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Well, I realize weekend 3 got lost to the Ethernet, but we’ll give a try to organize thoughts of weekend 4. Some of it was washed away, but other parts are stuck. Times, days, events, orders names and more will disappear, but with those caveats, here we go.

There are forecasts for rain this weekend, anywhere from 2-6 pm or so. We know there will be rain, but just can’t figure out when. I get to site and begin to stretch. I have been out of sorts health-wise and still have a hacking cough that randomly appears and intestines that hate me. I have taken steps to avoid issues for both. I make oatmeal for breakfast and head to site. Once there, I park by the road as we don’t know how bad the rain will be and I don’t want to be stuck in the mud again. Once at Gatehouse, I stretch with mellow music and warm up before Richard arrives…as does one of the powers that be to put the covers over the stage. I move my things off to the benches to give them room. SMKatherine arrives and is fascinated to watch the tarping process. As Wolsey arrives, it is just about time for me to go. The fairy hair is impressive today.

I get to the privies first, and by the time I come out, the costume house is open. I am amused that there are still a decent number of people here this early, but well, we’ll see how that goes on weekend 8. Inside, I finish getting dressed as the normal first day chaos begins to occur. I grab my bag, my fairy circle, my food and bowl, plus water and take them up to roseworld. There I realize I have left the Columbina props in the costume house, but no worries, if it’s going to rain, I may not be able to bring them out, so this may work out. I drop off everything except for the bag and the circle, as I may need them.

I head to morning meeting and check in, but step to the back to check on something and catch up with a few old friends. Soon enough CAST CALL is begun and we go over notes for the day. As I am sitting there, I realize I left my timepiece, ID and money back at the costume house. It’s a relatively quick meeting and soon enough we BEEP and head out. I rush back to the costume house to get what I forgot and back up to the gate. I stretch once more and have a very brief chat with Dinty and a blonde lady. A few minutes later, the horses enter, the cannon booms and the parasol goes up. The day has started.

The crowd is surprisingly large and when the first crowd has entered, I still see people pouring in to get tickets. After a few tours, I leave the fountain and head outside with a number of stacks of programs. I sit with them on my head and they disappear rather quickly, so I head back in and get another 4 stacks. They are gone quickly and I see the lines getting a bit long. I check and clean them up so doubled lines separate and people get in quickly then do another 4 or so stacks. I head inside and go to Stupina’s tree after grabbing some water and greeting various patrons along the way.

Once sitting, I begin to build my pile, as I started last week. I start to collect leaves near where I am and stack them all in one neat pile. After it starts looking established, I grab a leaf and hold it out to patrons asking them to add them to the stack. Sometimes it takes a bit of explaining (which is hard in fairy), but they eventually get that they are supposed to add the leaf to the pile. Then, I cheer for them and they leave either befuddled or happy. One little girl starts gathering more leaves and bringing them to me. Today, the pile is growing. By the time its time for me to go, the stack is 8 inches tall. As I see the next show starting on the Lyric, I gather my things and head farther into the village.

I head inside and sit under the tree near Piland’s. The sky is starting to get more overcast and a breeze is picking up. I start another pile of leaves and patrons happily add to the stack. I see people start putting up umbrellas and, while the rain hasn’t hit me under my tree, I know it has arrived early. I stay under the tree getting occasional drips, but am still staying pretty dry. Eventually, I have to put my parasol up where I sit. I know this spot won’t be “safe” for much longer, so I head out with my covering into the village down Kenwood. People have prepared for the weather overall, and no one appears to be leaving. I manage my way to the boardwalk and stop to cover various people who are eating while their friends watch them to see how long it takes for them to notice.

I head to the Crooked Cottage and I am surprised to see enough of an audience to be able to do a successful show. In the crowd are my friends L and F, an older friend and his new wife and little girl are there. They are all braving the weather. There is also a group of senior citizens along with the kids and parents. When it comes time to pick audience for the show, I end up choosing a grandfather as Papa Bear, F as Mama Bear, a little boy who doesn’t even come up to my hip for baby bear and a father for Goldilocks. Luckily, I have the fairy circle which is waterproof and I lay that down to allow for Goldilocks to sleep on and not get muddy and soaked, which is not as easy for the breakaway stool. The show, though drizzly, goes relatively well and the small group seems to be having fun.

I go to gather props, which are no longer dry, and head to where I would set props for the next show. SMDave comes over with the extra props, but we are both noting the rain is just getting heavier and does not look like it will stop in time for my next show. The props for the second show are much more fragile and I am concerned that they won’t do well in rain. Both SMDave and I agree to reset props for tomorrow morning but leave the other props there just in case it stops. I also make sure to grab papa bear’s ears as they are unraveling. Then, I head out to gather my lunch.

My body is not liking me, to put it nicely, so I have packed myself some honeycakes, applesauce and a banana which should not become an issue…hopefully. I know that I don’t want to sit on the ground today, but see that the sunbowl’s fountain (yeah, not sunny today) is still only damp and covered by trees, so I sit there with my legs crossed and use my fun new spoons to eat my applesauce. I am greeted by many who want pictures, since I am sitting in trees. Groups of teens and women with children and more. I see a girl dressed as Elsa and sing her a bit of Let It Go in Fairy. She is very happy. I realize there is no way that I will be doing feathered hair for Columbina, so I pull out my curler and let the ringlet look cute for 10 minutes or so until it goes flat. My meal is done and I head back down the boardwalk. The rain is getting heavier and I head back toward the stage.

I get to Crooked cottage and it is definitely too rainy for the props. I see one group at the back, a mom, her friend and her daughter. They are waiting for the show, but they are the only ones. As time for the show comes. I sit down on the stage with my fairy circle closed for a dry spot. I invite them down toward the stage, and since it’s only 4, I drink the Fairy juice, and tell them to sit on it, just to keep their feet off it to avoid the mud. I then use their help to begin to tell an improv fairy tale. The rain suddenly starts getting harder and we each pick up a corner and head inside the cottage to keep dry. As we are telling the story, other kids come in the door or the side and see us, I offer them to join the group and we have 8 or 9 patrons with me helping me create various stories. My favorite has to be Jebi the Juggling Cricket.

Once upon a time there was a cricket name Jebi, He could juggle quite well. One morning, he came out of his home and discovered the king was in front of him, He bowed and cried “God Save your majesty”, but Henry just walked on by. Now, you may not know this, but if the king does not give you leave to stand, you cannot. Poor Jebi was stuck in a crouched bow and didn’t know what to do. He wandered through the village for hours looking for someone to help him when he saw the queen. He called to her, but she didn’t see him for he was only a cricket and quite small. He tugged on the hem of her skirt and she looked down and noticed him. She asked him what was wrong and he told her why it had been 3 hours and he could not stand. Well, she immediately gave him leave to stand and called to her husband because he needed to apologize. HENRY! She cried. She was down by the cottage and Henry was at the Jousting Field HENRY! He heard her and replied with those words that every good husband has learned since the dawn of time “Yes dear, what is it dear? How can I help dear?” Well, the queen turned on him and told him he had to apologize to Jebi, grabbed him by his ear and walked him down to Jebi’s house. He looked around and said “where, I can’t see anyone?” “Look down” she said. And he did. She then said “Henry Tudor, since when have you become so big and self important that you have forgotten the people who have placed you where you were. Have you grown so full of yourself that you have forgotten to look down to thank those who support you?” Henry was ashamed. He kneeled down and told Jebi he was very sorry and that he was grateful for Jebi and the support and respect Jebi had for him. And the moral of the story was that you should never forget the “little people” as you move upwards in the world, for it is them who placed you and keep you where you are and they deserve your respect and love. The kids told me the moral themselves…and that was the very best part.

There was one more story about a flying fairy fish who saved his friends by having them all jump into the mouth of a shark that they all assured me was safe. Then together the fish and the shark stole the gold from the evil glowing blowfish that had captured them. It was all very daring and including water volcanos, also known as earth farts. When I was finally finished telling tales, the rain had let up a bit and I folded up my fairy circle and bit everyone a safe day. DAMN that was fun. Then, up the hill of doom rather than the stairs of doom and back to the costume house. I was stopped and stopped on my own to various patrons to chitter, cover or enjoy a moment or two. I ended up getting back to the costume house later than normal, but at least I made people happy along the way. Finally, back at the costume house, I hung up my wet things. I had to pull out my towel to catch the water from the umbrella so it didn’t flood the space. Then, the transformation began.

Once inside, I fix the hair and try to keep my mess minimal. I leave the hair out rather than in braids as it’s chillier than the other day, then I layer into the turquoise, add makeup and sing with Carmita as I am preparing. I finish getting changed, add the hat of largess and head out. The rain has appeared to stop, but it is still overcast. I head toward O’Shucks and see Baby working the crowd, so I move on. I head to the Boar’s Head. There I chat with the patrons enjoying dry seats. Soon before my shows starts, a group sits down in the middle and starts to pull out cards for a game. I let them know a show is starting, but they are more concerned about playing their game. I take it as a high honor that I manage to distract them a few times and the look up and watch the show. The rest of the audience is quite focused and having fun. Carmita comes in and the crowd really enjoys Captain’s Daughter.

After the show, I take some time thanking the patrons who participated then head back to drop off my props at the costume house, grab water to drink and head back out. I check in at Pyrate Camp and go over one piece of schtick that I would like the rest of the cast help with. We run it once and then it’s time to go inside. Health to the Company runs as normal and I keep near the stage since I am early in the line up. The Limericks about the Village characters goes well and I clear the stage for the rest of the entertainment. I stay nearby to watch the Dueling Fools and their handkerchief bit, which amuses me. Next, Cu Dubh comes in and fills the space with music and drums. It’s great energy. Later Wolgemut comes in to make everyone bears while I run to get water. Eventually, we end with Boatman and another amusing sign off. The cannon booms and the day is done.

We head back and I begin to peel off the layers. Nothing is horribly wet, and I count myself lucky for that. The ladies need their hoops hung and Dash is requested to venture into the Ladies Dressing Room to assist with his great height. I change and get ready to head out for the evening. A small group goes to Ruby Tuesday that night where I eat mostly bland food and I am gratefully not incapacitated by it. I head home and crawl into bed, so very ready for sleep.

This morning is bright and happy. Unfortunately, my body is not being agreeable and I end up leaving the house later than I want after toasting a sesame bagel with nothing on it. I manage to get to site only a few minutes later than I should and, since I was starting my vocal warm up in the car, hit my stage without losing much time. The tarps are still up, but they eventually come down. I am slowly joined by my new crew of regulars stretching with me, well, after me. I am jealous of the ones that bring in their yoga mats. My area is too crowded already to worry about adding more to the pile. I am made and haired up on time and head back to the Costume House. I hit the privy before I go to change.

Its colder this AM so I had more layers to take off and have to determine which layers I need to wear on street. I settle for a new scarf. I hotglue my bear ears that were falling apart and add them to the props that I need to take down the hill. Outside, I am joking with some of the cast about how unrecognizable Stupina was from me and how many who knew me didn’t realize that I was Stupina. The gent who plays Baby is there with us and suddenly says “wait, You are Stupina? I didn’t know that!” thus proving our point. We laugh and talk about walking around in a mask. The oddness of the anonymity and the distance it can give you from patrons that are normally friendly. It’s fascinating stuff.

I finish changing, get winged up and head out with everything. I stop at the rose place, drop off my daily items for street then head to the Cottage with 13 minutes to spare to drop off and set props then head back to the Lyric. I touch base with a friend to make plans for next week and CAST CALL begins. Notes are minimal, but people are looking forward to the cooler weather. We know that lines might be big with a few deadlines and pricing changes occurring next week. BEEP and off we go.

I head up, hit the privy and stretch a bit after chatting briefly with the ticket gals. I go to the other side of the fountain, wait for the gates to open, the horses to let their travelers dismount, then jump up as the cannon booms and the gates open. I am the only one there for a few seconds. It always amuses me that the first thing patrons are going to hear is a happy gobblety gook that makes no sense. Should make them feel right at home. There is a hefty crowd outside and the group comes pouring in. Once the first flow has ended, I see there are lines. I grab 4 stacks of programs and go to start passing them out. They are gone before I get through the lines once and I head back in and get five stacks. I am now separating lines that are doubled, explaining, in gibberish that Tickets/Concierge is still a ticket line, taking people from really long lines to the short lines, etc. In short order, the programs are gone and the lines are growing. I try to grab one performer, but they are off to start their stage show, so I see Liam and grab him. I give him some suggestions on how to distribute the programs and give him 3-4 stacks, then go restock myself. Again, Lines are empty or insanely long and I keep moving people. I continue to refill programs and go back out. I have been out of water and am replacing lozenges as I can, then do more programs. The lines are still growing and I grab The Puppet Master to see if he could come out. He does and starts giving puppet hugs to the lines as I go up and down with programs and continue to manage lines where I can.

It’s suddenly noon and I have to start going in for my show. As I walk back in the village, I have to take a breath and reset myself as my gears are all on overdrive. I am unhappy to leave the PM alone, but as I start to head to the boardwalk, I grab any performers I can to tell them sotto voce that the lines are to the trees and they need people out there if you have time. The word goes out and many others go to take over what I can no longer do. I play with patrons as I make my way toward the stage. I stop along the way when I see the Janet with her Hang drum. I LOVE this thing. In fact, my favorite place to listen to it is under it. The sounds emanating from the base are so gloriously full and relaxing. I chitter my hellos and head to the end bench where I begin to sing. She comes up to me and joins me in harmony at the end of my Amazing Grace. A lovely voice she has on top of her other skills.

She wanders back to her drum and I am greeted by another man who wishes to sing. He is bald and energetic. He lets me rub his head and introduces himself as Puck. He is playful and having a great time. He chitters with me a bit more then heads on his way as I head to the Cottage. I gather my props and head to the stage. There is a good crowd today and a few faces from the past. One is an old YAE I haven’t seen in a long time. I believe he was one of the Sheriff’s nephews many years ago. I start the show and the audience is playful. I get one of the audience from the second “show” yesterday as papa bear, a little girl as baby bear, a little boy as baby bear and another mostly bald guy as goldilocks. He plays it up beautifully. As the show is over, the YAE comes over and thanks me for making his day. Turns out Mama Bear was HIS little girl. I remember him as a High School kid and now he has a daughter who can walk and speak. Sigh. Well, she was good, so it seems the bug has hit his next generation. He wants to come back too, but the responsibilities of life keep him from being able to audition. Pity. He’s a nice kid.

I reset props and head up the hill to get my meal. On the way, I am stopped by a HUGE crowd of regulars and escaped boothies enjoying their time outside Bullseye. They are silly and have me stop. They inform me they are snarking on passers by. I join for a moment and randomly chitter in fairy at random attendees. Not really saying anything, but being goofy for their enjoyment. It’s playful and silly. I take my leave and head to the roseworld to get my exciting meal of applesauce, banana and honey cake again…but today it is TWO applesauces. OOOhhh, wow. The crowd is up so I head to the fairy pond and take my spot. I am joined briefly by some patrons, sometimes for pictures, sometimes for conversation. I wipe out my now empty bowl and pack it away for traveling. On the way to the boardwalk, I meet some older ladies who I fan and chitter at. It seems one is having a rough time, so I give her a wishing stone. Her friends ask for some as well and I am able to oblige.

That’s Hang Drum. I head down the boardwalk and see that Janet is playing away. I lay down on my side under her drum. About 30 seconds there, and I am ready to face the rest of the day. I head as far down the path as I can. Once I am a clear distance, I begin to sing a bit. I have little ones joining me on the bench for pics and one little girl needs a special something, so I give her a wishing stone. A couple of little boys see me and suddenly they all want them. Their wishes are brief, but I at least have enough for the ones who ask. I think the other little boys that come up later want one, but they don’t ask, and I really don’t have tons to give out. I keep them for special occasions. It’s time to hit the stage and off I go.

There is a good audience for this show as well when I start. This show includes Rosie, a girl I met who was scared of me outside in the lines now inside as the second pig. The big bad wolf ends up being a kid. I do think the show needs one adult in it somewhere. It was hard to get the kids to focus, but we make it through and the audience seems to enjoy it. I chat with a few patrons after the show as I gather the props and transfer them to SMDave. Once I am done greeting people, I head backstage and gather the bottles to be washed and offer the fairy juice to SMDave as it is getting hot out. He informs me the lines are STILL bad and they ended up going out not only to the trees, but all the way to the fence and snaked around cars. This is insane, but there were technical difficulties that were making it very slow. He partakes of the FJ and I head up the slopey hill of doom this time. I seem to get less winded this way. I keep wandering stopping to say hello to patrons along the way. I see little kids faces light up as I approach and I always try to stop and say hello to them if I can. I am stopped for pics and fan or cover those along the way. I finally find my way to the Costume House.

With the lovely weather, I am able to do normal Columbina hair and transform relatively quickly. I am out on street earlier than ever (and would have been even earlier if not for an extended privy stop). I wander greeting patrons along the way until I get to O’Shucks and I chat with some patrons there. I move about a bit then head down to the Boars Head. Nearby, I find a group with a young man. I ask him which is his lady and ask her if she has been well wooed. I ask him to kiss her hand, then read him the riot act. He touched his nose to her. (HORROR). I give the first hand kissing lesson of this season. He is much better when I am done and she seems pleased.

I chat with some groups on the streets, then in the pub. Soon enough it’s time to mic up and start the show. There are friendly faces in the crowd, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet…although the man in the kilt who my friend made me “puppy butt” was in good spirits. As I am getting through the third song, I see an older gent arrive who is laughing…BING. It’s time to pull up my client and there he is. He is a hoot. His daughter is taking pics and his wife is laughing. Turns out he is a musician. During Pump Away, some rather drunk man with painted on scars stands up in front and tries to hand me a dollar. I thank him but no, he is not moving well, but finally not only steps away, he leaves the show. And that is fine by me. I am able to finish my time with my musician, then bring up Tiegh for one last song.

After the show, I have some time, so I wander about thanking those who stopped by the show. I thank my musician’s family and he says that he enjoyed the show, because the most important part of a musician’s performance is that the audience can see they are having a great time. He saw that in me. I don’t think I could ask for a higher compliment. I head back to the costume house with my props then head back out to get my banana…frozen this time. You know, I really should get a card….ah well. I run into Piperjones who I flirt with shamelessly, cause he’s such a great guy. I chat with Abby Green about the weekend and music and more. I make tentative plans for the eve and head on my way.

I wander the streets now, chatting with patrons, though many have already gone home. I decide to take a different path and head up Kenwood. I stop by benches and chat with patrons. An art student gives me a lesson in posing for the camera. A leather-armored man kisses my hand and I give him a mini lesson on proper romancing of a lady. I sit across from a loving couple and ask them about the best parts of their day. I visit a mother and daughter enjoying ice cream and share their excitement for this village. As I am up the hill from the White Hart, I hear Wild Mountain Time stating and I know that the day is almost over. I begin to head toward the front stopping and chatting with others. I even briefly run into the drunk man who tells me he’s the best lover I could have…um, thanks, no. Soon enough, the cannon booms and the day is over. It is chilly now and I have taken to wrapping my shoulders in my scarf so as not to feel it too deeply.

I head into the costume house to change. It is blissfully warm. I don’t have to wash everything to my surprise. I pack everything that needs to go home and finish getting changed. Once done, I head outside with all my layers on. I am tired from the weekend. I have made dinner plans and while not all pan out, the ones that do are quite lovely. Dinner is an eclectic conversation learning about the favorite parts of everyone’s day. The mix is vendor, performer, and more. It’s a lovely perspective to see what touched each person as the evening progressed. It’s relatively early, but we are all wiped from the weekend and it’s time for sleep. We way our goodbyes and head on home.

This weekend is Scottish weekend. There will be many skirts and dying cats to be enjoyed. 5 weekends left…hope to see you soon!

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