leave, I realize that I still have my bobby pins in my hair. Um whoops. All that posing did mean that I don’t have to worry about talking. Mayor and Imogen Yaxley arrive and with their voices, we are able to do a tour or 2. Since I may still have some of my cold and don’t want to share it, when regulars come up to get a hug, I have to let them know that I can’t get close this weekend.

The crowd finally passes and I head out with programs. I go through the gate and place them on my head. Today, they are balancing better. I am out and head in for another 3 stacks. The gent at the gate almost asks me for a ticket, but realizes I work there too. Once of the women working inside takes half my stack from me so I end up going through my shortened stack a bit quicker. As I head in, I check the time and determine it’s time to move in. I pull out my umbrella and it’s opening oddly. I head in the village and stop by the information booth for a quick refreshment. I close my umbrella to do so and half of the pins pop off. I do some emergency surgery and see that the top of the umbrella has popped off its center. I do more futzing and get it to work, then head out with my beverage.

I head over to the Bower to see how the show in the new venue is doing, I am warned by SMLiz that there needed to be some changes based on the nearby stage. It seems like they are doing ok with the changes, but both SML and I realize that instead of falling into dirt, the actress may do better to land on the table. After the show, I give them a few notes and then head back out on the streets. I make it to Piland’s and try to sing a little of Amazing Grace (since it’s Sunday), but I only make it through a verse when the dust just makes me want to hork up a lung. It's time and I head down the hill of doom to get my props. I run into someone backstage with a cigarette, which with my current lungs is not a great idea. I head out with my props and hit the stage moving little ones of the stage.

This morning’s show is a full house again. I am happily being spoiled by it. The show goes smoothly with a little girl laughing when I ask her if her Dad can be Goldilocks. He does a great job as do my bears, albeit a bit quiet, except for Papa bear who does a fine job. Once the show is over, I pose for a pic or two then pack up and reset my props. I head up the hill of doom a bit slower today and find myself trying to catch my breath at the top. I take a moment to smile in one place, then walk in and to get lunch.

I head back to the streets, get water and sit at my tree for my meal. I pose for pics while I eat and enjoy the sensation of the food pushing down the dust off my throat. It’s bad. I finish lunch and head down the hill with my empty bowl. Once down the hill, I take a moment before I head back out with my props as it feels warmer than it should be. I am learning that the 3 pigs can be done more easily without an adult and today I choose one of my youngest wolves, Wiggles. She is quiet, but she does a great job and everyone thinks she is adorable. The show goes relatively well and Wiggles has questions for me after the show, as do a few of the other kids who help me gather my props again.

I head back through the village with the umbrella open. That hill is getting harder as the weekend progresses. As I get back, I am very careful closing the umbrella after resetting the top again. The walk took a bit longer and I get back later than normal. The breaking umbrella is going to be a bear and has to be addressed soon. I change and de-wing grateful for the almost clear air in here. Make up cleared off I can pull off the costume, then hair up to set while I reface and get redressed, today in cobalt blue. I am moving slower and get out a bit later today. I don’t have a lot of time and head pretty directly to the Boars Head with a few patron stops along my way.

Today’s client is Ed; however, I am having an issue as while we tested the sound at the beginning, it keeps shorting out. I am not sure why. Luckily, the kings fool is in the house and is able to get the sound to work again by “turning me on” since I can’t reach it in my back. Ed gets a few laughs as we talk about business and when I turn off a third time mid song with him. He is a good sport though. Then, I bring up Master Sommers and he joins me for a finale song. Once that is done, I gather my props and head back to the costume house to drop items off. I stop back up the hill near the Maypole to hold back crowd and watch the Streetspeare. We mostly keep people out and the scene goes relatively well.

I head over to the pickle lady to get one in hopes of burning the dust off my throat. I see other vendors and performers doing what they can to avoid the dust: scarves over their mouth/nose, finding ways to water outside their booth and more. The pickle is VERY garlicky. This works fine, though I don’t feel as much of the dust moving. It’s day 2 of constant honey drops and they are saving me though my teeth feel gross. I slowly wander the streets and up through the food court and Kenwood. I stop at tables and say hello. I greet one of the new vendors to see how business has been for her, I stop by one other vendor to meet his new puppy for a moment. I visit patrons and share what it is to be a courtesan. I have determined that I can say I am on retainer, so it’s not possible to take on another client. It’s not appropriate behavior. It seems to work for now. The sun is starting to lower and the temperature is finally going down some. There are vendors on Kenwood watering in front of their booths to hopefully protect their ground.

The streets are starting to empty as I make my way toward the front of the village. I am chatting with a patron when the cannon booms, so I take my leave and head down the hill. As I am changing, I feel things going awry and take a spray of Singer’s Saving Grace. It tastes AWFUL, but it numbs the throat for a little bit as it heals. I spray it a few times. I would normally head home tonight for dinner, but Rowan Golightly is in town for the first time, so it’s time to spend some time with her at dinner. Off the gang heads to Ruby Tuesday’s. I am VERY tired and sit with the Bower crew. I am really tired, but food helps and I am able to share a few stories of my Romance War Hits on Norwyn Tate many years ago and some other fun moments. I find out what parts of the day were everyone’s favorites and we sing Happy birthday to Rowan. I leave later than I should and get into bed near 11, this will suck tomorrow, but it was nice tonight.

I drag my sorry tired ass out of bed and pull on clothing. I am better for time today and hit the regular breakfast place to get my hot water, which they put a teabag in, which means they have to remake it. Ah well, at least I have honey, lemon and my tea again. I get to site and Dottore is stretching, albeit a bit slower and gently today. WScrubby actually gets on the stage and stretches with us as he is feeling sore. Given his youth, if HE’S feeling it, its got to be tough. Woolter arrives as does Lady Howard. They are amused as I put my sparking makeup on as it looks like fairy dust when it floats through the air. They all leave and I am finishing my makeup when Johnny Fox joins me briefly for his yoga time. Once I finish, I say my goodbyes and head to the costume house

So one of the running jokes we use to psych ourselves out on the 3 day is to say that yesterday was Saturday and today is actually Sunday, even though our bodies know it’s Monday. The dressing room is a bit quieter with everyone feeling the effects of the dusk. One lady makes the mistake of shaking her hoop out IN THE DRESSING ROOM and is yelled at when a huge cloud of street dust billows out of it. She rushes out to finish getting all the dirt off of it. BLARGH. We are all moving a bit slower. I am still feeling sore in my throat, so this morning, I take a hit of the licorice root extract and that seems to be doing the trick. I wing and get out and head to drop off my bowl then hit Lyric. Almost literally, as my water cup falls over and mostly spills…crapola. I pull out another honey candy to protect my throat until I can get more fluid.

I meet up with her maj and we run through a song we are working on. I am amazed as it’s pretty high for me that I can even still sing it. There are a few more lyrics to be memorized, but we are mostly there and expect to be able to sing together next weekend. We shall see. Morning meeting is many notes and a more subdued group of performers. Once we BEEP, we head up and I get water, hit the privy, then sit on the fountain and drink. I also find this weekend’s rose and capture the image. An older gent has been brought in by the EMT’s with a breathing issue, but he is sitting in the horse area and I let them know. He is moved to the safe side then off to the side for treatment. I go to move my umbrella and EXPLODY. Two of the cast members and I begin to frantically rehook the whole thing as I fix the top. YIKES! Not opening it unless I have to. Then we open with a BOOM.

Knuckles has pretty much no voice left. We are waving a lot and quietly saying hello. My high notes aren’t bad though and we both start warming up next to Johnnie. The crowd is large again, and older, so a bit slower walking in and a larger number of canes and walkers. Once the wave is in, I head out with 3 stacks of programs. I am not as loud, but I can point and people laugh when they realize what I am wearing. I even get my first “oh, I thought that was a statue” comment. They programs go quickly and I head in for another 3 stacks. Today goes off without falls and all programs are gone in maybe 25 minutes. I head into the village to check on my actors with their new blocking. With the older crowd, they listen and this is a benefit with a period play. It’s a full house and for the first time we hear very loud laughs at the jokes both naughty and silly. It makes me happy. There are a few more tweaks to get them to where they need to be with the changes, but it’s looking good. I probably won’t be back for a little while.

AUUUGGHHH. I see a brown haze speckling the air to about 8 feet up. It’s on everything. I sit drinking water near Piland’s and pose for pics and chitter quietly. I don’t try singing, but I do hand out a few wish stones. I head down the hill a trifle early and take my time getting the props out. For some reason, it seems better down here. Turns out they watered their area pretty well this morning, and you can tell. Off to the cottage and another full house. There is a young girl who plays papa bear and has great time. Another Dad has been chosen as Goldilocks, but he was less thrilled. Once his wife promised not to pull out the camera, he did ok, but he will not win a best performance award this year. The Papa bear says she will be coming back for the next show.

Up that damnable hill once more to get to my lunch. My legs are really fighting me and I have to take a full 30 seconds at the top to breathe before I move on. I get my food, somewhat frozen, but that’s ok, then head to get lunch and water at my tree. I have more photo requests today and little kids sitting with me as I pose. I lazzi the cherry pits, which is likely more funny to me as no one really sees it. I am visited by the local fairies who are traveling incognito today. I am done in time and head back down the hill.

With all the water I am drinking, I really need to pee, but now is not a good time. I gather my props, insert another honey drop, and head to the stage. For the second show, the girl and her mother show, but I have so many volunteers that I cast others for parts to share the experience. Before the show begins, she is translating my fairy to the crowd and I am helping her understand what I am chitering. I am so glad those words are set. After the show, she asks lots of questions, for which I have or create answers on the spot. And since I stick with them, she accepts them.

Climbing hill was VERY hard, this last time. My legs were extremely tired, but the umbrella is up, a smile on my face (teeth closed and sometimes lips closed for the dust), and fanning one or two strangers on the way as I walk back to the front. Once back, I finally get to the privy. Then, I hit the licorice again and blessedly clear my face and remove the sweaty clothing to pack it to bring it home. You are welcome.

Today I am changing into the first repeat dress of the season, back to the green and purple. I am definitely running slower. When I am dressed and ready to go, I find it is much later than I expected and I just have time to grab my stuff and head to the Boar's Head. I start setting everything up before SMKatherine gets there and almost everything is ready. She helps me set a mic and I am ready to go. I greet the crowd, which is smaller, but I still find Kevin who blushes furiously while his wife happily comes to the front to take pics. Lady Howard joins me again for the finale and somehow I have my singing voice through the entire show, albeit a trifle lower. I drop off my stuff at the costume house, body block people from the 5:00 Streetspeare scene, greet the hubby of a sweet lady, then head toward the White Hart for….

The Peacock Ploy
So, I hear that drama has started in the court, not REAL drama, but evile plans being hatched by a dastardly brain. I am next approached by the local scriver to be at the White hard with a peacock feather at 5:30. He goes to hand me one, when I point out that I always am wearing peacock feathers in my hairpiece. He smiles that devilish smile and out I go. I find out now that Kiva, Sarah and I all have been given feathers and that Sir Percy will be arriving to determine the writer of a mysterious letter who loves him and will have a peacock feather. I am told just to play it any way I want. Muhahahaha. I arrive with Kiva and find Sarah playing with her peacock feather. I take it from her and suddenly, I have a kitten on my hands as she runs after the eye, even going as far as to run in circles. I think I will be playing with her a lot more. Eventually, Sir Percy comes to find his great love signed by JP. Jane Parker comes in on a tear to find out why he is being so disloyal to his wife. He asks if she wrote the letter, she did not. He sees Sarah’s feather and thinks it is her, but it is not…she does note the paper and the squirly-qs on the paper are very pretty. He notes I don’t have feathers and I correct him, but it is not me, nor is it Kiva with her feather in her roses. I suggest that JP might be Juris Prudence instead and that there may be legal ramifications for meeting another woman when tied to one approved by his majesty. He says he will never love another but Anne Boleyn. The audience recognizes the name. We boo him for adultery and cheer when he determines that he must try to go back to his wife and be a god husband. There is amusement along the way with patrons trying to analyze handwriting, many accusations, and one little shepherdess just sitting in the grass watching us.

During the fray, Veronica Gambera arrives and throws her 2 scudi in, and once the craziness is done, requests my presence on a stroll, Italian style. We visit a number of tables in the food court and share tales, some of her poetry, and silly advice. She asks them questions about things she doesn’t understand, I slip in Italian words and phrases and as we leave each table, translate what I said so she can use the words when she is on her own again. We run into Kevin and his wife. It turns out the lighting on the stage was bad and she asks for another picture with me, then her friend wants a picture, as does she. We comment on how the portraiturist is so quick as we normally have to sit for 5 or more hours, though Veronica hires others to pose for her and she only steps in at the end for her face. Kevin’s friend notes that she was in Calabria recently and I note how lovely it is. Later, I inform the contessa I have never been there, but hey, I heard it was nice. But she learns how to talk about places in Italy you have never been to.

Earlier in the day, we were informed that all members needed to write a secret admirer letter. Sarah Scrubby wrote hers to Benedict Quelch, the town executioner. And had it signed, “your secret admirer, Sarah Scrubby”. So much for secret. Oh and she hand delivered it herself. He handed it back to her saying that he could not love her as she had been with another gent in the village. I see him in the street and accuse him (berating him almost ala Princess Bride) about how he spurned love, a man who does not have many opportunities. He tells me of this other man and my reaction is of shock. Master Cooper? How do I explain this? Master Cooper would much rather spend his time with (point at random male patron) THIS MAN, than with Mistress Scrubby. The horror dawns on him that he has made a terrible mistake and says he must find her. I and the people around tell him to run, run for love and cheer him on as he runs around the corner to find her. Ah, love and success!

The contessa also shows me her favorite game in which she purchases a banana, gets a number, and when they call it, she wins a banana. I ask her if she ever loses. She says no! This is why its her favorite place. After a while, it is time for us to part. Buena Serra, ma donna. I know I want something for my throat, but the pickle was too intense, so I head over to the juice booth to get an apple, carrot, ginger juice. Who do I see there, but my favorite bartender from the outside world Paige. I knew she was visiting this day, but had not seen her anywhere. She introduces me to her beau, who attempts to kiss my hand,…yeah, you know where this is going. I give him a lesson (he even has a hat) and have him kiss his lady’s hand once I am done. They seem pleased…and I get juiced.

I head over to O’Shucks and visit a few tables. Some are patrons from the show earlier sitting with another gent. They share tales with this man who just wandered in toward the end of the day to see what there was. I next sit with two very drunk women and let them know they are in luck as without moving, they will get to see finale just down the hill. They are pleased. I head out toward the gate and walk into a circle of friends. It turns out that this is 3 separate groups who haven’t see each other in forever, but all ran into each other by fluke at this moment. I ask them what their plans are. One says to kill the king, I tell him that's treason and I will go find his maj now. They laugh and stop me with conversation.

As I am speaking with them, I run into faces I have not seen in quite a while. The original staff at Purple Unicorn has arrived and has met up. I hug Cindy, Theresa and Ruthie. I am happy to see them all doing well. We regale the circle of friends and Mistress Cydowyn with a few stories of our own including my very first fest in PA. As we are finishing our chat, the cannon booms and it is time to head home. I can stop sucking on honey drops finally. I head backstage and down the hill to change. I have reset the costumes I can and packed the ones that need washing. A few of us make dinner plans for CPK and have a few conversations as we are heading out. Before I leave, I have a heart to heart with a coworker and things end happily.

CPK has finally created a GF pizza that doesn’t suck so I am happy to get their yummy food. We don’t wait long at all and I have time to scrub the filth off my hands before I start to eat. I am exhausted, as are the rest of the group, but there are good stories and pleasant tales of the weekend including a brief chat with the elephant family. Dinner is lovely and we all hang behind talking of Shakespeare and the fest. I head home and take a glorious shower washing off the gross dirt then crawl into bed.

I am still coughing, but with the dust down, here’s to hoping for even better days on Celtic Weekend.

Date: 2015-09-11 09:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Part Due? I don't see Part Uno.

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