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My oh my, what a busy and fun weekend. Lots of stuff forgotten, lots of stuff only half remembered. I will forget details, moments, order, people and events. So with all those warnings said up front, here we go.

I had been fighting the remnants of a cold that hit me on second weekend. I am finally feeling better, not waking with a cough or feeling out of it in some way. For this I am grateful. I am able to grab breakfast out for the first time in a couple weekends and head to site. Once there, I stretch a bit longer as I am much stiffer this weekend. After the vocal warm up, I head down to the costume house and begin to do the changeover. It’s going to be warm today, which doesn’t make me happy, but tomorrow is going to be hotter. I was hoping for more non-sweaty weather, but at least it’s better than the 90’s we had before.

I change and wing up. Fairy hair is especially good today. I gather my Columbina props, lunch, extra water and other materials I need for the day. My arms are rather full as I head to Roseworld. There I unload props, food and water. I feel 10 lbs lighter. I joke with the ladies and gents there, then head out to the Lyric. There, I run a song with a lady that is getting closer to being ready, double check on plans for tomorrow with a gent, then head down to my seat in time for Cast Call. Morning meeting is a bit more intense as one of our actors is out sick and there are plans that need to be made to replace him in his countless shows during the day. Its always nerve wracking when these experiences happen, but the actors are troupers and amazingly professional with many stepping up to make sure that the audience still has a terrific experience. We BEEP and are off on our way.

Last privy stop and a stretch before the horses enter, one being particularly onery, then up on the fountain, boom goes the cannon and away we go. This is Scottish Weekend and the first Scottish weekend in more years that I can remember that wasn’t rained away. This means crowds…and they were there pouring in. I went out with many programs and see the lines already starting to form. Instead of putting programs on my head, I start working the lines. I haven’t even gotten through one run of the lines and I am out of the 4 stacks I have, so I head back in for another 5.

I start at the beginning of the lines and see that the lines next to Will Call are almost non existent, while the center lines are long, I can’t really speak, so I go through as many programs as I can and start to take patrons by the arm and walk one of their group to the short line. Once they realize that I am taking them to a shorter line, they are grateful and the rest of their party joins them. Next, I start finding lines that should have been two lines but merged into one. I start near the ticket booth and with no words or “two line” as my only English, I begin to shorten the lines and see people feed in or move up closer. No matter what I am doing, the lines keep growing. I see a few other performers come out and help when they can. I stay past the normal time for me to get in for my show, pushing it to 12:20. I finally have to leave, but see that the space isn’t being left without coverage.

I step inside and take a breath when I pick up my umbrella and head in. Many of the people I handed programs to are already inside and recognize me asking where my programs are. I don’t stop at either of my regular stops and go directly to the boardwalk so I am close to my stage. I do briefly stop and sit at a bench on the rail and sing a little bit. In moments, it’s time for me to head to get my props and hit the stage. I am a few minutes early and get the audience to sing Row Row Row your boat in a round before we start. I find it’s a great way to see if the audience is watching me enough to figure out what the Fairy means. The quicker they pick up on it, the easier the show is going to turn out.

Today’s show goes pretty well, but the audience is VERY quiet. It’s frustrating, The Dad is the best part of the show. The kids in the bear roles are good, but the audience is just missing the enthusiasm. I don’t want to push more, because that can be as offputting, but just keep going with the show. The audience afterwards is very complimentary, so I just chalk it up to them wanting to watch and not participate. SMDave arrives to pack the props and I head up the hill of Doom. I take my time chittering and playing along the way. Fanning a family or posing with kids. I see one little girl sobbing and I stop and fan her and chitter at her. I pull out a wish stone and hand it to her. The tears are stopped and the parents whisper “Thank you.” Soon enough, I am back and beginning the transition to Columbina.

The Costume house is rather warm and again, windows have been cracked to bring in some air. There is also a lovely fan that Carmita brought in that is now running to help make things move about in the space. I start to make my transition, and although I am rather sweaty from the warm day, I am not run down from the heat. I am changed in rather quick time, but keep feeling like something hasn’t been done. I head to street by way of the One Man Sideshow and see a minute of David Darwin’s show. He’s a friend, and it’s nice to see him in our world now. I head into the site and stop and chat with some teens, 3 guys and one lone gal. They appear to be waiting for a ride, but have some time to talk about their day and have the girl assure me that she is not dating ANY of the boys. Farther in, I pause near Thomas Tallis and meet a little girl whose father informs us that it is her natal day. With Harpsichord and Italian words, we sing happy birthday to her.

I head toward O’Shucks and chat with some of the patrons. I wander toward one table with a gent and two ladies, but before I can really speak to them, the men at the next table, overwhelmed with their libations from the last hours are trying to get my attention. One tells me he has been a fan for over 10 years. The others are just drunk and doing a feeble attempt at hitting on me. It is somewhat ridiculous and the people I was originally trying to say hello to are laughing along with me at the situation. I finally take my leave after one of the drunks adamantly yells how he is coming to see my show. Uh-huh. Over to the Boars Head to meet the crowd and see who is there. As it is getting closer to showtime, the pub is rather empty and I am concerned I will have enough people to reference for bits in the show. SMDavid notes that by the middle of the show I always have a good crowd…which I agree with, but it won’t help me during my first song. Ah well.

As I am doing the show, I do end up with enough people for the first song. I am scanning the audience during the next few songs trying to pick out my “client.” That one is in a kilt, um, no, they are not sitting up on the stage, JUST IN CASE they are regimental. That one? Normal clothing, but alone. He’d be fine, but the audience seems to get more involved if that person has others in the audience with them. Finally, I find my target for the day. And his name? John. There is suddenly another level of joke as John the contractor and I play together on stage. He does have friends who are laughing and enjoying the show. I see some return faces to the show, which is always nice.

Once the show is over, I de-mic and go into the house to thank those who I referenced during the show. I especially want to thank John for being a good sport. Once that is done, I take my props and head quickly to the costume house to drop things off and then grab some water and head back to Pyrate camp. On the way, I see the still drunk men at O’Shucks and go up and tell him that he missed the show. The new woman who has joined him hits him upset he said he would see it and didn’t. At Pyrate Camp, I check in and get a few notes for the upcoming show. I sit for a moment and notice how much my feet are hurting. It’s now places and I head into the White Hart for Pub Sing. I stick near the stage for the first section as I am in the opening and the 3rd song. I have a little fun playing with the mic placement, then sing The Scotsman in honor of the weekend theme. After my song, I head to the back of the pub and see some super sekrit performers hiding in more comfortable clothing. I finally have conversations with a few of them. Toward the end of the show, I head back toward the stage to join in the closing of Wild Mountain Thyme, then boom and the day is done.

I head back to the costume house by way of the streets and briefly stop to see a lovely Simba who is caught in his leash. I get him free with the approval of his mom and then get backstage…he does give good purrs though. Once backstage, I rush in and start to take all the layers off. I am mostly redressed in civvies when I realize I don’t see the curler I need for the morning. I figure I’ll find it and as I take my feathers off, I find it. I never took it out. I had been on street for about 3 hours with a curler in my hair…and NOT on purpose for once. Well, now I know what I forgot. The curl is tight and pretty and Margaret Geddynge says I should have pretty men pull it. Once I am out on the porch, I ask some of my pretty men friends to do just that for me. They are amused at how bouncy and springy it is. I see an old friend who I have yet had a chance to speak to and chat with him for few moments.

I make plans for dinner with some friends I haven’t gotten to spend much time with this season. I head to Bertucci’s to get our table and am joined by the ladies and the kind jouster man. Dinner is enlightening…to say the least…but also freezing as the AC is blowing down on us and I am grateful I brought in my sweatshirt. Eventually, we have eaten our fill and it’s time for me to head home. I organize for the morning and get some sleep…

I have an event that is coming up in 2 weeks and my mind is swirling about it. So much so that I am unable to really sleep after about 3 am. I drift in and out, but find myself coordinating details in my half awake state. I also notice how sore and stiff I am and am stretching in my half sleep. I wake up, but I don’t feel as refreshed as I should. Joy. I get myself organized and head out on time. I grab my breakfast on the way and once I get to site, I realize I left most of my lunch at home…crap. Ok, I make a plan on how to adjust for this and begin to stretch out. Again, pulling out a few more deep stretches as my muscles are just not releasing enough. I get fabulous fairy hair today and am made up a bit early. Off to the costume house and the privy before Stitch arrives.

She arrives mere moments later and I head in to make the transition. One of the ladies was missing her make up and needs the mirror near me, so I move my stuff to the middle of the room and change shoes, tights and other layers. I am dressed relatively quickly and I head out after getting winged up. Up the hill I go with all my props, which I drop off at roseworld. Some of the gents are sad to hear I am less than food prepared and offer help, but I think I will be ok taking care of it and thank them for their offer. I get down to Lyric and check in, then confirm with a gent about times to sing, sing with a lady, and get organized. Today, our ill actor is healthy, much to everyone’s joy, especially the actors who all filled in for him. There are very few notes and we BEEP and head out rather quickly.

I have to rush down the hill again as I forgot something, but at least I have time to get it. On the way, I am greeted by two little kids who have met Mustardseed on the street and one of them hands me a leaf. Before I think about it, I thank them in English. They are confused and ask me why I am not speaking in my language. I tell them that when the gates open, that’s when the magic happens and I won’t be able to speak in English anymore. ARGH for making the mistake, but it is before hours. Ah well, down to get my stuff and back up through Gatehouse’s backstage and a quick privy stop before the trumpets sound. Then, BOOM and the crowds pour in.

And it was. There was a large crowd to start out the morning. We are without Piers again since he has decided to through a tree around. I also am greeted by Scapino with a big bear hug as he arrives to throw trees as well. This lack of English speaking actors makes doing a morning tour a bit difficult, so we are doing general welcomes. I see many friendly faces and many children returning who are happy to see me. As you stand with the same people every day and do the same jobs, you start to hear a pattern in what they are saying. The idea that there is a pattern in gibberish amuses me, but one gent has started to learn how I say Welcome to Revel Grove in fairy. He gets it wrong on purpose, but finally starts welcoming guests in fairy. Somehow, it seems odd coming out of the mouth of a normal person…well, seemingly normal person. Ah, it’s Sadowsky, what am I thinking.

Once the crowd is in, I go grab programs and set them on my head. The lines seem short outside, so I figure this is the best option. As I sit though, I see the lines start to grow and I make a pass to split them up to run more smoothly, then rush back in for another 4 stacks of programs and change my plan and start working the lines. They are starting to grow when a gent from Security comes out to announce they are selling one day adult only tickets for cash at a separate line. Now I am trying to see who can move. As a few other performers come out, I share the info with them, as they are much more likely to be able to express this. I go in again for more programs and begin to walk the lines passing them out. There is a Death Wheeler out in the crowd helping with programs and bragging about how many he had given out. When I told him that this was my 8th stack I was almost finished with, he informed me I won. Bob the Giant comes out for the crowd as do Out of the Box and others. This allows me to focus on the lines. As I am splitting the lines, I hear a woman say “why isn’t she talking?” to which I turn to her and spew out a long and complicated explanation, in gibberish, of why my speaking won’t help. She gets the idea. I end up doing this another few times as they don’t realize how much you can do without verbal language.

The lines, while still longish, seem well taken care of and I head in around noon. Once inside, I play with people as I grab water and make my way toward Piland’s. There, I find my tree and sing a bit and stack some leaves. It’s Sunday, so I sing Amazing Grace and see some women stop and recognize it. They stay till I finish. I have something for Piland, but the man in charge is shooting off, so I don’t have him to talk to. I go back to singing and when I see him arrive, I head back in and show him what I need his help in creating. He comes up with a simple and happy fix, and I am ready to head out into the village. I take the hill of doom down to save some time finding people to play with on the way. There is already a bit of a line at the slide, so I chitter down the line and interact with the kids. Once at the base, I find a bench and sit on the rail to sing a little. I am approached for pics and I keep singing on the way. I am also greeted by another fairy, who I adore, and she and I sit together for a few minutes catching up. This becomes a huge photo op and the rest of my time is taken up with posing and her looking adorable.

Soon enough it’s time to get props, so I head to the wall and to the stage. There are kids running all around it, and I have to get them off. They are all very offput that I am stopping them, but most moms and dads are good about getting the kids out. One even crawls into the cottage to get her kids. I set my props and get the audience to sing with me. Once the show starts, the first bear is a bit of a struggle to get, but after that, there are hands up and excited for all of the roles. Of course, when we get to Goldilocks, one little girl want to be it, but I tell her I think I am going to use her Dad. She seems upset until mom talks with her briefly and she sees how silly he looks in the blonde hair. The show goes smoothly with everyone playing their part and being silly…except for the two forest stumps.

I pack up the props and head over to reset them with the help from SMDave who brings over the next props I need. Once that is done, I wander up the hill making friends and seeing little girls faces light up when they see the fairy. I fan gents and giggle with happiness as I make my way to roseworld. There, I get more water, the part of lunch I had, then head onto the street and stop by the fruit cart for grapes and a banana. It was a lot of fruit. I sit by the kissing bridge and begin to eat my lunch. I see some patrons from NC who are in town and offer them a few grapes. I see some little kids who all want to throw things in the pond. This makes me scowly. I finish my food and head back down the boardwalk. I have my hands full with my water, umbrella and have a hard time pulling out my fan. I do manage to set down the water to play with the guests. One little girl was at my last show and just doesn’t want me to leave. Her mom explains that I have things I need to do and the little one lets me travel on. I find a nice man’s head to rub, with permission of course. I pick on Rich at the Fortune Tellers, as always. I do believe he wants to see the angry fairy. I am called to from Half Moon and offered treats that I can’t eat, but thank them for their kindness.

I head to the end of the boardwalk and sit on the end and begin singing a bit. I am joined for photos and have a brief conversation or two. I head to the stage and set up my little homes. Today we have 3 energetic kids and a silly adult for the 3 pigs. The audience really gets into translating the script but this time, the kids and wolf are able to say their lines. That is the fun part. Once the show is over, I am surrounded by kids helping me clean the stage. I hand off props to SMDave and head backstage to empty out the bottles of fairy juice to avoid the evile white floaties of last year. Once that is done, I head up the hill and visit as I head back to find Columbina. On the way, I see a little boy who is crying. I stop to try to talk to him and he is frightened of the weird lady. I take a moment to give his friends (sisters?) and he each a wishing stone with a separate wish for each of them. He is reticent to take it, so mom takes it and gives it to him. He’s still sullen, but he’s not crying anymore.

I get backstage and peel off the sweaty layers. Blargh. Today, for Scottish weekend, I have brought in Columbina’s Scottish tartan. Her “tartan” is a plaid silk weaved fabric of blue, on blue, on blue…with blue thrown in for her mother’s side. Mind you, they are all the same shade of blue, but that’s about as Scottish as Columbina will ever get. Out on the streets I head toward O’Shucks to chat with patrons and find those who are interested in naughty songs. I get into some good conversations with patrons, some about the history of the courtesan, some about the history of revel grove, and some about the history of this festival. It’s eclectic and enjoyable. Time enough and I grab my props and head to the Boars Head.

In the pub, I stop and chat with various people. One gent is completely tongue-tied around me, which is rather sweet. Once I start the show, I pick on his friend and a few other gents in the audience. When it is time to find my client, I choose him. He is charming and playful and ALSO named John. Not sure how I am getting so lucky with all of these. At the end of the show, I am joined by Tiegh. Because of all the dust in the air this weekend, my singing voice is a bit low, which works great as his part is often high for him. This way, we are at a perfect balance. After the show, I thank my audience, then head down to drop off props with Tiegh. We head up the hill to the Pyrate Camp to check in for the show. At Pub Sing, after Health to the Company, I stay toward the back to enjoy the show. I am not signing till late in the show, but there is much fun on the stage. Toward the end, I grab Tiegh and we reprise Ramblin Rover for the crowd. He doesn’t know the final songs, so he doesn’t stay, but I stay and sing some of my favorites. The cannon booms and the day is done.

As I leave the pub, I am stopped by Dinty standing next to the gent who was my “client.” Turns out it was a high school friend of his. Small world. We chat a bit and I soon take my leave. I keep getting stopped today. I finally get backstage and feel like I am the last one in there. I begin to change as quickly as I can and load up my bag with lots of laundry. Outside, I touch base with my dinner companions. They have decided on a different restaurant than we originally spoke of and assured me that there would be food I can eat. Once I get there, I find that is sadly not quite the case. There are two items I can have and only if they are modified to have pretty much no flavor…of course what dinner lacked in food, it gained in company. I catch up with friends I met back in Chippewa Falls and realize I have met all but maybe 2 of Barely Balanced company members from over the years. Yikes. I also get to finally meet with Sirena and talk body makeup, chat away with the CD/dancer ladies from Cu Dubh and play catch up with a man I knew since he was 8. It was lovely. We closed the restaurant and each drove home to our various abodes. A lovely way to end the weekend.

The next weekend is coming up soon. Only four weekends left. Will we see you there?

Till next time…

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