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I think most of this past weekend has melted away in my brain. Really, that one was brutal, but following is what I can remember about days, times, and events. Things WILL be forgotten, apologies up front, and away we go

Friday, I load in and get everything set up. I have washed my bottles since the growing white things scared me last year, so I meet up with the gent who hosts some of my props and I make sure I am reset for tomorrow. Then, I head off to the Costume house to load in everything I have cleaned up and fixed during the week. The ED and I commiserate about the weather report nervous that since we haven’t I head home and am able to head to bed at a decent time.

I headed out in the morning. They noted that there may be rain, so I parked near the road and got to the stage a bit early. I was still stiff and sore from the prior weekend, so he extra time was rather helpful. I get made up and frizz the hair. I am met by Richard Southwell, Liam McDonough and Cardinal Wolsey again. I am running late and head down the hill. There is still a group waiting to go in and soon enough Stitch arrives. I suit up and get help winging up as well. I head up the hill and realize that I have forgotten some of my props. I drop off what I have and head back down to the costume house to get the missing parts, remembering to change batteries before I leave. I get back up the hill to run some music with a gent and a lady. Meeting starts and we make our preparations for the weekend,: warnings, welcomes, reminders and more. Then, it’s BEEP and we are off.

I hit the privy and stretch a little more before I open the parasol, the horses enter, the royals dismount and the cannons boom. In come friends from the cold north of Canada and the southern climes. Suddenly, I see a group of Asian men and women with cameras, and I know I am going to be busy. A regular is waiting till they are done taking pics to say hello, but after waiting about 3 minutes he gives up. They are clicking and clicking. My cohorts are amused, but I realize I probably look like Anime anyway, so I’m popular. Eventually, they move on. We give tours and watch those above the gates making people cheer. The crowd takes a little while to enter, but when they are in, I head outside and sit with programs on my head. I am amused to see people want the program JUST because it’s on my head, not because they needed one. I see friend’s faces and shy children. I pose with people. I am amused that the people who knock the programs over are not the kids, but adults who feel they need to press down on my head to pick one up and unbalance the stack. I have yet to have a little kid cause them to fall over. Sloppy adults, that’s another story.

I head to the lines and split doubled lines and shrink them where I can. I can do it almost silently now, which is kinda cool, but I do stand out in a crowd. After everything seems to be running smoothly, I head inside, grab my parasol, then begin to head into the village. I cover one of a group with the parasol to see when they will notice, since the rest of the group is already laughing. I finally make my way to Stupina’s tree near O’Shucks and sit and sing. The Paparazzi find me again and there is another group of 5 or more photographers clicking away. This time I ignore them and just sing, greet kids and pose with anyone has just themselves/family and their camera. The others will wait or take these images too. Soon enough, it’s time to move on and I head over towards the area north of Pilands. Again, the paparazzi find me and this time the 2 photographers go for a little while, this time asking me for specific head turns or positions. I do what I can, but do focus beyond them to the wandering audience.

I head down the hill and look for a more unusual place to sit. I sing a little, then head to the stage after picking up my props. For today’s show, I am able to get a number of kids and a tall bald man to play Goldilocks. I wasn’t sure the hair would even stay on him, but luckily, it did. This makes me happy. They are all pretty playful and the show goes relatively smoothly. I pack up and find SMDave getting ready to gather props and meet me to repack items. He leaves me with my props and I reset and refill the items necessary. Once done, I head up the hill of doom and to the rose home to gather my food. Today, I take my food toward the street outside Pilands and they generously provide me with water, so I don’t spill everything. William McQ stops by to show me his period glasses. I like them, but have to figure out what makes sense for Columbina. Once done, I head the long way to get to the stage. On the way, I chitter at patrons, see little kids faces in awe, fan and cover people, giggle and chitter with them and otherwise have a great time.

I am wandering back and have been getting more and more people asking me if my wing is broken or helpfully informing me of that. It is getting frustrating and I am determined to figure out a way to make it clear it’s broken on purpose. I get back to the new stage and arrive early enough to set up the props. I have a quiet audience, which is deadly for this show. I also have all kids as pigs, but get an adult as the wolf. I am struggling with getting the kids to follow along or figure out what to do and the show is frustrating me. I finish the show and head back to drop off props. SMDave helps reset props and I head back to find Columbina. While changing, I chat with Pirate Jean about the show issues and she says she will see if she can find time to watch and see if there are suggestions she can provide. I know I need to record it soon to get a better idea of what is and isn’t working.

I finish changing and head out to the street. I stop by O’Shucks and chat with some of the patrons seeing how their days went and letting them know about my show. I head back to get my props then head to the Boars Head to wander and prewarn audiences with kids that there is PG materials. The show goes ok, but when I pull up my client, it turns out that he is a bit more drunk than I thought when I invited him. I quickly determine I should change out the song I was going to do today and stick with the one that allows me some safer distance from him, while still be ing amusing. Tiegh isn’t there when it’s time for our song, so I go with another closer that I do. Midsong, he arrives, I check the time and there is enough for me to get him up and still do it together.

I head back to drop off props then over to check in for pirate camp. Pub Sing begins and we open with Health to the Company. I come back to sing Three Jolly Coachmen. Once done, I gather a birthday present that the presenter was kind enough to hold for me during the day, then I head out of the pub to run a song with a kindly gent who will be joining me the next day. The Piland staff is enjoying the serenade as the 3 court ladies who say his voice is dreamy. Once we run the song and schtick and feel comfortable, I head back to the pub and join in for the final song. The cannon booms and head back to get changed. Once done, I meet with the Duchess and her Chancellor with some other kind gents for dinner of Latin food. I get home, do a load of laundry for the clothing I have to repeat, and crash to sleep.

The morning comes with intense humidity. The windows of my house are steamed and I haven’t been doing anything interesting. I head outside and the air is chewy already. Oh joy. I grab brekkies and head out to site. There, I start to stretch and am joined by Richard, Liam, then after Liam leaves, the Cardinal. I am sweating and I am not doing anything more now than sitting and putting on makeup…bleah. I am done at about the right time and head out to the costume house to get winged up. Everyone is concerned about how the heat is going to affect the audience and each of us. This family is very good about keeping our eyes on each other and taking care of each other.

I have decided to take matters into my own hands and I wrap my “broken” wing with an ace bandage. This way it will be CLEAR the wing is broken and its supposed to be. I gather my props and head up the hill to drop everything off. Down at the stage, there is no SMLiz to check in with as she is having her meeting with the other SMs. When she arrives, its in a rush and the cast is all lined up to check in with her. Actually, the line was building before she even got there. The meeting starts and I am seeing fans moving and others melting now. We are expecting 90’s plus humidity and as Stictch keeps saying, It’s Saturday, we have another day after this. We BEEP and off we go.

I hit the rather toasty privy as I headed toward the gate. I fan a few others, stretch out my back a bit more, and as the horses arrive, I head up on the fountain and open my parasol. The covering is a blessing against the heat, but the crowds are bigger than I expected. Yesterday seemed even larger. Once the crowd is in, I head out with programs. The flow of traffic coming in is steady, so I am out and head back in for another 4 stacks. Programs are flying off my head. The lines are short enough that after one quick check and clean up, there is nothing more I need to do for them and I go back to programs. Over the gate are the Botcherby’s being rather amusing. Later, the Adventurers are calling out to the crowd and I smile at Carmita. She screams as Yellow is the color of death. This would be the moment I would go and hug her, but she is far above and not reachable.

The heat is pretty horrible. I find I have started singing Christmas carols and have been taken to singing Let It Snow and see how long it takes people to figure out what I am gibbering. I am making sure I have lots of water, even though the thought of peeling layers to go to the privy is not making me happy. I head in and sit under the Stupina Tree and chitter at others. A sweet little girl comes up shyly asking for a photograph which I happily oblige. I sing and try to answer questions. I see people standing with the map, and I try to ask what they are looking for. They often say they are fine or don’t get my question. I can sometimes get them to tell me what they need and I answer their questions, much to their surprise. Sometimes you DON’T need regular words to get the message across.

I wander and sing at Pilands then head down toward the Boardwalk. There, I run into the
Buckinghams who are looking warm. I see a moment of recognition in the Duchess’ eyes that shuts off. When I fan them they begin to discuss the lovely breeze. Confused that it is only about them, but not in the trees, the Duchess announces that it must be that the breeze knows they are Buckinghams and how important they are. I stop immediately and walk away to the sounds of “Where did the breeze go? It was just here…”

I pick up my props and add the glowing blue liquid to them, then head to the stage. Today, I get a really good group and Modiga e da bee rawr goes really well. For those of you who do not speak fairy, that’s “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”. I am surrounded by questions after the show. I finally head to take back props as there is no SMDave. Turns out he was handling an emergency and I just took care of what needed to be done in the meantime. On the way out to the street, I run into a family 3 of which just succeeded at the climbing wall. I give all of them wish stones and the one child not a climber gets a ribbon. I head up the hill to grab lunch and they gift me with water. I head out to the frog pond and chitter and pose with others as I eat my lunch. I am starting to get sick of cherries and carrots. Lunch will be changing this weekend.

Today, the bee mita rig show (that’s 3 little pigs) show starts to click. I am discovering how to get the kids to follow me and know what I need them to do. I have simplified the story a bit and both the on stage cast and the audience are rolling with me now. This makes me very happy. Once the show is over, I am requested to answer questions by many little ones and some of the cast wants to pose for pics. Once done, I head to repack and refill my magic fairy potion. The excess is donated to SMDave, as it is a necessary item today. I head back out and up the HILL OF DOOM to wave and chitter. I have a very fake smile plastered on my face for the first 60 seconds of that walk (or so) as I am desperately trying to catch my breath and don’t want to stop as I know I will need a bit more down time than normal to make my change. Once I can breathe again, the smile becomes more natural and I say hello along the way to those around my path.

Ok, so it wasn’t really likely all that cold, but I was so hot that it felt almost chilly when I got into the costume house. I pulled off every layer I could, including my shoes, to allow my body temp to drop while I fixed hair, makeup and pulled out what I needed for the nexct charater. Carmita came in and we ran our song and set verses while I was getting dressed. Many people are coming in for a couple minutes who normally wouldn’t because just a little time is this air make for a whole lot of re-energizing. Once I am finally trussed up, I head outside. I stop by O’Shucks and fan people (it’s the thing to do). I flirt some and invite people to the show. Finally, I head over to the Boars Head after picking up my props and mingle with the tables. In my meanderings, I approach a table with a couple in their 60’s and a younger couple. One of the younger couple is the child of the older one, I am guessing the son. The son is giving me a little bit of guff and I warn him, “don’t worry, I can make you pay for that.”

Today, I am gifted with the presence of two Pyrates for a good chunk of the show. I am very appreciative…especially as they seemed engaged. Actualy, the whole audience is. It feels really fun. As it is finally time for my “client” I point to the son in the audience and call him forward saying “I told you I would get back at you.” His family is hysterical. He comes up and as I am flirting with him and he is blushing madly, his girlfriend is videotaping the entire thing. Muhahaha. He is a great sport and everyone seems to have fun. The audience is full and enthusiastic. Once I send Conner, the Construction Man back into the crowd, I tell my slightly revised joke then bring up Dave to join me in Fathom the Bowl. I feel myself starting to slip off the harmony, but it clicks and goes well. I am very happy. The show ends on great energy. As I am thanking the people in the audience, Conner’s dad tries to tip me. When I try to graciously say no, and you can always tell the management you enjoyed the show, that is payment enough. He is not satisfied. So I exchange the tip for a CD. At least that amount was a fair exchange.

I head back to drop off my props at the Costume House then turn around and head right back out to the Pyrate Camp to check in. There, Carmita arrives and we quickly speed through our song. Places are called and in we head into the pub. We health to the company. There is a man at the side of the wall who starts to try a conversation with me in Italian. I tell him that I don’t use Italian during the day or I won’t be able to continue in English when I step on stage. He persists (he’s really drunk). I am lucky that every question he asks me I can answer in Italian and then I keep saying stop. He won’t, so I leave. This is problematic as t hat is the area where we wait “on deck” to perform. I can’t go back, so I go “on deck” on the other side. It’s annoying, but not horrible. It’s time for Carmita and I to sing Captain’s Daughter, which goes well and seems to make people happy.

I head to the back of the pub to enjoy the show. I head out to get water as that is essential today. Soon enough, the show is over , the rain clouds are finally threatening and we sing out the crowd with 2 songs. Back to change and peel off and Febreeze our costumes as the skies open. It is not a pretty place in there. The rain turn to drizzle as I come out. Normally, I would go home for dinner this night, but I promised some Fools that we would share a meal. We head to Red Robin and my car smells AWFUL… really, HORRIBLE. I open my windows for the moment in hopes I can figure out what died in there. At dinner, I see many fellow performers at the same place. I end up talking to one fool quite a bit, but not the other. I do end up getting to meet JB of the Trouvere’s and we have a lovely conversation on he magic that we make. We all finally say goodbye and I get back in my car to find the smell again. I open windows on the drive home and when I arriv there, I realize I had left last night’s leftovers in the vehicle all day…good GOD that was awful. I find it and dispose it down the drain as I don’t want it smelling up my house either.

I am sleeping well and feeling like my alarm should go off soon. I notoriously wake up a few minutes early, but I wanted sleep. I wait and rest but really feel like I should check the time. Good thing I did as my alarm didn’t go off and I was now 20 minutes late. CRAP. The automatic alarm goes off on Saturday and Sunday, but not Monday. DOH! I move quickly and am only about 5 minutes behind schedule, but manage to get to the stage on time. I start to get ready and discover I left the hairspray I use IN the costume house, which isn’t open yet. DOH again! I do everything else and once prepped, head down the hill to fix the hair and the rest.

I fix the hair and get changed. I gather my props and head up the hill. Its close to morning meeting and I discover I forgot my bowl for my lunch. Sigh. Ok, I think I know how to address this. Off to morning meeting where people are drooping but enthusiastic. There are reminders to be careful and take care of yourself in the weather, then BEEP and off we go. I hit the privy then head back out to the do my last stretches. I have gone back to my traditions of honey candies in the am which has helped me control the cold I got hit with. Then in come the horses and BOOM! Away we go.

The crowd isn’t awful, but it is relatively large. After a few tours and other silliness, I head outside the gate with 3 stacks of programs. I place them on my head while people take photos and the programs. I often hear conversation behind be between parents and kids as the parent tries to convince me to take one. Today, I have two loyal fans who want to play with me, but I am limited by my movement. I am able to hug them and squeak at them. One hugs me so thoroughly that the programs fall off. I do a quick check of the lines, but they look pretty good, so I head in. I wander by booths and cover patrons with my umbrella while fanning them, tyring to see how long it will take them to notice me.

Insde, I enjoy the company of the trees and the wandering arons , who I sing to. The wreath lady seems amusced as aI continue to sing Christmas carols in gibberish. Little children who pose with me get fanned. I stop at O’Shucks and fan a few of those patrons as well. I head into the village farther and stop by Pilands tree to sing in the sun. I am happy to see that Kitte is back visiting for the day and she makes me smile. She also hands me some sparkly jewels that I hide to play with at a later time. I am also greeted by Nikki who sings with me in a round, part in gibberish, part in English. Quite fun. I ask the booth staff if I can borrow a wood bowl, which they generously offer. I head down the hill of doom to the boardwalk to enjoy sitting on a bench top and singing. I am joined by ERG and we both notice a tipsy patron who is showing off by doing balance acro on the fencing. I can’t say much, but he tells the patron to not do it. The guy is slightly belligerent, but finally stops. ERG heads to his booth and me to my stage.

In today,s crowd are ImJust L and her little one J. I behave and don’t drag them up. People aren’t volunteering as much, which is disappointing, but those that I pull up are very enthusiastic while up. I get a musclebound dad as goldilocks. Also bald. He is fabulous and afterwards tells me it was good for him to do it for his daughter to be able to enjoy. Everyone is good and the audience has a lot of fun. The show goes smoothly and quickly. Once done, I have a number of the cast asking for photos, which I am happy to give, then I pack props quickly and get the rest of the materials from SMDave. He heads out, I repack props then head up the hill of doom for the first time today. In the humidity, it’s rough. I go grab my food and head to the frog pond.

I sit and a young woman is fascinated with me. She starts asking me about what I am saying and asks me how to say specific words in Fairy, you know, the standards. Hello, goodbye, and thank you. I need to figure out how to say please in fairy. She is thrilled. I also see some friends with their little infant, I mean 4 weeks old not holding her head up right. We have pictures taken with the help of the nice lady, and after they leave, the ladies all pose for pics with me. JZ comes out of her chainmaile booth to say hello briefly. Soon after the ladies leave, an older couple sits. The man is gibbering at me in part German. I can’t follow him and he seems adamant that I should understand him. It was kinds uncomfy, but I focused on the others in the area. I finish my lunch and head out onto the village down the boardwalk.

I head to get my props and get to the stage with the right amount of time left (about 3 mintues). The crowd is amusing and laughs along with me as I hawk in gibberish to bring people to thestage. They cheer and applaud. The audience fills and the group is enthusiasitic and playful. I’m JustL and J are there again and I generously do not choose them. My wolf is not very enthusiastic. He doesn’t want to play, but does what he needs to just make do. The 2nd pig makes up for it in being beyond adorable. Not loud, but amazingly sweet and working had to do what she was assigned. Again, after the show, I am asked to pose with my cast and quickly grab what props I can to clear the stage quickly. SMDave takes the props. I finish my goodbyes, head to the props and take the bottles in my bag so I don’t have to drink white foamy things next week.

I climb the hill of doom a second time. This one is TOUGH. The air is thick and I am winded at the top of the hill. This disappoints me, but I know by the end of the season, this will be much easier. I smile and fan and shade people on the way back calling Hello in Fairy on the way back. Once backstage, the parasol drops and my walk shifts to normal as I head down the hill. As I am transitioning, I am finding that I am responding to people in fairy. It does take a while to drop it. I hit the costume house and almost reel from the cool air. My GOD it felt good. I peel down to the bare necessities to stabilize my body temp as I change. Under my makeup, I am VERY pink. Its so bad that again, those who never take breaks are coming in for a few minutes to cool down. I am finally done, slower in the heat than normal, and head to the streets.

I head to O’Shucks and let some of the patrons know about my show while fanning them. Its amazing the smiles you receive when you offer them some free cool air. A few say they might visit. I go grab my props and head to the stage. I mic up, visit with those there, and wander about letting those with kids know what is about to hit the stage. Right before the show starts, the rain does. It doesn’t last long, but it was blessed and adds a breeze to the area. The show is in good energy. Ashton, the sailor, an older gent in his 70s is having a heck of a time as my client hip bumping and dancing with me. He’s a pleasure and his wife is laughing along. Tiegh joins me for a final song and the show ends in good spirits.

I head out of the Boars Head and rush to the costume house to return my props then head right out to the Pub to check in. I listen to Ginger singing quietly and join her for a moment. I am told I am being held on deck in case songs run short and we head in. We clink tankard for the opening and I rejoin the audience for a counting song while flirting with Fletcher. I stay in the pub, but move about. I discover that sitting at the one empty table is a bad idea as little black bugs keep climbing and landing on me. I move away. Bleah. I join the gang for the final song and more. The cannon booms and the last of the 3 day weekend is over. I head back to the costume house and peel of drenched clothes and place them with the other wet clothing from earlier in the day. A few actors head out for dinner at Cheeburger for the amazing shakes and burgers which are greatfully received. We close them down and head out for the night exhausted.

Pyrate weekend is next. I’m not sure how a fairy can get piratey, but Columbina is ready, so join us! Till next weekend….

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